ford 427 fe cam specs. 498 exh Replacement for Ford Performance Cam for 390/428. In 1964 Ford released the famous SOHC 427 known as the “Cammer”. It retains original factory engine mounting bosses and bell housing bolt pattern, making it a bolt-in replacement for 390/427/428 cast iron FE blocks. These grooves route oil from the valvetrain transfers through to the deck. The FE was available from 1958 to '76 in displacements from 330 to 428 cubic inches. Ran this in a friends 64 Galaxy with a 4 speed and 3:90 gears to the tune of 13. 1 cubic inches) in the last part of 1963 and replace it with the Ford 427 which would produce 20 more horsepower than the top end 406. This change was introduced about the time that the 427 Single Over Head Cam (SOHC) engine was first made. Fully redesigned, the Shelby 427 Alloy FE Block is 45 percent lighter, yet stronger than the factory cast iron version. 942 lifters, like a mushroom lifter. COMP Cams K33-600-5 Thumpr Hydraulic Camshaft Kit, Ford 352/428 FE $573. Ford 427 V8 Engine, Firing Order and Information : Engine. 78 inches Compression ratio: 12. The Ford 427 was a more powerful and better race engine than the 396 or Chevy 427's. Big Block Ford 390, 427 and 428 (FE) Head Bolt Torque Specifications. 0L/427 Ford big block FE Camshafts & Valvetrain and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing!. Torque Specs: Main Cap Bolts: 95-105 ft. The C3AZ-D2 part # converts into a C3AE-M engrg part number, which is a 306 deg cam. There were several versions of the 429 produced over its 6-year production run which includes the Cobra Jet, Super Cobra Jet, and Thunder Jet. I am in need for the original factory spec's of the Ford factory R code camshaft, the standard solid lifter cam. Edelbrock Performer RPM Hydraulic Roller Camshaft #2220 for 390-427 Ford FE Engines. The FE was introduced to replace the short-lived (in the USA) Ford Y-block engine, which American cars and trucks were outgrowing. Engine Ford Big Block 428 FE engine build FordSpeed 7 Of Ford´s Greatest Engines Throughout HistoryBuilding a 1969 Ford 428 Cobra Jet Motor - First test - Cam Break in The mower shop 390 30 over comp cam Ford TUNNEL PORT 427 FE Head Vs ProMaxx \"NEW\" FE Head 1. 500" lift plan on spending the money on good shafts and rockers. But when NASCAR made unreasonable demands on the approved vehicles Ford could race with that engine, Ford officials pulled it from competition and got the medium-riser properly homologated in production vehicles. Cammer: The Real Story of the Legendary Ford 427 SOHC V8. Ideal for Ford projects requiring 500 horsepower in a reliable small blo. The smaller bore of the 428 was well within normal production line capabilities. Every engine combination is a little different, but common pushrod lengths run between 8. Duration Intake 306 degrees / Exhaust 306 degrees (seat to seat) Lift. They had forged internals a big cam, and. Combustion chambers are engineered for optimum swirl and quench right out of box. Summit Racing SUM-K34052 - Summit Racing™ Cam Kits. The firing order for the early 221-302 engines and the early 5. 0:1 Flat Top Pistons for Twisted Wedge Heads Add to Cart View Product Add to Compare. While early W's were successful in sports car racing, once the Cleveland headed engines showed up, it seemed as if all development stopped. ford, fe 352, 360, 390, 410, 427, 428 Sort by: Featured Items Newest Items Bestselling Alphabetical: A to Z Alphabetical: Z to A Avg. 050", Open 15° BTDC Close 41° ABDC ; Exhaust . I've had my 427 Dart running for 5 yrs. Rigorously tested and checked for quality. Part Number Application Lifter Lash Intake Events 427. Inside the company, the Cammer was known as the “90 day wonder,” a low-investment parallel project to the expensive DOHC Indy engine based on the Ford small. Buy COMP Cams 3208 High Energy Timing Chain Set for FE Ford: Sets & Kits - Amazon. Speciality cams or roller cams are more. 375/6000--61-62 HP, 340/5000--63 Cam Journal Dia, 2. Application, Application Specific. The 427 FE engine became popular in the 1960s as the first power plant for the Big Block Cobra. Crankshaft Type: Forged 4340 Steel (Internally Balanced). This is the Mustang Ford should have built. 