carb spacer problems. Find HVH Super Sucker Carburetor Spacers and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! Common knowledge and experience tell us that open spacers help top-end power, and 4-hole spacers help midrange power. I understand to put a gasket on both sides if using one spacer. If you're having trouble using this website, click the link above to open a support ticket. I have been bringing a 1990 ProStar back to life and about 5 hours into engine break in. Often, however, the carburetor is not malfunctioning, but needs to be adjusted. I always open the hood (when at home) after a ride to help the heat escape. A carb spacer increases the distance between the intake manifold and the bottom of the carburetor, which reduces the velocity of the intake charge. This is a very easy solution to this common problem. Fuel can also boil inside the carburetor due to missing gaskets, spacers, or heat shields. A heat isolator spacer helped a lot. I have one under the Q-jet (Caddy engine) and I can't say it does anything I can attest to ! In fact, I've been thinking about removing it !!:banana:. -18 threads on intake end and 5/16 in. HARDWARE KIT FOR CARB SPACERS WITH CARB STUDS. It sounds insane to run hot water under the carb to prevent percolation but that 180-degree water is better than 275-degree cast iron manifold. The four bolts holding the carb to the 5/8" spacers are upside down to provide clearance from the top of the manifold and at least one of the valve cover bolt heads. I've heard that this style spacer can cause problems because the fuel mix isn't directed right into the holes in the manifold, . They are not really spacers, they are heat insulation washers. The only problem I see with adding the spacer is that it moves the throttle cable . My 74 TR6 has been neglected for quite a while. These parts will prevent heat from getting to the carburetor and boiling the fuel. They can also move the torque and power-band up in the RPM range. Maybe Boiled linseed oil would work. i recently took the lil black plastic piece that goes between the carb n intake mainfold to see if it makes power, but i lost the piece and . edelbrock install, very hard starting when warm **UPDATE. After an 45 minutes or so, its still difficult to start but like it was before. Now my car is starting and running great. Make sure and get a phenolic (plastic) spacer as that helps insulate your carb from manifold heat. Originally posted by smallblockjay. So air fuel mxture from carburetor has more time hence more mixing. Long (4) Carburetor stud nut: 5/16 in. And this increases the volume of your intake's plenum and runner, as well as the total distance . This is accomplished by increasing the plenum area. Have also had to retune power enrichment due to a spacer before (power valve on a holley/springs on an edelbrock). The 1" spacer has completely eliminated that problem. Then he installed it right side up and picked up another 10. A carburetor spacer can be an . The open spacer did pick up almost two tenths and three mph in the eighth mile but the 60 foot dropped a whole tenth. The plate has a provision for the fuel injector. Insulating the carb from the intake with a 1/2" spacer should significantly reduce the effect and keep it from flooding. In a nutshell, adding a carburetor spacer increases the intake plenum volume by creating a taller neck on the manifold. Allstar Performance ALL25980 4150 0. 00 on the 3K Kit with the Air Cleaner Spacer and be wheeling in 1/2 hour. I currently have a smallblock with a Professional products intake that is approx 4. Put a spacer under the carburetor mount. My CJ7 Idles perfectly on Park or Neutral but when I put it into Drive, it stalls each time I push the accelerator pedal. That supersucker looks nice but $$$ I'm gonna try a regular 4 hole 1" spacer. But they still have sharp edges on the . 9134 - PBM Performance - 1" Plastic Carb Spacer - 4150 4 Hole. Squirt a lil oil in the plug hole to raise the compression. Will adding a 1 inch carb spacer affect carb tune?. The spacer might keep heat from conducting up to the carb, but the bowls are still going to have a ton of intake manifold heat rising up around them, which a heat shield can help to thwart. wickettoby1 January 24th 2019, 10:29 am. Description: This part is a genuine OEM item that has been sourced to be used with Honda small engines. whereas upper rpm (4500+) likes an open spacer up to 3". Had carb rebuilt; same problem. Just messin around with tuning. 1” thick, it won’t add any significant amount of height if you are worried about hood clearance. Put another carb on, nothing! Put another carb on, same problem. 72 carb and spacer question: completed w/ hard starting suggestion Quote; Post by njoconnor » Tue Oct 27, 2015 6:28 pm. IS THERE ENOUGH HOOD CLEARANCE FOR A SPACER? First look at the height of your air cleaner and close the hood. Another good reason is to insulate the carb from intake heat. There is that round portion on the carb that hangs down a 1/16" or so further than the base. This spacer is designed to be used on the 2. I would vent the whole box (a cooler motor overall, including the fuel lines) then just the carb. Last weekend after going to the drags it got worse and the throttle was starting to stick. The carb will be warmer then a EFI. Canton 85-160 1" Thick open spacer for Holley 4150/4160. I had the same Edelbrock 600 on the 350 I pulled out of the car. This spacer will decrease throttle response and dampen acceleration. After two carbs, I'd be hard-pressed to say the problem was still within the carburetor itself. C3 Tech/Performance - Carb spacer problems - I'm running a 2701 Edelbrock dual plane intake, 1405 Edel carb. What you feel or where you feel it depends on what sort of spacer you get. Yup, a mill would be handy about now. Solex 34 PICT Carb Spacer, 3/8" Thick (6mm), Fits 34-3 and 34-4 Carburetors, 00-9705- is used to move the carburetor up for the accelerator pump linkage to clear the larger diameter alternator when doing an alternator conversion with the generator carb. The spacers are CNC machined from 6061T-6 aluminum. Features: For Holley 4150/4160 Made In USA Stops the transfer of heat from the engine to the fuel system *Spacer requires use of extended carburetor studs such as ARP 200-2402 or Mr. com Jan 24, 2022 · Hello, I am trying to create a carburetor spacer for a project I'm working on and I can't seem to figure out a proper way to make the taper and I was wondering if someone could help me out. 3 Ford intake and accepts a 350 or 500 Holley 2 bbl. Start by disconnecting the throttle cable to eliminate a cable problem and pump the carburetor to see if the pump