automatic knife replacement springs. Although the high-carbon steel dulls quickly, it also takes an edge quickly. The spring is usually unlocked by pressing a button or switch. This knife brilliantly combines the classic. Our springs can also be used in custom handmade automatic knife making, as well as high-performance automatic coil spring replacements for standard production folders and other automatic factory knives. Pushing the button releases the lock and the blade springs open, ready for use. 2 Replacement Springs for AGA01. i took some machining classes in college. For Sale Online At The Lowest Prices! 1-877-556-4837. I offer my services at a fair rate and can fabricate most parts needed that cannot be replaced with originals or repaired. Supporting 2 blades, tension and the rocker pin are sll that holds it in. Hubertus Knife Leverlock SPRING Replacement & Service. 27 Apr 2010 switchblade replacement springs boker speed lock switchblade rednecks mp3 switchblade reversed switchblade salon switchblade sale. The Beam Tension Spring is very similar to the Rod Tension Spring. You have to send your knife in. Boker Plus Strike Spear Point Stonewashed D2 Black Automatic Knife 01BO457N. This kit contains all the parts and tools necessary to replace the coil kick spring of the orange Autonomy automatic knife (with or without button safety), including a module wrench, protective blade guard, Torx wrench, two replacement kick springs, thread-locking compound, a spare pivot screw, and step-by-step illustrated instructions. Get the best of both worlds with the 9" Italian Stiletto OTF automatic. Our automatic knives (also known as switchblade knives) are generally available to members of the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement, and government personnel. 23 days from order to delivery to US. Everyone knows how big of a pain it is to either find a replacement spring for your Ultratech or Microtech. Blade replacement cutlery set, which is . The handles on the Piranha knives are colored 6061-T6 aluminum, which is hard anodized. If you are a new user, please click here and read carefully. We will not tell you how to put the spring in, we do not offer directions, you. 00 shipping or 2 for 10 dollars 3. I now have my favorite knife back :excitement:. Replacement Parts And Tools To Service Your Knife $ 12. Just bend the spring front (at the break) forward enough to catch the hole in the latch. You need to know the inner diameter of the coil and you can get them in different strengths These are for autos, but I am not sure about the kind that are used in assisted openers. The Milwaukee FASTBACK Spring Assisted Folding Knife features a spring assisted mechanism and flipper for 1-handed opening. Fully automatic knife sharpening system with electro-hydraulic drive system. Regardless of the repair, it is a joy to bring these tools back to full, safe function again. Remove the remains of the previous spring before . com carries the coil size and strength that you need to get your favorite auto back to top firing shape. , AERIAL KNIVES PARTS: TWO SPRINGS, TWO LEVERS COUNTRY MFG: USA CONDITION: UNUSED, NEW OLD STOCK. If you have any questions on our warranty, repair work, or ceramic sharpening, please call us at 1-800-835-6433 Ext. I use a thin piece of semi-hard rubber between the knife frame and the vise jaw away from the backsprings to avoid damage and help eliminate movement. Pins (+ pivot pin) and rivets are included. 99: YES: 241 NS Mikov replacement spring - max. A Camillus MC-1 with the auto-opening knife blade and the manually opening shroud cutter blade opened. From beginners who are looking for all the pieces to make their own knife making kits to handle materials, butt caps, and spacers - we have a little bit of it all. Small replacement scissor springs to fit your 58mm Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. RI USA 1945-55 VINTAGE AMERICAN AUTOMATIC KNIFE 3 1/2" UTILITY JACK IMITATION JIGGED BLACK PLASTIC HANDLES. A simple push of the button causes the blade to come out and it goes back inside with another push. Need a Mikov Replacement Spring? This set of two combines to make your drive spring in any mikov auto ever built. Hi if the spring is the correct thickness and correct length (after seated) yes it will work great. Two very strong springs are also quick to open the knife with one hand. there is a local spring company who. Only 1 left! Black & Decker Slice Right EK700 Electric Knife Stainless Steel 9" Blade Openbox. To the best of my knowledge, Benchmade doesn't mail out replacement springs. OTF auto-knives replacement parts, extra springs and blades, different blade styles, and handle colors, customize your order to fit your personal style. Piranha