501-inch lift (some sources indicate. Iron blocks can be machined from 4. The Tunnel Port 302 cylinder heads feature 2. The Performer-Plus #2106 is a smooth idling cam for daily drivers, trucks, vans, RVs. The camshaft info is from a Ford document titled "Ford 427 C. Basic RPM 1000-3500 BluePrinted C7AZ-6250-A Cam Specifications. In the Ford 427 Cammer, the engine produced 616 horsepower with a single four-barrel carburetor and 657 horsepower with dual four-barrel carburetors. For less expensive engines see our engine rebuilding page! Budget 390cid up to 400hp 430 torque Street 93. The choice of camshaft was a solid lifter unit, part number C3AZ-6250-AA. 500 lift for the earlier (probably until '64,and has the same specs as the 406 (and some 390 HPs),and 324* duration w/. Three unique cam designs for each application that deliver excellent horsepower gains & broad torque curve; perfect choice for muscle cars & street rods Early intake valve opening & long exhaust duration create optimum overlap for. Beginning with the 406 in 1963, high performance FE blocks featured cross-bolted main caps to provide endurance for high speed operation. The 427 Sideoiler engine has an additional oil gallery added to the lower driver's side of the block. 050" for the factory cam in the 1965 to 67 427 sideoiler? Thanks, Kevin. Ford FE V8 484/510 Lift Hydraulic Camshaft HP RV 352 360 390 427 428 ES1102R ; Cam Lift: Intake: ; Valve Lift: Intake: ; Lobe Separation: Intake: ; Idle: Good . What kind of vacuum did the factory cam . Most FE cams have zero lash, they are hydraulic. These specs are for stock-type bolts with light engine oil applied to the threads and the underside of the bolt head. The 428 was a ten year old FE design, more tamed down. Holman & Moody custom ground cams have been winning races for 50 years. No oiling system modifications will be needed with the BBM block) • Screw-in. According to late 60s Ford specs, the 4v and 2-4v used the same cam. 050 and the 2-4 cam for 63,4,5 had 244-. Editor's Note: This series counts down the Top 10 engines of all time- see how the voting was done by reading our initial post. For 1958, the 352 would be the only engine used in the second generation Thunderbird until the Ford 430 made its appearance a year. Melling offers specific high performance camshaft choices for street, RV, strip and circle track racing applications. The engine is based around a 427 marine block, which was machined to end up with a 4. Pushrod #9613 Ford FE 390-427 Hyd. BBM Cast Iron FE Engine Block (FE427 Side. This is the most exotic FE engine that Ford built in any sort of numbers. The crank is the original c4ae-b cast crank. Shelby’s 427 Cobra held the crown of world’s fastest production car (0-100-0 mph in 13. Despite the Cammer’s exotic cachet, in reality the engine was simply a two-valve, single-overhead-cam conversion of Ford’s existing 427 FE V8, and a quick and cheap one at that. BBM Cast Iron FE Engine Block (FE427 Side Oiler). JB: Ford built FEs from 1958 through 1976, in a wide variety of configurations. The Ford 427 ci SOHC “Cammer” V8 engine was nicknamed the “90 Day Wonder” by the team at Ford’s version of Area 51 – the X-Garage. Ford produced the FE series engines for almost 20 years and in this time period, this series of engine gained quite a following. Skip to the end of the images gallery. We offer a complete line of the original 1960s performance cams as well as new grinds. Towing: Good For Light Pulling and RV Use. 050 dur: cam lift: Valve lift: lobe centers: lash: 3755946: 256/262: 222/245. If you wanted a big block engine in 1968 you could choose a 427, 428 or the new 429. Available with camshaft only, camshaft and lifers, small