c6 to aod swap. I have the bronco listed for sale and I hope to sell it. AOD swap question in 68 XR7. Does anyone make an adapter plate for this aplication. I am a mechanic and I can pull an AOD or AODE unit from a salvage yard and do a rebuild myself. That said, the AOD and the Y-block adapter we are using behind our '57 T-Bird engine is from Gear Star Performance Transmissions of Akron, Ohio. Oct 21, 2011 · For me the decision to convert to the E4OD would be more practical than the AOD upgrade(AOD is still in operation and I will swap out when I replace the 302). 95 Adapter C4 Auto to Dana 20 Read more $ 17. How to swap your 3-speed transmission for a 4-speed. The C4-to-AOD swap required a custom transmission crossmember but we were able to modify the FMX mount. The PO of my 79 never installed the C6 kickdown when he did the swap. Five different bell housing varieties exist for use with various Ford engine families: The Windsor pattern was used on the 300 I6, the Ford Windsor engines 289, 302, 351W and the 351 Cleveland. Virginia HAMB(ers) I am seriously considering swapping out my C6 for an AOD on my Model A. Deluxe AOD Installation Kit for 1965 to 1973 Mustangs. Today, one of the most popular conversions is swapping to an electric powertrain. Ford AOD Transmission Installation and Swapping Guide by. 08! 3695001 FORD C6 2 WD PAN, OIL HEAVY DUTY. When I had the C4 out I put the C6 crossmember in place and took some measurements in the car to compare to the AOD sitting in my garage. Will a C6 transmission fit a 289 engine?. The yoke on my sbf and bbf has the same splines for a c6 you should be good if you have the sbf I think the aod is the same to but it been awhile since I have messed with the aod deal. First of all a C6 does not have overdrive. Gasoline V8 Kickdown Linkage - non EFI. Ford AOD Transmissions: Rebuilding and Modifying the AOD, AODE and 4R70W by S-A Design®. The main reason for the transmission swap was to gain the benefits of the AOD's 0. The rest is the same as any other AOD swap. I am thinking of ways to get better mileage from my '69. AOD, SHIFT CORRECTION PACKAGE Hi Performance AOD (Superior) Ford Lincoln Mercury AOD AODE 4R70W Transmission Parts E4OD, PUMP GEAR SET E40D / 4R100 LATE 9 LOBE INNER GEAR 95-UP Ford 4R100, E4OD Transmission Parts. While millions of Ford rear-wheel-drive cars are equipped with the durable and simple C4 and C6 transmissions of the 1960s, early in the 1980s Ford replaced those old designs with the AOD transmission for a new generation of cars. Cable Shift Linkage kit for 2 1/4" Ford Column to AOD Transmission. Ford Aod Transmission Repair Manual. Looking for online definition of AOD or what AOD stands for? AOD is listed in the World's largest and most authoritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms The Free Dictionary. (1) AOD Shift Linkage (1) Throttle Return Spring Bracket. T5 Swap, T5 Conversion, Mustang T5 Swap, Auto to Manual. With Throttle Return Spring Bracket. I have a question about the differences in the lengths of these . The overall length of the AOD is 20. Performance Automatic AOD shift linkage kits are designed to install the Ford AOD transmission into early Mustang or other Ford vehicles. We also offer transmission swap kits. Just need truck for plowing and running to pick up lumber or - Answered by a verified Ford Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. -polyurethane bushings for chassis mounting (can be upgraded to solid) -direct fit brackets and hardware. aod aode c6 e4od 4r70e 4r70w 4r75e 4r75w 4r100 5r110w transmission pump body bushing oversized, seamless by durabond. Here, a bottle-jack was used to spread the headers to gain sufficient clearance. Speedway Motors has swap kits for the Ford flathead V-8. It should be able to handle a 302 with a mild cam, a 4 bbl intake, and a good set of headers. Add to cart Details Gasket - Adapter Housing to Dana 20 Transfer Case. I'm considering a swap later down the road but starting my research now. 675:1 overdrive gear (lower cruise RPM and increased MPG). This can save you thousands of dollars on a Coyote conversion. Ford later used this transmission as a