automatic knives are high-quality and proudly made in the USA. "F16", like the Fighting Falcon supersonic fighter aircraft of United States Air Force. With these springs you can convert your manual Boker. The orange handles also make the knife easy to find if it is dropped. At KnifeKits, we offer an extensive line of automatic folding knife tools and replacement coil spring parts for DIY knife making and repair. If so, carefully undo the last coil and reconnect it through the the hole in the hook. Home Automatic Filter By Compare Products. Hopefully this doesn't affect the knife in any way. Lifetime warranty on our knives. They are durable, reliable and fly open as soon as you press the button. You'll be able to hand select blade styles, handle colors, pocket clip designs and more. Spring Collection Best Sellers Apparel Spring Sale KNIVES KNIVES Folding Fixed Assisted Automatic MULTI-TOOLS MULTI-TOOLS One-Hand Opening Butterfly Opening Compact CUTTING TOOLS Accessories and Replacement Parts STAY IN THE KNOW AND RECEIVE product updates SUBSCRIBE. Springs were ordered for Ultratech-type clone knife. We are a leading online automatic knife dealer. Knife making supplies and knife parts from Smoky Mountain Knife Works. Italian slide button coil spring fired. Ill probably order one from PVK tomarrow. Additionally we are manufacturing switchblade knives/ springers being activated by a hidden release in two options: The "Magic Knife" series is being activated by a pen blade release or by a cap lifter release. We manufacture an extensive line of automatic coil springs to replace many popular coil springs in automatic folders and pocket knives from Combat Elite TAS Autos to Benchmade, Boker Top-Locks, Dalton, S&W Automatics, Microtech Autos, Paragon Knives, Pro-Tech Automatics, and other coil fired folding knives. The button that triggers the blade open releases the spring's leg attached to the blade so the stored energy in the spring's coils. Our automatic coil springs are used by custom knife makers all over the world. Templar's knives are out the front knives that are spring assisted knives making for great functionality and conversation. 0 Satin D2 Black Aluminum OTF Automatic 06EX246. Springs fit OK, but are MUCH stronger than original. I repair and refurbish old antique folding knives (pocket knives) or straight knives. The assisted springs are designed a little differently than the ones for autos. Smith & Wesson® Velocite Spring Assisted Folding Knife. Boker Kalashnikov Automatic Knife Conversion Springs. Note: springs may need the blade leg shortened to fit older models. If you have a Hubertus Brand Knife sitting in your drawer gathering dust, package that baby up and get it over to us so we can fix it!. A pushbutton lock holds the blade in place under pressure from a torsion spring. PT20-003 – Tactical Response 3 – Elite PT20 Anniversary. When the knife isn't in use, the blade stays hidden inside this case. Another popular type of knife included in our selection is OTF knives. Hubertus Replacement Spring - All Sizes $9. Each knife opens with authority and locks up solidly into place. Automatic Knives (also known as Switchblades) are spring loaded, side opening knives. Though ornamented switchblade looks great in one's hand, the legality of these knives needs to be taken into consideration. These knives are fast-acting and operational with the use of only one hand, perfectly designed for the use of emergency or law enforcement personnel. Gerber 06 Auto Spring Upgrade PSA. Where can I get a replacement spring for my Boker Top Lock II auto knife? TIA. knife and blade to determine the correct spring size for replacement. It has worked for me on more than one occasion. It still fires as hard as the day it was new. The quick design of an automatic knife makes it ideal for use in emergency situations. 90 Hubertus automatic knives The Hubertus lever lock or switchblade knives - called Springer - are a synonym for the high quality made by Hubertus Solingen. We also have knives on ebay at great prices. 00 LynchNW Spyderco Titanium Wire Clip Replacement - Medium - Sandwash $21. 5 and RazorSafe Fixed Blade $12. Over the years, the Ultratech® series has seen many configurations and styles with improvements to its mechanisms and ergonomics. OTF (out the front) Knives Customizable & Designed For. Assuming the knife has the regular torx fasteners and not the "tri-wing" fasteners, no special tools are needed. Shop OTF Knives BEST SELLING OTF Knives 2022. We have these custom made to work with our Push Buttons. We will not tell you how to put the spring in, we do not offer directions, you do this at your own risk and we are not responsible for any damage that may occur to your knife. Our mission is to build and develop tactical products that will serve their operators well for a lifetime. Flytanium Custom G10 Crossfade Scales for Benchmade Bugout Knife - Blue $39. Chopped length distribution*) of the 34 mm short chop knife bank. This is where you will find replacement knife parts including springs, and screws. If the blade falls outside of our Warranty guidelines, but is within specs, you may purchase a blade replacement for $25. 