action returns OK. I decided to see how the spacer would fit the intake manifold. Ran the 4-hole to keep it as clean as possible on the bottom end. If it does you have bigger problems. I would definitely give it a try. Note: I'm talking about a "wet" EFI. But they also make it extremely absorbent. In which case you may want to look at insulating the fuel lines and maybe installing a bypass pressure regulator close to the carb to keep cooler fuel circulating through the lines and bypassing the excess back to the tank. I've been making and using them for myself and others for a couple years with only an accasional problem, . As for carb spacers, I have the factory 1/2 inch aluminum spacer, and about anoner 5/8 inches of the compressed fiber spacers that come in the rebuild kits. THE CARBURETOR SHOP / Troubleshooting. Now the spacer, adding plenum volume might muck with the off idle and low speed stuff, but by 3000 RPM, your well into the power circuite. I've always used aluminum spacers but recently made the switch to a phenolic, can't say i've had the same problem with melting, i'd sure try another brand before switching back to aluminum. Joined Aug 7, 2002 · 187 Posts. The studs hit the bottom of carb. Carb spacers add plenum volume to manifold. The EFI's also atomize the the fuel much better. Traced to vacuum leak at the very front of the carb. Peak in baseline configuration was 432. The Carburetor requires the spacer for heat insulation from the exhaust cross over. I've tried the 4-hole and open and found that the 4-hole spacer gave the car better part throttle manners I guess from having a bettter signal. fuel quality (excess ethanol), fuel line material and routing (should be oe steel with either fuel pump or carburetor-mounted inline filter) or excessive heat load (usually poor spark advance curves caused by worn/poorly calibrated distributor mechanism, ruptured …. Which cools the intake manifold more than a carb can. It does this without necessarily affecting the carb's ability to adequately atomize the fuel. They may enhance fuel vaporization time by moving the boosters further away from the manifold runners. Spacers are said to improve air/fuel vaporization through and out of the carburetor. The stainless shim is required on the Carter for blockage of the exhaust gas to the bottom of the aluminum carburetor and for the idle circuit. You can buy completely open spacers (one big hole), four hole strait, or I think four hole tapered. The VW Carburetor Spacer lifts a 28 or 30/31 Series Carburetor 1" to allow clearance for the carb when installing an alternator if the carburetor hits the alternator. This seems to fix that problem and may help with the sealing issue. Engine Masters has a dyno test of spacers posted on the Motortrend app, I think they eventually hit YouTube. - The 216 and early 235 engines are not "splash oilers" - this is a splash oiler. The edelbrock gaskets help but it don't fix the problem, I have the same issue same intake and carb setup, you need to block off the heat crossover plate to eliminate the problem all the way, block it off it in the summer then unblock it in the winter. Why can’t I run an open adaptor/spacer with an Edelbrock carburetor on a stock intake? Edelbrock does not recommend the use of an open adaptor on a stock intake manifold for a few reasons. What is your vacuum and timing currently I know you have been adjusting it. My truck ran 190-200 degres, I drove everyfriday night to the racetrack and well over 1-1/2hrs of straight driving from town to town. Also be aware that your carb will still absorb a significant amount of heat simply from what radiates upward from your intake manifold and from general underhood ambient temperatures (exhaust heat and such). This can be a perfect addition if your vehicle has traction problems when accelerating, or coming off of the corner. This is an integral part of the carb function, do not ever put a solid gasket under it (with no cut outs, or the one seen in many kits with the cut outs on the short sides as they will not match the spacer) or try to use gasket maker in these areas or rebuild without the spacer. Carburetor spacers designed with four separate holes tend to recapture the velocity of the mixture stream that has been lost when an open carburetor spacer is installed. A back fire doesn't last long enough to transfer enough heat to even begin to melt a quality spacer. Its not vapor lock, that's in the fuel lines, its boil over the carburetor gets so hot that the fuel in the bowls boils and goes into the intake flooding it. Easily installed through the carburetor top cap. If hood clearance is a problem, you can install a. Carburetor Intake Manifold Spacer Insulator for 4 stroke Scooter Moped ATV Go-Kart 139QMB 139QMA 147QMD GY6 49 50 80cc - - € 0. I'm concerned that simply clamping them in the vise on parallels will result in the middle bowing up under pressure and leave me with a low spot when the pressure is released. carb spacer with NOS plate? what side. Now add the second gasket on top of the spacer, making sure it too also fits correctly with no tears, ripples or stretched areas. I put the same carb and spacer on this 327 and I have the problem again. Tried a 1" open plastic spacer & also a 1" tapered Wilson spacer. The Basic Problem A carburetor works by using engine vacuum to suck fuel through the carburetor's metering jets, and introducing it in the highest point of vacuum and airflow to mix. A small thing with a two barrel, but the aluminum will transfer engine heat to the carburetor. Fuel flow from tank to carb… excellent Air box thoroughly cleaned. If the heat problem is more persistent, a spacer of wood fiber laminate or plastic should be used. The "gas boiling over" is a definite problem with our engines due to the exhaust manifold being directly under the carb however it usually shows up as a flooded condition when your restart shortly after a long run. I just recently rebuilt my 450 foremans top end and the clutch weights. Now, the best of both worlds have been merged into one with these HVH Super Sucker carburetor spacers. A 4-hole spacer can also help make up for something in the intake tract being larger than optimal (too large of a carburetor, cam, intake, etc. A 1/2 wood took care of the hard hot starting on my car. Is the paper spacer stock? Is it necessary? The rebuild kit didn’t come with a replacement and the auto parts store doesn’t show it in their computer… The pic shows the spacer and the two base gasket types that came with the rebuild. The second test duplicated the first with only the one-inch-tall HVH Super Sucker carburetor spacer added. A while ago I came accross a