basis for their newer overdrive transmissions, the electronic overdriven AOD-E, which was used beginning in 1993 and in the 4R70W which was used on '99 and up production cars and trucks. "C" For models without electronic shift. Better fuel economy, firmer shifts! Link Here - https://www. And the motor is a short block, so intake and head advice would be nice as well. Can I swap a E4OD transmission with a C6 I don't need OD. 25, I've got them No front Dana 60 sorry 1996ish ranger 2. The tranny I used was from an 88 MarkVII which is a typical example of the AOD and changes made through the years are pointed out in the video. just curious, is the c 6 better than the aod. Will the swap require modifications or an installation kit? dont buy a real trans like a c6 , i wont ever use another aod for a . i took out the c4 and put in the aod. C6 transmissions could have used either the 157 or 164 tooth flexplates, depending on which case it had. This would be the same procedure for all. Mostly just information and pictures added. G Force designed this direct bolt-in transmission crossmember to accommodate all of your transmission needs and provides clearance for large diameter aftermarket dual exhaust systems. Mounting to other Ford chassis will be less easy, but many ran the FMX which is a cousin to the AOD. 5-Star Rated Nationally Recognized 4R70W Transmission Supplier. If you are searching for the best deals on AOD conversion kits. The 66-77 Ford Broncos had one option when it came to an automatic transmission. Fitting an AOD (Auto Over Drive) is an ideal solution. See all 14 photos For the typical AOD swap, Ron Morris Performance carries a flexplate that will cover the majority of applications using a 289, early 302, or 351W engine. I believe it has a neutral balance which is correct for the engine, but would sure like to hear someone tell me Yes, it will work without issue with the AOD-E trans and convertor. The C6 was available from 1966-96 and came be found in the following vehicles - Bronco, F-Series, Fairlaine, LTD (I & II), Ranchero, TBird, Torino, Comet, Couger, Meteor, and Montego. A built C4 can hold all the power you could want to push out of a 302 on the street. With 351W Swap Part# 1653S - 4spd/5spd/C4/C6/AOD Part# 1655S - 5spd with Cable Clutch Read all instructions carefully before attempting installation. 02! 26931-1-2 C6 Transmission performance reprogramming kit 1967-on (automatic shift). The trans is officially an AOD-E. I believe I have all the necessary conversion parts. On-road to off-road, stock to pro drag, classic muscle to Factory Five roadsters. AODE 4R70W 4R75W 4R70E 4R75E PARTS Transmission Bench. The larger clutch may not clear the inside of the T5 bellhousing. Re: c4 to aod swap on a 240 straight 6. Instead of hunting junkyard pieces or having to fab up something on your own, use one of these high-quality adjustable column linkage kits from Lokar. automatic (AOD, AODE, 4R70W, C6) and manual (T-5, TR-3550 & TKO's) applicati ons. If you like doing things the hard way and spending too much money, then install a TH400 in the car. simple C4 and C6 transmissions of the 1960s, early in the 1980s Ford replaced those old designs with the AOD transmission for a new generation of cars. 47 axle or a four speed SROD with 2. This Stifflers crossmember is a great addition to your classic Ford truck upgrade when installing an AOD, AODE, 4R70W, C4, C6, T-5, T-45, T-56, TKO, 3550, 3560, TH350, TH400, Powerglide & More! Its' tubular construction offers superior stiffness and strength over the stamped steel OEM part. of C4-to-AOD swaps which are similar. The only item added is the lower transmission bolt on dust cover. 95 Alternator Adapter Bracket 351W Add to cart. Shop mechanics know what is involved in changing out a four-speed automatic. Performance Automatic quickly sought out to explore the possibilities of this unit. Ford Aod Transmission Manual Pdf livvyfink co uk. AOD ~ > View Details C6 ~ > View Details > Show All Matching Vehicles. Baumann Engineering used to be on the cutting edge of AOD development and may still be, search them out. Note: The mounting pad is usually a part of the extension housing, but the graphic shows it on the maine case. Drag Race Transmission (Full Manual); Ford C4 (Small Bellhousing Pattern) Ford Small Block (289-351), Reverse Shift Pattern. Automatic Transmission Dimensions. I know some would consider it sacriledge, but I would probably go with a 700R4 instead. 