50 inch (1/2) automatic coil springs are designed to replace many common knife springs from today's most popular automatics. ZERO Springs - Knife Kit - 3Knives aga Campolin, automatic knives, switchblades, swinguard, manual knife, made in Italy, maniago, akc, leverlock, side opening, stiletto, piccolo, francese, earrings, necklace, dominus, letter opener, t-shirt, zero, black widow, flatguard, skm, 1000+ switchblades available Free shipping for orders over € 199 in EU. Gerber does not recommend disassembly and reassembly of any Gerber . Though ornamented switchblade looks great in one’s hand, the legality of these knives needs to be taken into consideration. Repairing Switchblade Knives. Swedge blade is stamped "INOX PATENT" o. If they do, I can't imagine they would ever send any part that requires opening up the knife (and voiding the warranty). This was a relatively minor repair. You will get a little resistence when the spring is about 98% of the way in. 00 LynchNW Spyderco Titanium Deep Carry Pocket Clip - Long - Sandwash $21. Automatic knives are created with efficiency in mind. Buyers be cautious there are seller selling FAKE springs that are not factory manufactured and can damage the knife so watch who and where you purchase them from if you think you can handle the task and not damage your knife. Automatic knives, often referred to as switchblades, are ready at the press of a button. Replacement Springs--Boker Kalashnikov Auto (Sub/Standard/XL) & Boker Magnum Auto, 2-Pack Description We don't recommend you convert the knife yourself, but if you have an already converted knife and need a spring--this is the one you need. Kick Spring / Back Spring Repair / Replacement Service for your Hubertus-Solingen Brand Springer. Below is a beginners list of things I can repair for you: Replace broken blades; Replace broken springs; Replace broken handles. Learn about each knife in the series and the important role the Ultratech® played in building the Microtech® brand. Here is a quick and easy tutorial on how to replace your spring!Replacement springs . 2-Stage Compact Knife Sharpener. With zero compromise in design and quality, "ZERO" is sure to set a new standard in automatic knives. It fits many different types of knives. Flytanium Custom G10 Crossfade Scales for Benchmade Bugout Knife - Red $39. OTF (Out the Front) Automatic knives are spring-loaded knives that deploy out the front of the knife with the push of a button. if interested you can contact me at ***@i-55. This is an awesome knife, strong and solid mechanism with it's double springs inside for a durable and faster opening. 1/2" Knife Coil Spring which fits knives with the 12 o'clock and 3 . Boker Plus Strike Spear Point Black Stonewashed D2 Coyote Brown Automatic Knife 01BO459N. Use good needle nose pliers and avoid any sharp kinks in the spring. SSSSS (1) Out of Stock Try instead. Unfortunately, there was another reason why automatic knives were so well-known: gangsters. Please give me an e-mail and will see what we can do for you also I can DO REPAIR AND RESCALE ON HUBERTUS LEVERLOCKS. Large replacement blade for our Ghost handles in natural finish. All Items > Knives > Automatic Knives > Boker (Automatic) > Boker Kalashnikov. These knives are real authentic switchblades, handmade Italian pocket knives, out the front automatic knives, side opening stilettos, Sicilian pocket knives from various Italian knife makers like Frank Beltrame, Armando Beltrame, AGA Campolin, AKC, and other genuine Italian knife makers. PT20-005 – TR-3 Elite – PT20 Anniversary CG. That also voids any warranty you might have. TACTICAL Spring Assisted Open Pocket Knife CLEAVER RAZOR FOLDING Blade Black NEW. Venom 4TR White Devil Automatic OTF Knife - White - Red Tanto Par Serr. Moderator: To install a spring, push it into the knife body from the bottom between the backspring and the bottom pin. Top Lock knife to fully automatic. All models of Mikov Predator springs knives have a unique system of safe replacement of . You will need a 2 mm standard bit and a 5/64th Allen wrench or a tri-wing screwdriver head to remove the screws from the handle. I ordered, from knifekits, all 3 sizes of the 1/2" auto knife coil. A restriction pertaining to automatic knives, defined as “switchblade” knives, was removed in 