post that now I can't find, it was a guy trying to put on a Motorcraft 2150 carb (or Autolite) and change the carb spacer on it but the spacer was too short and it would not cover the entire carb base and or intake manifold. have a 48 gmc 1/2 ton with a 228 motor and 1 barrel carb, Rochesterhad a 5/8 spacer between the carb and manifold, it broke in pieces, do I need the spacer? or your engine, has a problem. Problems with a VW Bug carburetor are among the easiest to recognize. - Takes longer to start if I accidentally touch the gas pedal. Also, ALL spacers have the effect of making the engine think that the carburetor is larger than it actually is. Carburetor Spacers With An Advantage. Another strange carb problem. carb spacers are to help tune the length of the intake tract, i have seen the ones that are on ebay they are about 1/8 inch, this is not enough to do a whole lot of anything and the longer you make the intake tract the lower the rpm range the intake is designed to work best at, if wanting to tune your intake tract, tune it to your cam specs, and intake tract tuning DOES work but you have to. Ask us about the Generac 0D4026 Airbox to Carb Spacer Gasket. A while back I picked up a 1/2" spacer at a local speed shop, but didn't really examine it until today. Find AED Birchwood Carburetor Spacers and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! AED originally designed these Birchwood carb spacers for racing but soon discovered their benefits for street cars, eliminating the hot soak and vapor lock problems associated with high underhood temperatures. I was not smart enough to write down/take a . Best way to mill phenolic carb spacers? Just got a call from a customer wanting to reduce the thickness of a phenolic carb spacer from 1/2" to 1/4". Beebz wrote: It's there a spacer that goes between the carb and the intake. Ran a 4-hole phenolic spacer on top of my RPM Air Gap on the stroker, but only to clear the vacuum fitting under the secondary fuel bowl for the brake booster. Carburetor Spacers: Carburetors spacers can be a very useful tuning aid when working on your streetcar, or racecar. Stubborn Fuel Percolation in Carb. I've got the same problem with a freshly built 327 I just put in my 66. They also sell large sheet aluminum heat shields that go between the carb and intake toblock heat rising off the engine. The phenolic will transfer a lot less heat. it will make a small but noticeable difference in power. This type of spacer has the most potential to show upper rpm . This spacer is used as a link between the carburetor and the air cleaner elbow. A spacer between the carb and bonnet seems to help more then a spacer under the carb. Gaskets or studs are not included. 7 comp - AFR195 - Ported Super Victor - 242/[email protected] - 4000stall - 3. carb spacer with nos THE reason i want to use spacer is to help with distribution on dual plane have no problems with 150 shot all plugs look spot on ,just got told when u get up around 200hp shot with plate system can have distribution issues see lot guys use spacer to help mix fuel bettet when using spray and are running 175-200 shot with these B/B RPM AIR GAP manifolds no problems. Hi, all: Below is a Briggs and Stratton #795643 carb spacer (and its accompanying gaskets). 3L Ford after removal of the EGR adaptor plate. Butt EFI's are not really affected that much. In addition, your carb will usually either be a little too big (lazy bottom end) or a little too small (runs out of breath at the at the top end). (3) The check valve prevents the fuel backing up through the fuel pump. Also check to see if the exhaust heat riser is stuck, allowing excessive heat under the carburetor. I have come up with some 1/4" phenolic spacers to install under the carb. Carburetion, Induction, Nitrous - H. 5mm, then changed to a 38mm with an accelerator pump in 2004. Hell, I've overheated an engine to the . i'll give some cases, if the intake is to small in volume then you would use a open hole or if your not getting enough signal under the carb then you could go with a 4 hole. The K&N Electronic Carburetor Injection, or ECI, is a bolt-on system that adds a supplemental fuel source to your engine. Or you can choose to piece these parts together yourself and spend hours traveling to auto parts stores, watching glue dry and fabricating brackets, cutting up brake lines, patching fuel leaks and save just enough money for only a single 12 pack of beer. A 1/2" phenolic spacer helped my engine, but didn't completely stop the problem you're having. If I get real ambitious, I'll. Looking for past or present users reviews or findings of any brand of specifically plastic, polymer, or plastic looking but supposed phenolic carb spacers, preferably interested in the 1/2" 4-hole versions but input from users of open as well as thicker versions are useful as well. Most of what a spacer does is add plenum volume. (2) The expanding fuel (increased volatility) creates pressure in the fuel line from the pump to the carburetor. By adding one of our Hi-Flow spacers to this system the air may diffuse outward instead of traveling in a straight path. 1 use water to warm up the carb on cold days to prevent icing and 2. Solex 34 PICT Carb Spacer, 3/8" Thick (6mm), Fits 34. the edelbrock carbs have two sets of needls, seats, and floats unlike a quadrajet and your stock fuel pump won't overcome them unless your over 8 lbs. " "Thank You so much for giving us this peace of mind when driving our car!" Robert H. Car does not run hot but has an irratating hot start problem after about 15 minutes of sitting and also blubbers (for lack of a better word) sitting at idle for a few minutes on a warm day. Im thinking about trying an aluminum or phenolic carb spacer on my 69 eldorado. However, the holes did not match up with the carb base plate and I had to get out the rat tail file to get the spacer to fit on the mounting studs. The attached picture is what it should look like when machined. Heat soak in a carburetor is painfully annoying! What causes the problem, how do you fix it and what are some things to make sure it doesn't cause hot start. While early models of this carburetor had brass floats, later versions came with plastic floats, which can become fuel-saturated after a couple of years. More plenum volume, slower air speed, JUST like a larger carb. This causes it to open a little and flood the engine. A couple of 1/32 thick gaskets isn't going to do much. Hi everyone, I have a 1980 CJ7 with an AMC 304 and I recently had a lot of problems with my motorcraft 2100 carb. The heat from the engine will rise into the carburetor at times and will cause the fuel to boil. What I