95 Adapter AOD 88+ up to Dana 20 Select options. The C6 uses a plate between the block/tranny. AOD,C4, C6 and Power glide Automatic Transmissions Manual Transmission with Scatter Shield. It did this without exceeding the packaging dimensions of the MX. We also carry 11" converters and custom built 8", 9",9 1/2" & 10" converters to meet everyone's needs!. Constrained algorithms and algorithms on ranges (C++20). 0 engine and aod transmission swap. It then became the AODE, same ratios, just electric,etc. Transmission: 79-93 Fox Mustang Power Glide, T350, C4, AOD, C6, 700R4, 4L60, 79-93 Fox Mustang T400, T56 6Speed, 94-98 SN95 Mustang AOD, C6, 700R4, 4L60, 94-98 SN95 Mustang Power Glide, T350, C4, 94-98 SN95 Mustang T400, T56 6Speed, 99-04 SN95 Mustang Universal Mount. I want to install it behind my 300 in my 66 F100. I recommend using an AOD out of a full size car or a pick up, or get a governor kit for a Mustang-sourced AOD. The C4 is a transmission that was produced by the Ford Motor Company starting in 1964. 80, and better better gas milage. You will have to move the transmission tail brace and make sure you have the right throttle cable mount to accept the AOD kickdown cable. PDF Ford Transmission Interchange Guide. AOD 600HP Transmission Wide Ratio. High Performance Torque Converters Ford c4 c6 aod 4r70w r4100 5r110w. Ikilled the aod's not the aode's. Old School 289/302/351 Swap Parts (28oz Flywheel & Block Cast Clutch Pivot): 1986 to 1993 Mustang T5 Transmission w/ yoke (preferably from a GT) T5 Transmission Conversion Plate ( Available via Summit Racing) Floor cut/clearance with bucket seats. Ford AOD Transmissions: Rebuilding and Modifying the AOD, AODE and 4R70W walks you through the rebuild process step-by-step, from removing the transmission from the vehicle, to complete disassembly and cleaning, to careful reassembly, to proper re-installation and road testing. Bolt through the brackets into the GM bellhousing lower holes. AOD Shaft Kit which allows you to run a C-6 Torque Converter in an AOD transmission. Very Responsive throughout Power Band of Engine. 20's @ 150's mph - made 905 RWHP & 801 RWTQ. If your truck has an E4OD now then the E4OD from the 5. This adapter kit is made so you can put a Coyote engine in your Bronco and be able to use your small block transmission. 0L when it was in my '79 Fairmont with an AOD. Yates, Blue Thunder, C302B, Brodix Neil, Cleveland 2V & 4V Heads Only. Free shipping Free shipping Free shipping. California Pony Cars, in particular, offers everything you need to swap the AOD into a classic Mustang. The AOD swap onto the 312 is about $1g for just the adapters necessary to bolt up to the engine so when you add in the cost of the AOD itself it is pricey. I know they tend to have better mileage, longer life, and overall great performance, but are heavier too. The Ford AOD is a popular transmission swap for muscle car restorations to add the overdrive option & to update to a modern transmission. It could also be made to work with a Jeep T18 but one of the original holes used on that transmission would need to be drilled and is not part of the casting provision. Will A C6 Column That Shifts On The Column Swap Right In Or Would It Be Better To. We've got the right bellhousing adapter for that, too. Im going to be doing an AOD swap in my 72 and Im trying to find out if I need to buy a new flexplate. This Kit makes it easy to convert your 65 or 66 Mustang with a 289 302 or 351W engine from a C4 or C6 transmission to an AOD automatic overdrive . Don't go overboard on the mods and tune it up well and you might actually get pretty good MPG out of it. The '93 and up Mustangs use a high-torque starter which saves weight and space, but costs about $120 more than the standard type. The focus here is putting a Ford AOD into a classic Mustang and other vintage Ford. Shop online for transmission adapters and plates. - C6 weight is from "Engine Swapping Tips and Techniques" which also lists the C4 at 109 lbs. The car is a q code 351 C 4V and it currently has the C6. California Pony Cars AOD conversion installation kits are designed to convert your 289/302/351W/ engine from a C4 or C6 transmission to an AOD automatic overdrive transmission. Local Hero said: If you do the C6, make sure you get the small bellhousing C6. 