kit or complete kit. " The torque curve, ultimate horsepower figures, and rpm range of the effective power band are all determined by the cam. Factory Performance Solid Flat Tappet Cam & Lifter Kit. The first cam is #C3AZ-AA and the latter is #C4AE-B. it shouldent take much to make 400hp. You are the Ford FE Man Thanks for the Crane Cam specs. We are offering Ford 427 / 538 Horsepower Crate Engine in a very competent price, please check the Product specifications and if you have any questions feel free to contact us. The thin cylinder walls of the 427's 4. Also known as "the Cam mer," the SOHC 427 was built in 1964 to compete in NASCAR against the Chrysler 426 Hemi. Camshaft Specifications GOOD LOW END TORQUE. BBM cast iron FE block features include: • Exterior appearance to original 1965 FE OEM sideoiler blocks. FE Ford 427 SOHC Complete Cammer Engine:$25600. , ©2005, ©2006, ©2007, ©2008, chriscraftcommander. It was manufactured from 1961 to 1976. Ford 352 Ford FE V8 COMP Cams Thumpr Camshaft and Lifter Kits parts in-stock with same-day shipping. 1 1/2' to 2' thick with a cast in pulley. This provides a condensed version of the complete camshaft specification listings that appear on each page of the Engine Application section that follows. Factory 427 Sideoiler Cam Specs. It was a widely used standard motor in many Ford cars and trucks of the time. And the new 429 was a brand new design called the "385" series. 500" and a duration of 306 degrees. It's difficult to convert a standard Ford 390 into a 427 or a 428, but you can stroke it out and push respectable power with the right cam, heads, and a solid fuel and ignition system. These engines are all identical in external dimension and appearance, save a few differences in manufacturing such as. 98 stroke, for some long rods to some short c. What's so special about the Ford 427 side. 1:6 Scale Die-Cast 427 SOHC Top-Fuel Engine. Engine Type - Ford FE "side-oiler" OHV V-8, cast-iron block and "medium-riser" cylinder heads Displacement - 425 cubic inches Bore x Stroke - 4. In addition to this rich pedigree, its construction features the use of aluminum and the use of high-performance parts from established companies like Mahle, SCAT, Clevite, COMP, PAC, Fel-Pro, and more. 73:1 ratio or adjustable rocker arms (from the 427 FE engine) with a 1. 427: 428: Carburetor Venturi: 2V & 4V: 2V: 4V: 6V: 4V & 6V: 4V: 4V &6V: 4V: Horsepower (Bhp / rpm) (bhp /rpm) 220/4400-2V--61-63 235/4400-2V--60 250/4400-4V--64-66 300/4400-4V--58-60 360/6000-4V--Hi-Pref 60 250/4400--63-65(L-M) 255/4400--71 266/4600--64-65(L-M) 265/4400--66,68-70 270/4400--67 275/4400--66 AT 280/4400--67-70 PF 300/4600--61-65 315/4600--66-68 320/4800--67 GT, 69. Specs Ford 391 Engine Ford's 391 cubic inch big-block, manufactured from 1966 to 1978, is a member of the FT truck engine series --- closely related to the more common FE-Series. For less expensive engines see our engine rebuilding page! Budget 390cid up to 400hp 430 torque Street 93 octane OEM block fully Ford 390 ̶ 427 HP: Base price from $7190 ̶ 475 ft/lbs torque A "Crate Engine. The higher, the more direct the path from carburetor to intake valve. The tried and proven 427-ci FE block was fitted with a completely redesigned set of cylinder heads that took advantage of the performance gains of hemispherical combustion chambers. It has been balanced, blueprinted and features all of the goodies! Engine specifications include: 482ci Pond SOHC Block, 4. The FE-family was produced from 1958 to 1976 and was offered in displacements from 330 cubic inches on up to 428. Since almost every modern performance oriented FE cam has over. The W code 427 was the standard engine in the 1968 Mercury Cougar GT/E. for 1963-1967 427) Rocker Arm Shaft Bolts: 40-45 ft. Barry Robotnick Drops A 659hp Bomb With This 427 Fe Ford Powerplant. Sodium filled exhaust valves will erode from the inside if they are not heated daily. The 427 FE engine is still a