didn't realize was the spacers between the engine and carb were two different sizes. The problem is modern fuel evaporates much easier than. My Experience of using Carburetor Spacer. Spacers are sometimes added to add power at wide open throttle, although this power addition also depends on the type of manifold and the carburetor being used. When I got the new engine I used the carburetor of the old one because the PO said the new one leaked and I knew the old one was good. What you are describing is most likely the accelerator pump action. With an open adaptor on a stock intake manifold, you can run into several problems. Many of the old twisted carb pad versions the problem is too abrupt of runner angle change where they meet the headSBC, BBC are prime examples, runners go straight from the plenum right to the head port opening, then the air has to make a sharp turn into the headanything more than 15° turn and the air/fuel mix can't make a smooth turn and turbulence is created cramping off airflow. Mine seems to idle rich and was told replacing the open spacer with a 4 hole spacer will help eliminate the problem. If your car or truck is equipped with a Holley four barrel carburetor and stumbles upon acceleration, more than likely the carburetor needs an adjustment to the accelerator pump assembly. Blue 72 will be going back upon the jack stands for some late Fall/pre winter's nap maintenance and tweaking. I have some fuel boiling problems in the carburetor and is the ultimate reason for the spacer but if I can squeeze HP out of it then so be . I decided to put an Edel heat . Tip One-Spacers Enhance Access To Carb CFMIn many instances, a given intake manifold and carb combination is more suited to low and midrange power than it is top-end output. It can also raise torque and power-band within the RPM range. I would spacer only for all out hp in racing application. The only problem with them is, that if you overtighten the carb flange it . I'm rebuilding the carbs in the hopes of getting it started ( one of the throttle plates is stuck shut from old gas ) I was wondering if I should replace the carb spacers while I'm at it. I'm currently working on a new 351 for it with 9. I would run the system without the spacer. My drop base air filter does not clear the electric choke on the carb so I added a 1/2 inch spacer on top of the carb. At IDLE, there should not be any more than 5. Just does not make sense that two new carbs would have defective floats and / or needle valves. A carb spacer gives your manifold a longer neck. It will often also change the way the engine sounds and the way the engine exhaust looks or smells. Carb Problems?? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 7 of 7 Posts. I'm hoping gasket is about 1/4 thick. Its pores are what make it such a good insulator. When I drive around on a hot day, the heat from the intake manifold conducts up into the carb body and causes the gas to boil, putting pressure on the float. Carburetor Spacers come in 4 hole, open, and combination. Adding spacer increases the plenum height of intake manifold. Why can't I run an open adaptor/spacer with an Edelbrock carburetor on a stock intake? Edelbrock does not recommend the use of an open adaptor on a stock intake manifold for a few reasons. The host provides some dyno numbers. if the engine seam like it needs more intake volume and more signal you can use both. 2008 Kawasaki ATV — Carb & Fuel Pump Kits, Reed Spacers. Carb Spacer - posted in Problems, Questions and Technical: I have 2 hs4 carbs, one that came on the car and one I have spare with an aluminium spacer is there any benefit in using the spacer. For cams with lots of overlap and late to close intake timing a spacer can add plenum volume which tends to dampen these reversion effects which left unrestrained do mess up cylinder to cylinder charging and can trick the carb into running richer than necessary as the carb is happy to add fuel either way the venturi flow is going. Hot starting does cause problems with carbs. Not sure if anyone else has done it to a cad429 but hopefully someone. Don't worry about melting a plastic spacer, it won't happen. Factory jets for the 400ex are 38 pilot and 148 main. Do any of you remember that, maybe the. Which manifold and how tall? Trial and . I am running a 1/2 inch carb spacer and an edelbrock carb with an SS hood. I spin the engine to 6000 rpm at the track, power fell off at 5500 rpm on the dyno with a 1" open spacer. The spacer should help with hot starts, although if one changes the way one approaches hot starts, there is generally no problem without a spacer. Use phenolic and not aluminum for heat isolation, as aluminum is a pretty fair conductor of heat. VW Carburetor Spacer, 28/30/31 Series Carburetors. And the only way to tell if they help each application is to track/dyno test on motor. A stupid question about carb spacers. I ordered the phenolic instead of aluminum primarily for its heat insulating properties. So I ordered an HVH 1" phenolic carb spacer for a summer driven (maybe 2K a year) street car. I've just checked, and the base of my carb is warped, but the top surface of the bakelite spacer matches its curvature. Use standard carb base gaskets on either side of the spacer, NO SILICONE. The list includes new H4 lamps and relays, new fuel pump and filter, plugs, etc. If I take a 600cfm Edelbrock Performer carb, put it on an open 2" spacer, with multiple gaskets at the bottom to keep the heat from going into the carb, and put in on a dual plane Performer 289 intake, will the "open" of the spacer affect performance on the "dual plane. I used the 2" 4 hole plastic spacer from Summit and never had the first problem. Instead of a spacer add extra mounting gaskets. Re: Carb Spacer? The only problem that I see with running a vent directly to the carb is everything that goes in the vent intake (sea air,water,bugs ect) will be dumped out onto the carb and motor. In the On position, you can suck on the vaccum line to see if that is working. I need to keep the carburetor cooler, somehow. Can't Find The Carburetor Spacer You Are Looking For?. I have even tried wrapping the carburetor in heat reflective mylar backed with fiberglass like the stuff used on spacecraft, to no avail. I'm going to vote for both - with the shield under the spacer. But when I put carb to manifold. 