25'', a foxbody mustang double hump transmission crossmember and mount, a new shifter and shifter cable for a foxbody mustang c4 swap, foxbody mustang t5 bellhousing bolts, a t5 driveshaft yoke, a c4 block plate, new trans cooler. How does a 1973 ford c6 trany shift? The Ford C6 uses engine vaccum to sense the shift points. AOD Neutral Safety Switch Location in an 86; " The AOD has the neutral. Read this brief history of C6 performance improvements. Our technical staff is trained to recommend only components appropriate to your equipment combination. In the not much heavier Fairlane and behind that C6 the lost power was very obvious. Not interested in finding a used AOD and getting it rebuilt because a stock AOD won't hold up and good builders are rare. AOD Cons: TV cable setup can be an issue. The focus here is putting a Ford AOD into a classic Mustang and other vintage Ford Page 8/26. Im getting ready to put some serious power to the floor and afraid my stock auto trans wont be able to take it. The starters from early 289-302 Fords with automatic transmissions also. You could also opt for a manual valve body. That way you'd effectively have a manual clutchless transmission. This valve body is a MUST for AOD's needing to withstand 600+ hp. The most common transmission swap with older Fords is from a C4, C6, or FMX to an AOD or manual 5-speed. I purchased a Lokar Parts Break-Out Diagram w/Nomenclature Source: by THROTTLE KICKDOWN LINKAGE ADJUSTMENT by ARRC (= to. 8L EFI with C6 trans I would like to get the extra gear for freeway mileage. FORD AOD FIOD 4R70W 4R75W AOD E. Discussion in 'Technical' started by Hottrod1991, Nov 15, 2014. Is there a reason you don't want a built AOD or even a tremec 5spd? Those seem to be much easier swaps. The 460 pattern was used on the 351M and 400 and all of. Will a c6 transmission fit a 302? A c6 will fit but you need one with the smallblock bellhousing pattern FE pattern is different. pdf Mustang and other vintage Ford applications, which are the more common swaps. ,Transgo shift kit, and AOD shift adapter. What I know: I know it is a direct bolt up. Transmission Filter Kit 2 Wheel Drive. For those looking for an upgrade from the stock C4 Transmission, we also offer adapter components to convert your Bronco to either an AOD (Automatic Overdrive) Transmission or a C6 Automatic Transmission. PERFORMANCE STARTS WITH MISSION OUR MISSION Bowler Performance Transmissions is committed to the perpetuity of the custom and hot rod market through education, inspiration, and collaboration with other automotive enthusiasts. Compared to its predecessor MX transmission, the C6 offered lower weight, less complexity, less parasitic power loss, and greater torque capacity for larger engines. The term itself came into English from Italian: the noun "transmissio" means transition, transmission. 180, and with the bell housing measures 17. You can fry a brand new AOD in less than a 1/2 mile with an improperly adjusted TV cable. 0L 4V DOHC TC DSL-LION B , 6 Cyl 3. Ford AOD Green Monster Transmission for Mustang / Maverick 65 to 73, new still in grate from GMT, could also fit 85 to 93 Mustangs with 5. California Pony Cars AOD conversion installation kits are designed to convert your 289/302/351W/ engine from a C4 or C6 transmission to an AOD automatic . The 700R4 is a popular transmission swap for muscle car restorations to add the overdrive option & to update to a modern transmission. One of the most common transmissions for an LS swap is the 4L60E, and for a few reasons. com More tranny info from hotrodders, including notes on parasitic HP loss Power loss for various auto transmissions: Please remember these are approximate values, and were provided by Car Craft. Gear or Gear Vendor, they both offer bolt on overdrive units. Read Book Ford Aod Transmissions Rebuilding And Modifying The Aod Aode And 4r70w Sa Design Workbench How To Ford C6 transmission bringing it back from the graveyard!!! 