2012. Both Muskrat Man and Bill DeShivs have outstanding reputations as knife repairman specializing switchblades. just a heads up though the hubertus springs are known in the past to break after a year or 2 or sooner , not sure if they got a weak batch of metal or didnt harden them right or what but i had one closed in my case and it broke just from sitting closed , Bill D makes super nice springs but i. Switchblade has a locking blade, where the blade is locked at the closure and the spring extends the blade in a fully open position. We offer our replacement automatic coil springs in heat-treated, and cryo-treated format to insure maximum performance, and long action life. Help support this channel by shopping through my amazon affiliate link! http://amzn. Usually the deciding factor between the two is what kind of factory set up you have. Torsion springs are known for exerting a radial force which is needed in the case of a knife such as a switchblade. A switchblade (aka switch knife, automatic knife, pushbutton knife, ejector knife, flick knife, flick blade, or spring knife (Sprenger, Springer) is a type . Benchmade won't send me a replacement spring though, I've owned countless auto knives, side openers and OTF's, the majority of those . We also sell wholesale knives that are great for resale. 4" Blade, Aluminum Handle - 7100BW. 2 Replacement Springs for AGA01 Zero automatic knives / If you click on the video it shows you how to change them! I'm proud to present "ZERO", a new modern automatic knife inspired by traditional italian switchblades. But they should work in other applications, as long as they fit your blade and frame dimensions. Stainless Steel Replacement Spring for the Martor Profi 25 Safety Knife, Multi Set, Stainless Steel, Martor 930. Pull the sides of the handle apart and remove the knife, slide and springs. Slide the button to open and slide to close. 75" Satin Plain) 7109 The blade satin finished and springs open with the push of the firing button. Venom 4TR Tiger Camo Auto OTF Knife - Special Forces Edition - Black Double Edge D2. Spring Assisted Knife - Pocket Folding Knife - Military Style - Boy Scouts Knife - Tactical Knife - Good for Camping Indoor and Outdoor Activities FL 140106 4. Leverletto, the most popular AKC automatic knife. The auto blade does have a sliding safety, which is important to prevent inadvertent opening. We offer low prices and shipping worldwide. The original handles held little hint of what beauty lied be. Boker Magnum Replacement Spring Knife Conversion. Ti Pocket Clip Short Fat Revision 2. Please note that we do not sell/carry coil springs for automatic knives. The replacement springs are slightly shorter and thinner than the original ones. This speed makes them ideal for emergency situations, especially in military and law enforcement. Benchmade Knives Spyderco Knives Kershaw Knives Pocket Knives Switchblade Knives Butterfly Knives All Best Knives Guides Reviews & Tests This is where you will find replacement knife parts including springs, and screws. The Ultratech® is our flagship OTF knife and is the gold standard for all OTF knives. I offer several replacement handle materials such as elkhorn. Spyderco Autonomy Automatic Knife Spring Replacement Parts Kit C165KIT. Spring-loaded push button knife starting at $19. If you order one you will receive 1 set of 2 that combine to make one spring. Hubertus springer switchblade knives for sale . to/1P6GHPsFor a list of products I highly recommend check out my Amazon s. They sell a lot of parts for OTF knives. Automatic Pocket Knife Push Button Opening Red Wood Handle. Below is a list of items that I can repair: Replace broken blades Replace broken springs Replace broken handels For handle repair, I offer several choices of handle material:. 95 * Böker Plus Intention II Black Available Pocket Knife D2. It should function fine without the spring. Automatic knives are often referred to as switchblades, knives that deploy with an external mechanism like a button or slider push allowing an internal spring to release the blade quickly. This convenient and fast blade opening method is very popular with many users. A spring assisted knife’s natural position is closed and an automatic knife’s natural position is open – the blade is being held in a closed position by tension. Gerber Gear's automatic knives are spring-loaded, folding knives that fly open at the push of a button. Professional knife repairs restoration refurbishing. 