08 venturi's but they are pretty used. More HP than an open spacer, and more power "under the curve" than a four-hole! Recent tests show that phenolic spacers can reduce carburetor temperature by 100 degrees compared to the intake manifold! Even our 1/4" thick spacers can be the solution for your "hot weather, bad gas" muscle car stalling problems!. Hello, I am trying to create a carburetor spacer for a project I'm working on and I can't seem to figure out a proper way to make the taper and I was wondering if someone could help me out. Part of the problem is many did not understand the Thermo-Quad and many were junked prematurely. As a rule of thumb an open designed spacer (1 big hole underneath your carburetor) will decrease your throttle response, and acceleration. Usually this problem is down to a blocked pilot jet, this is the thin brasstube sticking down from the carb, give it a tug with a pair of pliers and remove it, it should be clear, but it is a very small hole, take a single strand from a piece of inner control cable and work it so that it passes right through the jet, then refit the jet. Carb spacers only do one thing, increase the size of the plenum area of the intake manifold. Motor is a 289 4sp Shelby al intake 4100 carb, i drive for a short distance and when motor is warm i have trouble starting it again after shuting it off, have to hold peddle to the floor and. New air filter element installed. intake manifold and boots then the obvious problem (with popping) . Hose / tube from box to carb removed cleaned and inspected replaced. 30:1 compression ratio, stock cam, manifolds, Weiand Stealth intake, Edelbrock 600 (1406) carb. An open spacer is one with a large square - shaped hole beneath the carburetor. I am also having a similar problem: 91 GW, stock intake and carb, insulating carb spacer is installed, stock mechanical fuel pump Symptoms: - Difficult to start on hot days after the engine has been run awhile. I added the 1 inch spacer and it fixed both problems and it even accelerates better. Both run very similar to each other which is high 1. A spacer might help reduce it enough to prevent fuel boiling/vapor lock problems, but don't expect it to be cold to the touch after. If the plenum is to small, top end power will be hampered and an open spacer will open it up. But before that im going to tell you what i have. A spacer can be used to move the torque and power-band where it is more usable in your application, or they can be used to help work out inefficiencies in your combination. Is the plastic spacer that fits between the carb and manifold necessary when using a Pierce manifold with a Weber carb? I've read somewhere that it is required when using the Solex manifold to prevent the throttle plates from bottoming out but don't know whether the Pierce manifold presents the same problem. The slots in the carburetor port cause the air and fuel to atomize better to create a more combustible fuel mixture. Air exiting the carburetor enters the plenum created by the spacer. I found out that many companies make wood carburetor spacers and the're much more effective than alluminum however I want to know what they treat them with to keep them from obsorbing any fuel and how they make them tollerant to the heat because I'm making one that. A O2 sensor and some datalogging may be 20x the cost, but will probably yiekd 10-20x the results of stuffing a spacer under a un-tuned carb. I've found a couple hp gain with a spacer. I needed a 1" spacer to clear my HEI and my K&N drop-base air cleaner, which I needed clear the hood. Check out the proper aluminum intake and the required spacer to avoid heat transfer. Only problem is that Missing "Spacer" which held the EGR Valve. if you are having driveability issues when hot the first places i'd look would be 1. With a Thermo-Quad, the float levels must be set exactly to specifications. The bolt pattern on this part is 5 1/8" x 3 1/2. from past experience, lower rpm (under 4500) likes a 4 hole carb space at most 1. The 2696 is intended for Quadrajet and Thermo-Quad intakes, but since it has 4-holes, some people use it as an aluminum 4-hole spacer. Moroso 65030 Carburetor Spacer. Moroso 65030 Carburetor Spacer Carburetor Wedge Plate Fits Standard Holley Bolt Pattern Tilts Carburetor Forward 5 Degrees to Provide Optimum Angle During Quick Acceleration 5 DEG. Many of our spacers are available in an ultra-light version, which are some of the lightest spacers on the market. For the 4V engines there are several phenolic spacers to choose from. Teflon should give me plenty of chem resistance and if the temp gets high enough to burn it, I've got other problems. Cure The Bog And Sluggish Response On Your Holley Four-Barrel Carburetor, By Properly Adjusting The Accelerator Pump Assembly. This is a reman 351 with GT40 heads and a powerslot transmission. Going to the smaller displacement carb, the venturi is getting more signal, and pulling harder on the fuel circuit. Installing a phenolic heat spacer between the carburetor and the intake or a heat shield can cure this. Currently, my '86 F-150 has a stock 351w in it. The car I have is a 1968 ambassador with the 232 cyl. You use a carb gasket on both sides of this, and I think the kit comes with them. Vette (s): 72 LT-1 AC coupe,69 l-36 coupe. Take the edge off when driving out of corners and plant the power rather than blowing the tires off!. I changed the fuel pump,no change,a new carburetor,no change,new filter,no change,I installed a phenolic carburetor spacer recommended by a fellow Hamber and lo and behold my problems was solved. If the intake is a four hole, then maintaining the spacer as a four hole typically gives the best results but even the tapered spacers tend to . OEM Replacement This part is aftermarket equipment designed to replace the original manufacturer's part numbers specified here. The only spacers I've ever seen for sale are for the 28/30 PICT size mounting flange. The one i was looking at is the 1 inch phenolic for a dominator. Learning aid for beginners who ride smaller-cc motorcycles. carburetor spacers are used to either increase plenum volume or increase the distance from the carburetor venturies to the intake runner entrance's or too reduce the angle the airflow must make as it enters the intake runners from the plenum,or a combination of those factors. The spacer accounts for the difference in offset of the float bowls on the two carbs. This product works with all types of forced induction without any leaks of any kind. This new product helps solve common carburetor problems without the expense or K&N ECI module components Carb spacer plate and injector, . If you have plenty of room between the top of the air cleaner and the hood, then you can add a spacer. G Grape Ape Registered Joined Jul 9, 2004 149 Posts. So far it solved the problem I was having with my CJ jeep that has the AMC 304 engine with an Edelbrock intake and Eldelbrock 1406 carb installed. PowerNation TV teamed up with