popular engine among Ford enthusiasts, some 40 years after winning Lemans. Work Hard, Dive Safe! 1971 Ford F-100 2WD LWB 302 w/C-4 Daily . From a performance perspective the best known engines are the 427s found in the original 427 Cobras, Galaxies, Fairlanes, and Cougars, and the 428 Cobra Jet engines found in 68-70 Mustangs, Fairlanes. This hydraulic flat tappet camshaft will fit 1963-1976 Ford FE engines including 352, 360, 361, 390, 391, 406, 410, 427 and 428 cubic inches. You'll have to switch to a 427 type adjustable valvetrain with any cam that has over. All COMP Cams Camshafts are manufactured to the strictest tolerances. The 427 SOHC engine powered many Ford drag racers to victory throughout the 1960s and 1970s. It is a little stronger than the Edelbrock 0. Bear Block Motors (BBM) is proud to introduce the incredible new BBM FE cylinder head for 390, 427, and 428 big-blocks with 2. 6:1 Horsepower @ RPM - 425 @ 6,000 Torque @ RPM - 480-lbs ft @ 3,700 Camshaft -. However, Ford Racing's iron-block 427 Windsor crate package uses a hydraulic roller camshaft that features 242/248 duration at. 90 mm) bore in the FE 428 motor, which. Factory-style rockers, whether original equipment or aftermarket replacements, are steel or ductile iron with either a ball or cup pushrod end and a. The 427 was a powerhouse but, for motoring a heavyweight luxury car through traffic, it lacked torque on the low end where it was needed most. Despite the Cammer's exotic cachet, in reality the engine was simply a two-valve, single-overhead-cam conversion of Ford's existing 427 FE V8, and a quick and cheap one at that. Unlike other FE family engines, the 428 is externally balanced. Bid for the chance to own a No Reserve: Ford FE 427 V8 Engine Project w/ Transmission at auction with Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online. It was designed with room to be significantly expanded, and manufactured both as a top-oiler and side-oiler, and in displacements between 332 cu in (5. Kits for Ford - Big Block FE Series applications : Now select an engine model (if applicable) BB Ford SOHC 427 12pt Head Stud Kit. Also Includes: Ford Racing 427 Cobra aluminum valve covers. Ford issued a technical bulletin on this and the mid-'60s shop manuals addressed it as well. Performer RPM heads are perfect for street performance, daily drivers, and muscle cars where more performance is needed. M ICHAEL Scicluna is no stranger to bitchin' street machines. The FE 427 presented Ford with a problem: the motor required tolerances that were difficult to achieve in the engine plants that manufactured its standard engines. It's the perfect foundation to build a powerful 9. The FE camshaft has all five bearing journals at the same nominal 2. Information on this site may be copied for. The "B" cam you are refering to was the same as the quad cam, but ground on a 106 C/L for the GT-427's LeMans fuel that was required which was only 100 octane so they had to drop the static compression and then they just closed up the centerlines to maintain cylinder pressure. Tags: 427 SOHC, Cammer, Ford 427 SOHC, Ford FE, Top 10 Engines. Ford FE Castings Numbers and Information all about this series of engine. It belonged to the 385 Ford engine family that included the Ford 460 and the Ford 370. SB Ford 351W/427 Stroker, Dart Block, Eagle 4340 Forged Steel 4. I've owned a few and they are a great engine and used to be inexpensive. Milodon 30550 - Milodon 4x4 Truck and Off-Road Oil Pans. 427 SOHC -- The Ford V-8 Engine Workshop. This design was first used on the 427, and then in 1968 on a special 302. Jay Brown: If you are using stock type bearings, with the oil hole in the bearings rather than the oil slot, this is not an issue, and has been addressed by Ford and posters on the FE Forum. 0:1) Pistons: Forged aluminum Connecting rods: Ford 427 Le Mans-type, forged. 