94" Cryo D2 Black Straightback Blade, Micro-Textured Aluminum Handle With a textured aluminum handle and CRYO D2 blade, SOG-TAC AU is a fast-opening folding knife that springs to action with either hand, and. I've never heard of Microtech sending replacement parts to an end-user except a sheath. From coil springs for replacements to knife spring pocket cutting tools for coil spring knife conversions, we have the spring-fired knife making tools and parts that you need. Springs can be stretched out some (carefully) to reduce tension. We Also Enable Microtech Knife Owners To Be Able To Repair Their Knives With . Watch your knife change in real time on screen as you make each selection. Browse our entire collection below or shop the best brands like Kershaw , SOG , Benchmade and more. Springs with instructions are $5. Get that pop back with our replacement springs for Microtech Ultratech, UTX-85, & UTX-70 OTF Series Knives. This 9" Italian Style OTF model features an etched style single edge bayonet blade and a full aluminum handle with rubber coating. I have had an automatic knife in my pocket for over 10 years now and I wouldnt want . Leverletto, the most popular AKC automatic knife. The classic release for a switchlade knife is a mechanisme activated by a lever or by a push button. Modified dagger or utility blade can be added to any multibladed kit (add 10. 99: YES: 241 PC Mikov pocket clip + rivets (No longer available) 5: N/A: NO : Automatic knives made by AKC Italy: LTb Tactical Leverletto - black Al. I have an Automatic Knife that needs a replacement spring, can you send me this part? No. We clean oil and install the new spring. This particular sheath has a Pull-the-DOT snap loop on the back but can be made with a sewn tunnel loop as well. We have all the pieces you need to start making your own custom knife. Their is also a website called my switchblade. Knife spring parts for repair, construction and decoration. 75" Blade, Aluminum Handle - 7800BLK. Switchblade Knives - Automatic Knives Our automatic knives (also known as switchblade knives) are generally available to members of the Armed Forces , Law Enforcement, and government personnel. There are 2 versions of automatic blades, side opening and OTF (out the front). You only need one spring but we sell them in pairs just in case you break one. Automatic The Kershaw Launch series is a collection of sleek, fast, instant-open knives. Boker Kalashnikov Knife Replacement Springs Conversion (2) Spring for Kalashnikov. So if you want to buy one of these, make sure it is legal to own it in. Kershaw Launch 1 Automatic Knife, 3. The spring is there to keep the button from rattling. Hubertus Replacement Spring – All Sizes. If you order one you will receive 1 set of . 00 for assisted-opening knives, . edgemaster usa 1936-56 vintage american automatic knife 3 1/2" cigar jack single blade end of day swirl composition handles Regular price $ 200. Sheaths for automatic knives (black or brown) 15, 25: 5. MIKOV Leverlock Custom Knife Making Kits Are Available For Sale Online As Well ALL MIKOV AUTOMATIC KNIVES AND KITS QUALIFY FOR FREE SHIPPING IN USA. Shop great deals on switchblades, also known as automatic knives, from brands including Kershaw, Gerber, Benchmade, Boker, and more! Spring-loaded push button knife starting at $19. With an automatic knife, all you have to do is press a switch or button that’s completely separate from the actual blade to get it open. The knife with the black blade has a broken spring. Boker Speed Lock II Automatic Knife Sturgis Rider (2. Home Pocket Knives Automatic Knives Filter Filter Filter Böker Plus Intention II Coyote Available Pocket Knife D2 G10 Push Button Push Button $59. Geber Auto 06 Disassembly and Spring Replacement | Intuition Gear. Our Mikov Leverlocks Offer Horn, Wood And ABS Scales. Springs are usually less than $10 delivered (shipping is the big issue as to cost). Below is a list of items that I can repair: Replace broken blades. Repair and Restoration of Spring Operated Knives. Tac Force Spring Assisted Semi-Automatic All American Woman Sexy Biker Knife. Springs for knives are torsion springs. Benchmade replacement springs?. The Beam Tension Spring is made through blanking in the manufacturing process. Kits: The "kits" are actually knife parts and are sold without the scales. It is worth noting that all models of Mikov Predator spring knives have a unique system of safe replacement of opening springs without removing the knife. I have replacement springs for 8cm-9cm slimeline-9cm Cigar-Guardian- 10cm-11cm-12cm-14cm oversize pattern my e- mail is [email protected] The most common repairs are damaged blade repair or damaged handle repair. If none of the above solutions work, it's time to look at the springs. I've had nothing but trouble trying to find a replacement that actually works so I've taken it upon myself to fix this problem. The scales are no longer available. I've had three Omega springs break, and have replaced all three with guitar string. If