Summit Racing to provide you this quick tech tip on carburetor spacers. A phenolic carb spacer will help isolate the carb from engine heat and keep the fuel cooler. Using my old carb and the new spacer made the float bowl touch the breather and prevented me from getting a good seal. BSA does not state this, but the 70-2968 spacers now comes in different thicknesses, bore sizes for different (universal) applications and material (phenolic). Getting a valley pan with the heat crossover . I was going to ask about the intake. With each of the 4 "mounting posts" on the spacer firmly making contact with the manifold, I could easily fit a feeler gauge between the carb base and the manifold. putting a carb on the intake without the spacer would present a few problems. If you feel the fuel is boiling inside the carb, which is unlikely, then you’d want a spacer made from plastic or wood not metal. If a spacer was solving for something above, I'd run it. I decided to pull the carb off so I could open it up and give it a cleaning. Design Help Carburetor Spacer Taper. One good reason to run a spacer is simply to adapt a different carb style to an intake. 72 carb and spacer question: completed w/ hard starting suggestion Keep it on topic, it will make it easier to find what you need. Quadrajet carb spacer on a 69 472 any suggestions?. Vehicle: Fresh out of Mavericks. These are available in different types, but. There were three gaskets, one between carb and spacer and two between spacer and . There is no need to use the spacer, especially if you already have clearance problems. And buy the 3 inch manifold screws for 5 . 31 SPACER-CARBURETOR Specs & Maintenance Reviews. Place the spacer onto the gasket. But simply adding a spacer can create its own flow problem. The results are vacuum leaks and a faster depreciation. Would appreciate some input on the spacer between the carb and the intake and if it is helping/hurting overall performance. You might want to check your clearance around your carb, HEI (if you have it), air cleaner, and hood. 1984 El Camino 1st Gen LT1/TH350/7. Like NDA says, it depends on the engine, signal at carb and manifold entry. This is accomplished by increasing the plenum area, which will help in the higher RPM's. 1983 El Camino 507 Cadillac/TH400/9". These tend to keep the fuel in the carb a bit cooler and also help in preventing heat soak when the engine is shut off. Any problem with the carburetor will immediately change the way the car runs. A carb spacer can cause these kind of problems, they change the flow pattern of mixture exiting the throttles which can effect the cylinder to . I'm finally getting around to replacing my WCFB with an Edelbrock 1403 500 cfm (that will sit atop my Jeff Rice converted intake). Phenolic vs Aluminum Carb Spacer. I nneed a carb spacer because the throttle linkage hits the bottom of the air cleaner, there is not enough clearance for me to use one though The linkage binds and opens the throttle a hair and the result is a 1500 rpm idle. Tall spacers (how high is 'up'?) can cause problems on the wrong manifold by making to much velocity. The problem must lie somewhere else. Float is set to specs and i really would like to leave it where it is rather than lower float level. Spacers add volume to the intake plenum and increase the distance of the intake track. This effectively reduces the exit losses of the airflow through each barrel allowing any given carburetor to flow more air. Carb spacer problems can arise if they are overtightened or there is not a proper seal. When I put them together with no gasket, their faces match up perfectly. These Birchwood carb spacers by AED feature a special coating to promote sealing and. I have some 3/4" thick teflon, so I may try to fabricate a spacer from that. Results follow: rpm torque horsepower. i would install a carb spacer or extra thick gasket regardless, take off the regulator or at least raise the pressure to 6 to 6. Fortunately, he had left the carb on the manifold so the builder immediately saw the problem: the the tapered spacer was installed pointy end up! He retested without the spacer and gained 10 HP. As a rule of thumb an open designed spacer (1 big hole underneath your carburetor) will decrease your throttle response, and . Compromises are minimized, so it's no longer necessary to sacrifice one. Slows down the rev while auto-clutch engages, eliminating any lurch that may intimidate beginning riders. Here is what I found out today. A 4-hole spacer will help increase velocity and will help with the lazy bottom end. Now you can take the carb and gently lower it onto the spacer and gasket. More or less directly opposite the site of the AMAL factory in. As most anyone else with a carburetor on their car today I am having problems with fuel boiling in the carb bowl after the engine warms up . The 4-hole spacers enhance low-RPM torque and throttle response and dampen reversion effects on the carburetor. Been dealing with a problem for a while and now it's finally time to get it fixed. When you're dead, it's only a problem for the people around you, because you don't know you're dead. This type of spacer has the most potential to show upper rpm power increases on a well-tuned engine and the least potential to address problem areas other than perhaps a bit too small carburetor for the engine. This effectively reduces the exit losses of the airflow through each. If it's on the right side, where the diaphram assembly is on the carb, it sounds more like what happens when you convert an old 6V 40HP engine up to 12V, which has a. The car can be hot as a fire cracker when parked and the next day when it's as cold as a cucumber will fire up with the touch of the gas pedal. If is still doesn't clear the hood, the only real options you have are the ones you mentioned in your "besides" list. There is no problem with fit under. And when the signal is weakened, a larger jet (or jets) in the carburetor will be required. Generally they decrease power below torque peak and add power above peak torque. This part solved a big problem with my vintage F4B manifold and Holley 1848 carb selection without creating a hood clearance problem. The benefit is derived because the spacer effectively adds volume to the manifold plenum (again, depending on the manifold design). This high-tech, 4-hole, black, phenolic carburetor spacer is 1 inch thickness and can withstand extreme temperatures. The purpose of using a phenolic or wood spacer is to insulate the carb form manifold heat, add stainless carb studs and you have a very effective heat shield. spacers on DUAL PLANE intakes usually have 4 individual holes feeding from the carb