4R75E Transmission Teardown Inspection - Early Ford Bronco AOD Transmission Conversion Swap Part 2 RebuildFord AOD transmission rebuild slide show 2013 Ford AOD 4R70W. Stock 66 C4 Automatic 3-speed "Cruise-o-matic" Transmission. Flexplate Diameter and Balance - One of the more important parts of the swap is to choose the proper flexplate for your application. File Type PDF Ford Focus Engine Swap Guide Ford AOD TransmissionsSomebody's DaughterConsumers Index to Product Evaluations & Information SourcesAn Engine, Not a CameraCost, Effectiveness, and Deployment of Fuel Economy Technologies for Light-Duty VehiclesHow to Rebuild and Modify Ford C4 and C6 Automatic. 25 gears I was revving 3700 RPMs at 65 or 70 MPH. I swapped a 355 into my old 1990 c-1500 it was a 4. Aod Column Shift Broke Possible C6 Swap Truck Has An Aod Transmission Which Shifts On The Column. Have someone floor the gas pedal from inside the car while you bend the THROTTLE cable bracket until the butterfly arm bottoms solidly on it's stop. ford c3 & a4ld exploded view pdf file. If you find a donor vehicle with both, your job just got a lot easier. 541-779-1339 Store Hours: MONDAY - FRIDAY 8:00AM - 4:30PM PST. net and they had plenty of info. And most recently shifting from 1st to 2nd is slipping real badly. It took as while and was not cheap, but I had trashed 2 C4's in Mustang's with just plain 302's and the Fairlane C4 was on it's last legs as well. The C6 transmission comes with First, Second, and Third gear ratios that are 2. Ideally, a conversion uses the best aspects of the car's strengths to add additional use. Silver Fox Performance Transmission specializes in Ford AOD and AODE / 4R70W / 4R75W overdrive transmissions for performance use. Search: E4od To Zf5 Swap Wiring. com +123 456 789; Toll Free: 1-800-350-2223 Local: 805-238-7000 Fax: 805-238-4201. - FMX and C6 torque converter weights provided by Steve Grossen (also used bathroom scale). Overdrive gears, once popular before WWII, were now becoming popular again, as manufacturers were under increasing pressure to raise fuel economy to meet. the only thing you will use from your aod is the flexplate since the c6 and aod use the same flexplate, torque converter bolt pattern wise. Ford AOD Transmissions: Rebuilding and Modifying the AOD, AODE and 4R70W George Reid While millions of Ford rear-wheel-drive cars are equipped with the durable and simple C4 and C6 transmissions of the 1960s, early in the 1980s Ford replaced those old designs with the AOD transmission for a new generation of cars. The only problem with the T56 swap is that Ford only offered the 429 engine in one model year of Mustang, 1971. I have a 460 in it with hooker headers. Luckily it had a C6 behind a 390 FE motor. The basic E-series and F-series platforms in question here were in production before and after the national speed limit of 55 MPH, so I don't quite understand the 60 MPH comfortable limit. Page 1 of 3 1 2 3 Next > Hottrod1991 Member. This part is legal for sale or use on Emissions Controlled Vehicles, Uncontrolled (Non-Emissions Controlled) Vehicles, and Racing Use Only Vehicles because it does not affect vehicle emissions and is not covered by emissions regulations. Good to replace a tired unit or to swap in place of a C6 for. The gearset design is based on the Ford "X" automatic transmissions used during the 1950s, '60s, and '70s. B&M Street/Strip Automatic Transmission - Ford AOD (289,302, 351C, 351W) Direct-fit for 1980-1993 Mustang. ATI Flexplates are created from custom drawn SFI-spec chromoloy steel and are SFI Certified. Hedman Hedders & Trans-Dapt Performance Products are two of the hot rod industries original manufacturers, dating way back to 1954. Discussion Starter · #1 · 11 mo ago. Seal Front C4,C5,C6,AOD,FMX Part # 16601D Reference # 36070 Extra information C2AZ-7A248-A. Unlike the removable bellhousings common with the