348-409 Chevrolet Factory Performance Cams; Factory # Adv dur. 427--4V/SPL --8V/SPL 63/67 Mech. 5 kW / 485 hp / 492 PS ( SAE ), torque: 644 Nm / 475 lb-ft, more data: 1966 Ford GT40 Mk II (man. But the SOHC Ford block also has distinctive performance-enhancing features, including hemispherical combustion chambers and valve. RPM 427 Low-Riser/ Medium-Riser Cylinder Head. I'm building a center oiler 427 block solid lift (not drilled for this is the way to go on the f. The FE 427 presented Ford with a problem. Brand new je pistons that make the motor Compression is 111. Cam Series: American Muscle Advertised Duration: 270/270. During the practice laps, the 427 set the lap record at 3:33, almost five seconds faster than the Ferraris! Ken Miles received his wish as he and Bruce McLaren teamed up to drive one of the GT40X cars. 78-inch stroke was for the 390, 406, and 427. The 427 SOHC is a curious beast blending large displacement with a high revving valve train - the one element of big blocks that limited their peak rpm power. Some 406 blocks were cast with 427 cyl wall cores and some std 406 wall cores. If you are using the "good" Federal Mogul main bearings, which. This is the lift I was looking for. These round intake ports were 3. Factory Correct Resto - 427 Cam specs - What are the stock camshaft specs for the L68? Do you know why the 69 only used a 2 exhaust? Thanks!. Does anyone happen to know the lift and duration @. To meet this new competition, Ford secretly developed an overhead cam version of the high performance FE block, the legendary 427 SOHC. Moly and other lubes offer reduced friction and increased bolt tension, which will affect the torque figure. Late in the 1966 model year, Ford debuted a Fairlane 500 with a slightly different version of the famed 1964 Thunderbolt's tremendous engine. Our 427 FE engines start with our Aluminum 427 block. Results 1 - 25 of 94 25 Records Per Page Default Sort. Edelbrock part #7106 Performer RPM Camshaft is designed for Ford FE 390-428 V-8 applications. 1965 - The Ford Galaxies and the Shelby Cobra got the "R" engine. Even the best Chevy 427 (L88) was no match for the Ford 427 Hi- Riser ! Being that said, I would have to agree the 352, 390's 406's or 428's were no match for the Chevy 396(375 hp version) or 427's. 20 for the "427-8V CID Engine Race Car Pkg. A custom cam is tailored to your engine's specifications, your vehicle's specifications, and your desires. > please provide any original or factory 427 specifications for ignition > timing? Is the timing pointer degreed or is the harmonic dampener degreed? With the exception of the 68 427's W code GTE Cougars, all 427 side oilers and center oilers use a 0-20 degree pointer with a harmonic dampener approx. Does anyone know the stock 427/425hp cam specs? what comp did these engines run Cobra Make, Engine: I Wish, Just an old truck with an FE. By comparison, the 289 High Performance engine used 1. 1968 Ford High-Boy Quick Specs. Built by Robert Pond, the 482 Stroker (427 Sideoiler) FE motor featured a set of CNC ported Edelbrock FE heads, a healthy hydraulic roller cam and headers designed to run on a Fairlane application. 025 22 ° BTC 36 ° ATC 88 ° ABC 28 ° ABC 88 ° BBC 31 ° BBC 56 ° ATC 3 ° ATC 324 ° 324 °. Cams may be regound if you have a good cam core. 23" bore made normal assembly line production impossible. 2 seconds) for more than 30 years before Ferrari caught up and passed the Cobra in more recent times. 3 Blower/Turbo 1400+hp Rotating Assembly • LS 400-454 RHS Short Block • LS Next. The block is a brand new never been fired hydraulic lifter side oiler block date coded 1970. Rough idle, excellent mid-range & upper end power, best with good heads, 2500+ stall. NEW >>> Ford racing history 427 Side-Oiler Cam Bearing Information (Spec and Photo) 1122905035 427 Specifications, dimensions, promotional, owners manual info. The 427 remains popular today among Ford fans. The company that created the famous 427 FE engine offers a modern version of the legendary motor. Originally designed for the 427 SOHC, and introduced in 1965, the best FE block is the side oiler. High strength forged piston set for use in stock and high performance 427 engine. He owned a show-winning 1968 SS 396 Camaro in the mid-80s, followed by a 1968 GTO Pontiac, a very tidy ’66 Mustang coupe. -17 BTC 16 ABC 179 16 BTC 56 ABC 252. The Ford 427 Sideoiler is a member of the FE-series of engines replacing the outgoing and short-lived Y-motor, which itself took the place of the flathead V-8. 