you need service for an automatic or butterfly knife, be sure to read the additional information and include the required release form with your knife, in addition to a warranty request form. Missouri state law still provides that it is a violation of state law to possess, manufacture, transport, repair, or sell a "switchblade in violation of federal law. From Combat Elite TAS Autos to Benchmade, Boker Top-Locks, Dalton Knives, S&W Automatics, Microtech Autos, Paragon Knives, Pro-Tech Automatic knives and other coil fired autos, KnifeKits. REPLACEMENT KNIFE ARM SPRING P13 5001258 ; SKU: 5001258 ; All orders will be shipped within 3 business days ; via Standard Ground service ; For expedited orders, . Just not sure of the length of your spring. Its a US made knife that is well designed and is automatic. AKC cutlery - switchblades made by master craftsmen in Maniago, Italy. For how long depends on how many times you cycle it. As a general rule, the spring does not affect the strength of blade's lock up, if done . There are a few things you should know before posting in these forums. About Knife Automatic Springs Replacement. Your custom OTF knife will be hand assembled and shipped within 24-48 hours. 00 USD Regular price Sale price $ 200. We also offer leaf spring material for repair and improvement of leaf spring. KP Custom Blue Swirl Carbon Fiber Scales for Spyderco Para Military 2 Knife $69. The shop is closed for winter and spring due to weather, so that leaves me just enough time to make or repair no more than 12 knives per year. While spring assist mechanisms are faster than a standard manual opening knife, these type of EDC knives should not be confused with automatic knives (also known as “switchblades”). They have become very popular with Law enforcement, Military Personnel, Emergency Medical Technicians, and many other professions…such as Fisherman who used these almost exclusively for their ease of use with one hand while tending their nets from snags, minimizing their net damage and financial. This is a replacement spring for Piranha side-opening automatic knives. I do not provide any instructions how to assemble the kits but great tutorial can be found right. 99 LynchNW Benchmade / Emerson / ProTech Titanium Deep Carry Pocket Clip - Sandwash $21. If you want, we have pre-converted Boker Magnum Automatic Knives for sale. If you’re looking to buy automatic knives , be sure to check if it’s legal to own within your state or locality first. Especially in the United States they are very popular with a huge fan base. Custom JACK DAVENPORT, DADE CITY, FLORIDA Ivory Handle, scrimshaw, Automatic, Linerlock Folder Knife. The small pen blade or the cap. I received the upgraded spring and installed it, now it deploys as I thought it should. I can repair folding knives (pocket knives) or straight knives (kitchen knives). Smith & Wesson® CK105BKEU Extreme Ops Drop Point Folding Knife. Home Of Taiwan Made Lightning OTF Knives And Titan III 3 OTF Knives, Delta Force OTF Knife, Microtech OTF Automatic Knives, H&K OTF Knife, Dual Action OTF Knives, Stiletto Knives, Automatic Knives, Genuine Italian Handmade Switchblades For Sale Online. These knives are banned in some states and only supplied to government personnel, Law Enforcement and Armed forces. Best USA Made Automatic Knives | Kershaw Knives Automatic The Kershaw Launch series is a collection of sleek, fast, instant-open knives. Every once in a while a Boker auto's spring will go out. RavenCrest Tactical® is a family owned and operated business in the heart of Mesa, Arizona. 99: YES: LTr Tactical Leverletto. How to Fix OTF Knives: Common Problems and Easy Solutions. A spring can be made, but lately I've been thinking that Hubertus replacement springs should fit in all these old German Levers. Benchmade's automatic knives, nicknamed switchblades, can be customized for your everyday needs. When your happy with your knife, simply add it to cart and checkout. MIKOV CZECH Made Leverlock Automatic Knives Are Collector and EDC Quality. 