C4, The AOD was designed with a one piece case with an integral bellhousing similar to that of the C6. Ford Automatic Transmission Automatic For The People. The shift linkages are the same, and only had to adjust it properly after I swapped the drivetrain from the 87 into the 84 along with the 87's complete wiring harness. This unit has shown remarkable performance on the Hot Rod Power Tour and Drag Week and in several classes of the NMRA and NMCA race series. Step 3: Install the trans cable bracket and. Valves & Parts Rotating Speed Sensor 1467255103. The AOD is smoother, less prone to leaks, and superior in every respect except for originality and. I read for weeks , google search "351C AOD" Easy swap from what I hear. I want something that would be very reliable since I cruise in this car a lot. I am replacing my C6 with an AOD. again,lol,,would a c4 or c6 tranny swap in my 93 with the e40d be better end easier then the aod swap? Top. 5" long adapter (aka tailshaft housing) vs 5. The AOD is better after 1988, something to do with factory upgrades for better lubrication at the rear of TX. Came out of a running driving truck that was rusted out. I have since changed my mind because I want to keep the inline 6. For now, I'd deisded not to use it, but when the NV3550 5-speed jeep trannies are going for $600-$1100, you can see why the ford auto seems like a. The 400M has the same bolt pattern as the 429 and 460 Big Block Engine. Backwards compatibility is a well-known concept in tech circles, but you need not be a software engineer or Playstation 3 loyalist to appreciate it. All early Bronco C4s were column shifted. this means that dimension "C" is usually longer than dimension "B". The cost of the GV unit can be anywhere from about $1,200 (Used) to $3,300 (New). I'm changing my C6, currently behind a 408 stroked Cleveland with 450 hp and 510 ft/lb, to an AOD, but have yet to decide which vendor to use. 8 liter application should work fine. But over the years we've seen Corvettes turned into trucks, utes, wagons, and more. These Kits are Proudly Produced in the U. Dec 07, · I bought a Bronco 4x4 Eddie Bauer with an AOD transmission and electric tranfer case. Buy a quality transmission adapter plate at JEGS High Performance!. He had it freshened with a bunch of new parts from a Ford tranny tech when I bought it, and he then installed the JW BBF bell. Ford transmission dimensions, gear ratios and oil quantity. It is an excellent choice for a performance upgrade or when swapping from a manual to automatic transmission. by Ken Grau Sat Nov 02, 2013 9:11 am. - the power loss difference between a C6 & an AOD seems pretty much non-existent - the C6 is actually slightly lighter than the AOD10-15lb IIRC - NOT using OD, the C6 & AOD gave me the same mpg, despite the AOD lockup in 3rd (& 4th)-swapping from C6 to 4spd manual has so far gained 1mpg, running light (not towing or loaded) but I think the C6 mileage would fall behind, loaded. 8" Rear C6 64 - 69 C4 70 Later C4 - C5 AOD FMX 5. 4R44E, 5R55E 5R110 5R55S, 5R55W AOD AODE, 4R70W, 4R75E C4 C6 E4OD, 4R100 Many more Chrysler, Jeep 42RH, 42RE, 44RE 45RFE, 545RFE 46RH, 46RE 47RH, 47RE 48RE 68RFE A727 A904 Many more Nissan AW450-43LE AW55-50SN RE4F04A RE4R01A RE5R05A RE7R01A RG4R01A RL4R01A Many more Toyota A340, A341, A343 A44, A45 A541E A750E A960E AB60E, AB60F U140E, U140F. What transmission will fit a Ford 302?. The AOD plate works fine with a C4 as long as the C4 isn't the "big bell" version usually only found in trucks and vans. It's what controls the tranny on the AOD, the c6 is controlled by vacuum. ford aod transmission Clear all FORD C3 C4 C5 C6 & AOD AUTOMATIC TRASMISSION OVERHAUL BOOK c 1996 Book about overhauking Ford Automatic transmissions in goo clean conditiom,n, ex motor Museum , can arrange delivery. Gas 4WD C6 With MANUAL Transfer Case Shift SW. Matching the 15-tooth drive speedometer gear up with a 44-tooth driven gear brings the drive ratio to 74 percent (15/17=. The drop in engine RPM on the highway can make your car a joy to drive at speeds over 60 mph. Ford Aod Transmission Schematic fordprice us. I would like to swap the current C6 