venturies or throttle bores, the dual plane intake design is meant to limit each group of cylinders plenum volume to maintain high air flow speeds that help lower rpm torque and hold fuel droplets in suspension, OPEN spacers are generally used on single plane intakes designs with a common plenum feeding all. SUPER SUCKER CARB SPACER - I was wondering if anyone has personally used any of these spacers and if they really work. An example might serve best to show how to use a carb and a flow-enhancing spacer. Carburetor Spacer installation. An open spacer increases the plenum area and makes the booster less sensitive. I don't know which would work best with a 4100 but I haven't gotten around to that carb just yet. One common bit of advise is to install a Phenolic carb spacer, . Overtightening can cause the carburetor and/or the spacer to crack and become damaged. two or three metal plates and a bunch of gaskets correct ? use caution when tightening the carb down - more gaskets equal more compression - . I also have a 350/RPM air-gap/Holley setup. Performer 289 intake, 600 cfm carb,. The spacer has one large oval opening whereas the gaskets were two round holes that match the carb barrels. I thought about rebuilding my Carb since it is in pretty. Aluminum will have less issues cracking or warping. 0 psi; if the vehicle has an adjustable fuel. Discussion Starter · #1 · Oct 28, 2003. Isolate Carburetor From Manifold Spacers Prevent Horsepower-Robbing Heat Transfer. Part of the problem here is usually that such setups are two-plane manifolds with inadequate carburetor cfm for the size of engine involved. Anytime the air/fuel charge has to turn sharply coming off the carb, it increases the chance of separating the. I ordered gasket from advanced auto. Carburetor spacer thickness. In general (but not always) an open spacer works better on top of a dual plane and 4 hole spacers work better on single planes. Those open spacers just turn those manifolds into 1/2 **** open plenums and bottom end can suffer and the carb will not see as strong of a signal from the . When using the phenolic spacer or adapter in my case going from a 2100 to a square bore manifold, you may have to sand down the spacer in an area under the front of the carb. It is manufactured using high-quality. I have same problem, I bought the wood spacer and it helped it, but that's all it did. To the degree I can tell visually the surface on the bottom of the spacer matches the intake, as well. Carburetor spacers also come in several different thicknesses each providing a different effect. Right now I'm using an 1" open spacer under the demon carb. I understand that a phenolic spacer is the typical choice to solve this problem. Wood carb spacers are also cheaper and easier to shape. I hae the bike running and moving now which is good. The stock Z carb is a 36mm bore. Discussion Starter · #2 · Dec 27, 2001. The spacer is needed when installing a 30 or 31 PICT carburetor on a 40 horse 1200, a 36 horse 1200 or 25 horse 1100cc engine. Missing the EGR spacer? That much exhaust gas erosion, maybe somebody pulled the spacer (and the rest of the emissions control stuff?) and bolted the carb back . My Motorcraft 2150 carb has a PCV port on the base of it, so I placed the carb on the intake manifold without any spacers and I did not have any clearance problems. The secondary bowl in the rear does not heat up nearly as much. carpal tunnel syndrome, high blood pressure, and other problems. Sounds like you'll have to do as suggested above and make your own - or try stacking gaskets. I removed the airbox and put and exterior airfilter at the end of. The dropped divider may be just low enough that the air flow merged between the carb and the dropped divder causing the air charge to slam into . Typical aftermarket spacers of this type fit the Holley . Anyway, the stud holes are too wide apart (probably for a. After talking to several mechanics, they feel that the problem is caused by the ethanol used in modern gas. KIYLEX CARBURETOR SPACERS install with ease and require absolutely no . 1 product ratings - Edelbrock 8711 Carburetor Spacer 1" 4-Hole Spacer Black Phenolic. Since either of the 2731 and 2732 adapters are only 0. The originals were made from TUFNOL a hard laminated fabric/resin material made by the TUFNOL company who are still in business in their original factory in Wellhead Lane Perry Barr Birmingham. I used to have problems on warm days at traffic lights with the old 410 running an iron intake and an aluminum spacer. Carburetor Heat Insulating Spacers and Bowl Shields "The carburetor insulating spacers and shields that we got from Hot Rod Carbs work great! Since putting them on, we haven't had anymore carburetor fuel percolation, vapor lock, or hard starting problems. The fuel would boil out of my carburetor and I had to crank it over for a long time to refill it. Larger plenums = higher RPM power curves (less low RPM torque). The system consists of a carb spacer plate with a fuel block and injector, an ECU, and a wide band O2 sensor. The smooth side (top) of the spacer should be facing up as in the picture below. com to help other shoppers, like you, with their purchasing decisions. The problem this week is on a 2V 289 for which I find very few choices for a phenolic/plastic/wood(?) spacer. I had the same problem with it but I put an Edelbrock 1/2" thick wood spacer which solved the problem. Got my new carb spacer and boot kit from FCR and installed it today. The gas smell is gone but the carb bowl will still be very low and will require a lot of cranking to pump the gas back into the carb. Several months ago, after running so smoothly, it began running like crap. Everything I'm seeing says the early stock 400ex had a 35. The problem is as follows: (1) After the engine is switched off, heat from the engine heats the fuel in the fuel line. I also used a Carter copetition carb on the 440 for a while. They look OK without taking them off. Discussion Starter · #1 · Feb 5, 2005. 050" - 110 LSA cam, GT40P heads, 9:1 comp, shorty headers and duals with T5 trans and 3. The spacer makes the plenum area under the carb bigger, which some folks want, for certain reasons. This means that gasoline and any other chemical can easily soak in and warp the spacer. Some times the only benefit from a spacer is that it insulates the carb from manifold heat. By not allowing the air fuel mixture to backup into the carburetor you increase air fuel mixture quality, as well as, air fuel consumption. But air also has problems exiting through a hole with sharp edges ie the carburetor base plate. The kit includes three spacers designed to limit throttle rotation to ¼, ½ and ¾ of wide open. It allows you to space your carburetor above the intake flange to increase plenum area for more torque and horsepower. Rather than use a 780-cfm carb and an open spacer, an engine builder may elect to use a 750 carb with the spacer shown above. I'd double-check and confirm all gaskets, spacers, insulators are properly installed. 