50 (1/2) Diameter - (MEGA Torque)Stock# COILMG50 QTY DISCOUNTS (See Below)Price: $2. These knives are easy to use and also easy to repair when something goes. 5 inch replacement springs can be bought on various sites on the net. The second knife from *redacted* saw 2 deployments, when it's coil spring broke in the middle of the second deployment. My ability to work on pocket or folding knives is very limited due to the fact it is not very practical for me to replace any of the moving parts or springs. Benchmade told me if I didnt have proof that I was either LEO or Military they wouldnt return my knive. These are the standard where performance and reliability are a must. The Folding Knife (& Switchblade) Forum The materials, techniques and the designing of folding knives. Italian Switchblade knives and stilettos for sale. I think it helps to have a passion for something you’re working on, that passion helps motivate you to greater levels of excellence. If you have no luck with either. NOTE: PARTS FOR THE AERIAL AUTOMATIC LEVER KNIVES. I repair knives, but I won’t touch switchblades for a variety of reasons. I will call and ask again but I was told to mail in the knife for repair when I asked about springs. Flytanium Custom G10 Crossfade Scales for Benchmade Bugout Knife - Black $39. This is NOT a switchblade knife, it is only a knife part for vintage and . Blade modification may be required. Return to "Switchblade knives". Automatic knives are also known as switchblades or switchblade knives. Mikov spring replacement Post by patnude » Fri Mar 12, 2004 2:13 am Anybody know how to replace these springs?Ive heard it is easy,but dont know how to do it. Buy super automatic from Knifecenter. 50 in size and the MAXX Torq and MEGA Torq will fit. Replacement Springs--Schrade Auto (50/60/90), 2-Pack Description We don't recommend you convert the knife yourself, but if you have an already converted knife and need a spring--this is the one you need. Eligible Knives: Schrade 50 Auto Schrade 60 Auto Schrade 90 Auto. Main Springs Set for Mikov Predator Automatic Knife (48. Piranha Knives Replacement Spring If you eventually wear out or break your Piranha Knives automatic coil spring simply replace it with this! Disassembly of the knife is required. The opening action is, like many others have said, a little weak so I wanted to upgrade the coil spring to make it snap open with more force. Need a replacement spring for your Magnum or want to try your own conversion? These springs will fit all large sized Magnums (BO007, BO008, BO017, BO018). It has the aluminum handle scales and drop point blade, made in July 2020. It saw the remaining five deployments. This is also where you can find customized scales if you are looking to make some modifications to the look of your knife. Key features · The replacement pack for your pocket knife · Swiss made scissor springs made of stainless steel · Compatible with 58 mm (2. Customers: To request or purchase any additional Benchmade parts, including additional or alternative pocket clips, please contact Customer Service at 1-833-557-2526. SOG-TAC AU Automatic Knife (15-38-08-57) - 2. The new springs are much better quality then factory and have a warranty. Brand new, direct from Piranha Knives, USA. We carry real italian stilettos, cheap stiletto knives, butterfly knives, push button automatics, side opening automatic knives, switchblade knives, brass knuckles and hunting knives. We offer our replacement coil springs in heat-treated and cryo-treated form to insure maximum performance and long action life. Vintage Italian Slide Button "INOX PATENT" Switchblade Knife. Stand Off 3/16" x 3/16" NON-THREADED. The spring required for the repair is a. One of my knives that uses the Beam Tension Spring is the 2015 Texas Ranger knife. Missouri state law still provides that it is a violation of state law to possess, manufacture, transport, repair, or sell a “switchblade in violation of federal law. Gerber Gear offers high-quality replacement blades, survival tools, and everything else in between. Different springs will fit or work better with different style knives. For any parts not listed above, please visit our Warranty Page for information regarding how to send a knife in for service. com - The Original and Largest Online Catalog of Cutlery super automatic - Knife Center EXCLUSIVE SPYDERCO MANIX 2 CRU-WEAR W/ SMOOTH BLACK G10 Details. Please subscribe to my channel?Making the Dead Live again. This beautiful, older (1996) auto linerlock folder is approximately 4 1/8" long when closed. It is very suitable for knife springs, spring parts, etc. At KnifeKits, we manufacture the world's most extensive line of automatic coil springs for knife conversion and replacement. Small Clip Point Stag Hubertus Leverlock. Buy your Hubertus Replacement Spring 9-11 cm repair at German Knife Shop. The blade is S30v and handles are g10 but that's kinda becoming fairly common to some degree. The flawless, gorgeous ivory handles are scrimmed by. I don't believe the knife is worth msrp in the condition I received it, $100-$120 maybe. Once the Grease drys a little I will do some pictures for everyone. Fast Shipping from Long Beach, California! Free Shipping on orders $35+. I have conversion springs for the Boker Top lock knives and the Boker. Flytanium Custom G10 Lotus Scales for Spyderco Paramilitary 2 G10 Knife - Purple $45. When you open a knife and there is no effort involved except for pressing a button to deploy the blade, it is an automatic. Automatic Replacement Springs & Conversion Tools. On occasion your Hubertus may experience a broken spring or worse a broken back spring. Stilettos, and other automatic knives in general, were the weapons of choice for gangs in New York City after the war. Tekto Gear offers high quality automatic and switchblade knives alongside folding and fixed blades at affordable prices and satisfaction is always . Will not fit the Predator or Toxin. When contacted, both companies sent me a new knife and replacement parts for the old one. Coil Opening Springs | Automatic Knife Replacement Coils. Smith & Wesson® Cleft Spring Assisted Folding Knife. 