for an AOD. If you're going EFI Exp setup in your 2000 Ranger, and want to run a T-5 or other manual transmission, the automatic transmission functions need disabled in the computer system - same with a C4 or C6. Order the kit designed for your Mustang year/application. These 1992 units have the anoying "OD,D,1" shifter pattern (like an AOD), which was a one-year-only deal. The two upper holes in the transmission case will be elongated as described on that page. E4OD Remanufactured ZF Brake Assembly / Extension Housing without Speedo (Price includes a $500. What are my options, only a c6 and 205? Also, only way to get lower gears in the 205 is to make a doubler? TIA Can I use a. FMX transmission swap with C4. To begin, a few details regarding what the Mustang started out as: 1966 Ford Mustang. Torque Converter - Saturday Night Special - 12 In Diameter - 1600-2000 RPM Stall - Lock Up - Aod - Each TCI | Part# TCI-432700 More Details $458. Ford 4R70W/AODE Selector Flange and Arm 5/16" slot. Using the knowledge gained from our work on the AOD, Performance. The swap is also easy for Fox body cars such as the Granada. - Ford-o-Matic weight is an assembly line weight provided by my Dad. Dimension "C" is the distance from the bellhousing to the center of the transmission mounting pad. How do I connect the kickdown rod from the Sniper body to the C6 transmission? Car is a 1979 Lincoln Mark V with a Ford 400ci V8. 0L engine swap series is available. do I hook up to my stock carburetor ? How to properly set that up ? I could use my c6 , works fine , just thinking the Aod would be a nice . (not sure which would be better/easier) It took $80 to fill 3/4 of the. Also two wires coming from inside on same harness with what appears black with pink stripe and brown. Add to cart Details 2661 S PACIFIC HWY. Final update to the list (hopefully!). Ford C6/AOD Transmission Pump Gear Set. Ford AOD Selector Shaft and Arm 1/4" slot and hole. I have done this exact swap in my 64 Falcon. aod valve body diagram basic guide wiring a4ld wiring diagram diagrams instructions a604 valve body diagram automotive wiring Trending Posts Animal Cell Diagram Membrane Membuat Activity Diagram Di Visio 2007 4R70W Full Manual Valve Body Broader Performance April 16th, 2019 - This is a forward pattern PRN321 full manual valve body Does not. Ford AOD Transmissions Rebuilding and. Fill out the "Converter Application Form" to determine correct converter size & stall rpm. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. I had an 82 351W with a C6 and 3. Hi Bob, Before I did my C6 to AOD swap I checked with the transmission center. NEW SERVO SET Fits Ford trucks and cars thru 1992. 848 diameter index bell- housing. As for a overdrive unit, check with U. My question is will the motor mounts have to be changed, and were can I get a drive shaft to pair the C6 to the 8. fits all ford c6 transmissions. 3 5 speed 2wd, great engine and tranny, wrecked 5 plus years ago. I have read threads here concerning a C6 to AOD conversion versus installing a Gear Vendors Overdrive Unit. Convert your old 3 speed transmission over to a 4 speed overdrive Transmission. AOD High Performance Valve Body. 6 liter engines in the Crown Victoria, Grand Marquis, and Town Car models, these transmissions are excellent choices for street performance with small block engines. LS Swaps: How to Swap GM LS Engines into Almost Anything. ford aod (fiod) 4r70w/4r75w aod-e (electronic) 4r70e/4r75e Another solution is the E8LY-7F283-A direct clutch drum first used in the AOD in 1988, which accommodates one addi tional clutch disc and plate, for a total of six. 1965-1970 Mustang Hydraulic Clutch Conversion Kit. As with the C4, the size of the flexplate generally seemed to follow the size of the car it was used in. Aug 27, 2016 #1 I would like to know what success others have had changing to an AOD from either a C6 or C4. I heard that near the end of 88 or 89 ford switched to the 4OED or what ever. C4/C6 to AOD conversion questions. Great for street rods and transplants. Offering many Speedometer gear parts for 700r4 speedometer gear, TH350, TH400, NP208, NP203, Ford C4 C6 