002- Roller cam springs only have 14 springs $40. (No other timing or duration spec) Crane does offer a "Blueprint" cam for a 390 though: Application Series & Grind Number Replacement for factory 275 HP, 390 cu. 025 40 ° 30 BTC 14 ° 30 ATC 85 ° 30 ABC. In 1964 Ford released the famous SOHC 427 known as the "Cammer". The new heads also housed a camshaft on each bank, which led the new engine to be called the "SOHC 427" (single overhead cam 427). Ford - 332, 352, 360, 390, 406, 410, 427 & 428. Enlarging that groove flows more oil to the heads, but that is rarely necessary. The Ford Performance 427 short block lets you build it your way by adding your choice of heads, cam, intake and oil pan. LS Based Custom Kits: LS Anvil 2000+hp • LS BFH 427-440 • LS 451 Short Block • LS BFH ++ 2000hp Capability • LS Hammerhead 408 • LS 408 11. Also, I assume others clearly understand that C3AE-6250-AA and C3AZ-6250-AA are two entirely different camshafts. 29 BBC -14 ATC 195 57 BBC 25 ATC 282. Shop Ford 352 Ford FE V8 COMP Cams Thumpr Camshaft and Lifter Kits parts and get Free Shipping on orders over $149 at Speedway Motors, the Racing and Rodding Specialists. 250-inch stroke, the latter thanks to a SCAT cast-steel crankshaft and SCAT steel connecting rods. In the interest of remaining street-friendly, Curcio specified a set of custom Diamond pistons to. The Ford 429 engine was first introduced in 1968 and stayed in production until 1973. The camshaft works well with high-performance's street applications, Performer RPM cams provide power from. Woody's Fairlane Site,62 to 71 fairlanes and Ford Classic Cars. 427 is the theoretical valve lift. Although it hailed from the FE family of engines that modernized the Blue Oval's V8s across most of its line-up, and was. 73:1 ratio or adjustable rocker arms (from the 427 FE engine) with . 050 hydraulic roller cam, and 10. I had always heard about and seen some of the more popular FE engines such as the 390, 427 and 428 but never had a chance to dive into one - until now. Looking for a realistic way to get 427 cubic inches from an FE engine? This 390-based stroker engine does just that! Our 427 FE Crate Engine brings the nostalgia of the big-block ford engine and the notoriety of the 427 badge together at an affordable price. ( 3 ) Estimated Ship Date: 4/8/2022 (if ordered today) Free Shipping. 310” and either block will accept up to a 4. The Ford 429 was developed under Ford's new "385" series which was an advancement from Ford's 427 and FE designs. 650 inch intake/exhaust valves with the lightweight 11/32 inch stems. BTW, there were no factory MR's in 65, as they were LR's as installed in the big cars, "J" heads, and a C-5-E quad intake, and those damn Lexan covers, of which I need a set. High Energy Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshafts. No Reserve: Ford FE 427 V8 Engine Project w. Also the blocks have a oil pressure relief valve and enlarged oil passages like the 427's. So Ford combined the previously successful 3. Traditional FE engines use a 3/8-inch cup at the rocker end, which is different than other engines. Ford "FE" Camshaft Specifications. Big block Ford 390 FE comp cams extreme energy cam 390, 406, 410, 427, 428 CID How To Build Big-Inch Ford Small Blocks How to Rebuild Big-Block Ford Engines: Lima and FE Series, and Clevelands Ford Engine Buildups: 302, 351, 4. 