50 Add to Cart Colonial Knife offers a lifetime warranty on the switchblade line of knives and should your knife need repair or service, please feel free to return it to us, we will repair or replace your knife, and return it as soon as possible. Buy The Best Automatic Knives for Sale l Perry Knifeworks. These springs will fit all Mini sized Magnums (BO107, BO108, BO117, BO118). Switchblade knives have been around for well over a hundred years, and they’re here to stay. 9" Italian Stiletto Style OTF Knife Damascus Etch. Hubertus Leverlock Automatic Knives Are Incredible Imported Automatic Knives From Solingen, Germany. A switchblade knife or shortened switch, also known as an automatic knife, auto knife, push button knife, ejector knife, spring knife, Sprenger, Springer, flick knife, or flick blade is a type of knife with a sliding blade contained in the handle which is extended automatically by a spring when a button, lever, or switch on the handle or bolster is activated. Kershaw Launch 6 Automatic Knife, 3. 9 inches Blade Material: 440C Stainless Steel Hardness: 57-59HRC View full product details Add to Cart. For additional information, click the arrows on the boxes to read our warranty, learn about replacement vouchers, counterfeits, and more. This is the most common spring in the knife world. i took my calipers and measured the spring with detail. I offer repair and restoration services for vintage switchblade knives. Eligible Knives: Boker Sub Kalashnikov; Boker Kalashnikov Auto; Boker XL . Best OTF Automatic Knives in USA. With an automatic knife, you can easily release the blade with the press of a button. AKC - Automatic knives creations - Cutlery specialized on italian switchblades. So far they appear to work just as well as BM's stock springs, and I believe them to be made of a higher quality metal. This is for removal of the old spring and installation of a new factory spec spring. How durable are the springs in a Microtech or Benchmade?. It will at least give you a working knife back. I offer my services at a fair rate . 27 Apr 2010 switchblade replacement springs boker speed lock switchblade rednecks mp3 switchblade reversed switchblade salon switchblade sale Boker Speed Lock II Automatic Knife Sturgis Rider (2. 65" - Formed and Tumbled - SF 242. They provide smooth action and a good kick. These switchblade knives come with various names like automatic knives or flick blade. Knives go on the custom knife and repairs order waiting list, and are made or repaired in the order they arrive. Switchblade knives are made of a blade and an exterior housing or case. Electrifying California Legal OTF Dual Action Knife (Black) $17. MT DA/OTF springs almost always break the end where it connects to the linkage (hooks). Please be sure to state the exact item number or item name and let us know which spare part is required. Some of these include Combat Elite TAS autos, Benchmade, Boker, Dalton, S&W, Microtech, Paragon, Pro-Tech and other popular coil-fired knives. Please see the gallery for many examples of switchblades that I have restored. A restriction pertaining to automatic knives, defined as "switchblade" knives, was removed in 2012. In addition to making custom handmade knives, I also offer knife repair, refurbishing and restoration services. The spring is torqued or "loaded" when the knife is closed. Whether it's a button or a slide that serves as the opening mechanism, an. This is a forum for discussion on automatic an switchblade knives. Definition: Torsion springs used in the mechanisms of retractable knives to allow the knife to swing out automatically with the push of a button. The American public was instantly entranced by automatic knives, which were known for their spring-loaded blades and sleek handles. Knife opens and closes faster, but it is harder to open/close knife. com guaranteed fit ,Springs are US- 7. 0 out of 5 stars Springs not exact Reviewed in the United States on June 30, 2021 The replacement springs are slightly shorter and thinner than the original ones.