AOD, Muncie, Saginaw, Dodge 727 904 46RH 47RE 46RE 47RH. Adapter C6 Auto to Dana 20 Add to cart. Using an AOD transmission will effectively lower a 3. With the GEAR VENDORS dashswitch in "auto" you will have automatic overdrive just like the vehicle came with a factory system. Classic Mustang Five Speed Transmission Swap. Hey fellas has anyone here of an Ford AOD Auto Trans swap for a starion. This adapter kit will allow you to adapt the Ford C6 automatic transmission to the Jeep Dana 300 transfer case. I picked up an AOD to replace the C6 with in my 73 Gran Torino Sport. Speed Gems is a manufacturer and supplier of transmission adapters that allow the custom car builder to use a variety of engine and transmission combinations. This speedometer driven gear is sold individually, so you'll get one with your order. From my research, the AOD needs a 164 tooth flywheel and after counting, my current flexplate is also 164 tooth and the convertor seems to drop nicely into the holes. In this study, Terra-MODIS C6 level 2 operational aerosol product (MOD04) at 10 km spatial resolution was downloaded from "the Level-1 and Atmosphere Archive & Distribution System (LAADS) Distributed Active Archive Center (DAAC)" (https://ladsweb. bc-gs2 drum brakes to gennie hand brake. The AOD replaced many of Ford's older transmissions such as the C4, C5, and light duty applications of. I think the C6 is on its last leg and am considering a AOD swap, or spend ~$1000 on c6 rebuild (beefed up for future rebuild). To address this issue, Gaskins installed a K-member for a 4. The Performance Automatic Super Streeter Transmission handles engines up to 450 horsepower on C4 and AOD, as well as up to 550 horsepower on AODE models. Lokar Cable Shifter, 12″ Handle. I would think the aod would do ok. C6's, and manual 4 speeds of the '60s. I had to dimple a couple of areas in my trans tunnel for the AOD, but otherwise fit. why are you going from aod to the c6. Overdrive transmission conversion kit for 1964-65 Ford Mustang V8 models. In the future I am thinking 351W stroker 408 with about ~500 hp so the transmission would ne. Would I be able to swap in an AOD trans?. I would say get a toploader 4 spd and some airplane gears for your 9" unless you wanna do a performance buildup. Stock 66 C4 to Engine Bellhousing. 88 bronco T-Top, 302 (gt40p heads, comp cam, ford racing headers), AOD, BW-1356, 6 inch suspension lift, 35 procomps - waiting for me to finish a 514efi and front/rear 60's. Too big, too heavy, not necessary. on mine it was all the way back so i didnt have to. Over the 1994 Christmas holiday, I replaced the C4 automatic in my mother's 1971 Mustang convertible with an AOD. PA advertises their stuff for commercial and fleet trucks, so they must have a handle on. NOTE: If you do manage to use a 1984 control module from a manual transmission Corvette in a 1982 Corvette without reprogramming the EPROM Chip, you will get a problem with a. This kit includes essential items such as engine/trans adapter plate, tailstock support, slip yoke and attaching hardware. Stock Ford AOD Overdrive Non L U Ford Transmission. Motor and tranny are currently in a 69 Convertible. Make Model Year Type Engine Transmission Total Weight Front Weight Rear Weight; AC: Cobra: 1965: Classic: 351: TKO 5Spd: 2722: 1266: 1456: AC: Cobra: 1965: Classic. Cable Shift Linkage-2 1/4" Ford Column - AOD Transmission New. Hello, I have a 1970 Mustang Mach 1 with a 351C and an FMX automatic transmission, a few weeks ago when I put my car into reverse and kind of stepped on it, the car shuddered and shook real bad, and didn't go anywhere. All Stifflers Crossmember kits include: -single tube design for light weight and strength. It is hard enough to make an AOD take 350 -400 HP which would be enough for the 400 but it is at the top of what it can take. ford aod and 4r70w transmission history and evolution. I agree that the C6 has been villified as a power hog but so has the TH400 (GM), they are both big brawny transmissions originally designed to haul around 4000 lbs plus sedans. Greg, I'm interested in bolting a Ford AOD tranny to my 85 F250 w/6. 72:1 and second gear ratio from 1.