4500 Carb to 4150 Manifold Adapter. Location: Issaquah/Grand Coulee, WA. carb/intake spacer problem. The thin carb to spacer gasket is usually around $6 whereas the 5/8" carb spacer is usually around $20. All our carburetor spacers are fully CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aircraft aluminum. Increase The Distance From The Bottom Of The Carburetor To The Manifold Plenum For Better Air Flow. A bad seal between the gaskets on the top and bottom of the spacer can cause vacuum leaks. Manifold, carb, and spacer are all true. Application: Order: F2J-(jet size)Jet: Main Jets Fits Motorcraft 2100 2150 4100 4300 1964 and Newer. Adding an open spacer can also be helpful in overcoming traction problems during acceleration or corner exit. They are also available in different materials wood, plastic, and what is viewed to be the most durable aluminum. A spread-bore to a square-bore for example. These spacers limit maximum carburetion and cause the engine to rev slowly, which in turn makes auto clutch engagement smooth and predictable. A carburetor spacer can be an inexpensive bolt on part. To combat this problem, BSA recommends that you must use the 70-2968 insulator block to help prevent heat transfer to your carburetor. if you want low to mid range power use a 4 hole spacer, if you want mid to top end power use an open spacer, the spacer tricks the motor into beleaving it has a bigger intake manifold, sometimes these spacers help sometimes not. 1" carb spacerwhat does it do?. Different method of starting a hot engine The spacer will probably not prevent fuel evaporation from the bowls, although it may take a few more hours for the fuel to evaporate totally. No, it would not be advisable to eliminate the insulator or stainless shim. 1948 - 1956 F1, F100 & Larger F-Series Trucks - Carb spacer problems - My truck been running a bit rough at steady cruise just off idle. In a nut shell carb spacers are generally used to fine tune an engine they are not a cure all for other problems. Kawasaki Aftermarket Carburetor Rebuild Kit for 2001-2008 Mule 3000, 3010, and 3020 Gas UTV Model's Part #: 26-10037. When needed, the injector squirts atomized fuel into the air. The carb's re-builder told me that the spacer is not a problem. com: Edelbrock Product Frequently Asked Questions. The carb is nice and cool while the engine is running; the problem doesn't occur till well after shutdown. Your Q&A may be posted to Jackssmallengines. Has anyone else had similar problems? Is it possible to remove the plastic spacer between the carb and inlet, or would I have to I modify the bulkhead?. L open plenum (4) Carburetor mounting studs: 5/16 in. Well I received the exact spacer that I wanted only its aluminum. While it is not intuitive that hot water will cool the carb, the 195 degree water is cooler than the extremely hot exhaust manifold right under the intake manifold. 2" or 1" carb spacer ! I have tried a couple of different spacers on my 406SBC with both getting very similar results. The G2 Carb Spacers Kit is the best way to quickly and easily get your rider to overcome any apprehensions. This with a 1/2 wood or plastic spacer is going to be the best. the open center style are generally used on single plane, common plenum intakes while the four hole designs are. This kit includes a 4-hole insert and a 4-hole tapered insert to fit many different applications. At least with a spacer you have 1 more gasket in the stack to block the . Limit maximum opening to 1/4, 1/2 or 3/4 throttle; helps rider learn control faster. New carburetor, gaskets and "O" rings at carb (both sides of spacer" and the manifold to head connection. Edelbrock 8723 1/2" Carburetor Spacer in Spacers & Adapters. Undersized Manifold = Taller Spacer Carburetor Heat Soak = Wood Fiber Laminate. Is the paper spacer stock? Is it necessary? The rebuild kit didn't come with a replacement and the auto parts store doesn't show it in their computer… The pic shows the spacer and the two base gasket types that came with the rebuild. Holley Carb Spacer Installation or Replacement. The insulators come with longer studs and are made of gasket material, so no extra gaskets needed to install. The carb gasket is responsible for providing that delicate boundary between where air is and where it shouldn't be; a failure here can ruin your motor's whole day. In the past I used a 1405 carb on a 318 with stock mopar manifold and a Spectre solid aluminum 4 hole spread to square adapter with the same gaskets and on a 440 I used the exact same carb and spacer on a Holley single plane intake that was set up for a spread bore carb. Let's say the engine needed to have 780 cfm. Spacer under the car does add plenum space, which in a . The Carb gasket, which OP already has, is available separately as 60716. although I currently have float chamber issues, I also want to ditch the aluminium spacer between my HS4 carb and ally minispares inlet. Hey fellows, having a minor problem here and there with a hot engine. Just trying to offer up my experiences. each spacer does a different thing,the super suckers work but only if you use the right spacer from the job. Did you get the aluminum spacer from gronk as well? It goes between the manifold and carb! I have 2 old style carb base that have 1. I have removed, cleaned, and re- adjusted the carb 3 times after trips to the lake and I still have the same problem. This spacer combination is designed to help alleviate that problem. I did google carb spacers and I guess they serve a purpose other than giving you an inch of height, but I figure I ask you anyways if I need one. I think the spacer will cure the problems, if it doesn't completely, you may find heat sink before the carb is the problem. If no problems, I probably wouldn’t install one as you won’t see any real power from one. I say this as an option but feel that would take you backwards. For the days when getting a grip on a dicey track presents problems for even the best Late Model and Modified teams, R2C Track-Control carburetor spacers help solve the problem by applying smooth and consistent power to get you to the front. Ford used the spacer to: 1)keep the carb venturi from icing in high-humidity/low temperature climates, and; 2)to maintain a constant carburetor temperature to prevent percolating the fuel.