440” bore; the aluminum version can be machined from 4. "FE" originally meant "Ford Engine," but it has taken on other meanings over the years. There is some merit to that observation- the 429 had a 3" main journal, and the 427 had a 2. These engines took the place of the outgoing Y-block engine which only ran for a few years after replacing the flathead V8. The heart of this car remains Ford's legendary 427 engine. Camshaft and Lifters Guide for Ford FE Engines- Build Max Performance for the 332, 352, 361, 390, 406, 410, 427, and 428 Engines and How to Stroke Your . 40 base-priced coupe showed a whopping $1,725. 155-3602: BB Ford Blue Thunder FE hex Head Bolt Kit. roller cam, the biggest one which is about right for the 427 cubes and street manners. Connecting rods are similar to those used in the 390 GT, but CJ and Police Interceptor engines are fitted with 13/32" bolts. Edelbrock Performer-Plus Camshaft #2106 is designed for 352-428 Ford V8 engines and produce optimum torque from the low-end to the mid-range. The 427 side-oiler engine belongs to the Ford FE family, arguably the peak of Ford’s big cubic inch V8s. Near as I can gather, the 427-4v cam duration at. manufactured by Ford (USA) in United States ; 2-door coupe body type; RWD (rear-wheel drive), manual 4-speed gearbox; gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 6997 cm3 / 427 cui, advertised power: 361. and it pulls that station wagon around like its nothing. Oil Pan, Steel, Gold Iridite, 8 qt. Car is still a great driver too. In the rush to prepare the newer GT40Xs, small mistakes were made. * Has grooves in 2nd and 4th Journal. 50 Cam Lift Opens Closes Duration SAE [email protected] (0. Connecting rod small end width -1. Plenty good for me and about 540-550 HP at the fly. on the cam FE, 332, 352, 390, 406, 427, 428 HYDRAULIC. Connecting Rod Bolts: 40-45 ft. In a 427- Wedge side-oiler, the fourth cam journal transfers oil to the right head in the same way, but, of course, with the SOHC there is no fourth cam journal. One used for normal 428, the 428 Police Interceptor, and the 428 CJ before 12/26/69. Also listed are the torque specs for the Edelbrock Aluminum FE head which is buried in their documentation. Intake Manifold Bolts: 32-35 ft. It was dropped after one year and the 428 became the engine of choice for the performance group unless you could afford the. The camshaft works well with high-performance street applications, Performer RPM cams provide power from 1500 to 6500. Shelby's 427 Cobra held the crown of world's fastest production car (0-100-0 mph in 13. Going even further, Ford offered a "recommended for Super Stock Class" mechanical cam serviced using Ford part number C8AX-6250-D with more lift and longer duration. We've told you about the 427 FE high riser engine a bunch here at BangShift over the years. HIGH PERFORMANCE ENGINE SPECIFICATION SUPPLEMENT", dated Feburary 8, 1963. This Edelbrock cam kit produced 418 HP & 434 ft-lbs. Camshaft, Street Force 2, Hydraulic Flat Tappet, Advertised Duration 269/279, Lift. As a result, the engine was one of the most powerful Detroit engines to come out during the octane-fueled 1960s. If you use aftermarket performance bolts like ARP's, you should follow the recommended torque specifications. We sell these 427 pistons to fit both stock stroke and Ford and Mercury 427 stroker engines. How shocking: a TV show going for glam and wow instead of facts! A friend has a 427 side oiler in his cobra. I was curious what the OE 427 cam specs were. Producing 550 horsepower and 535 lb-ft of torque, the Roush 427-R Crate Engine includes a 2-year/24,000-mile limited warranty for peace of mind. The BoxWrench Engine Specs Database is a community resource for mechanics of all skill levels to access a reference library of Firing Orders, Distributor Rotation Directions and Block-Cylinder Numbering as well as Torque Specs, Timing Settings and Cylinder Head Tightening Sequences among other engine specs. The answer to the problem was solved very simply by placing the oil delivery system on the side of the block which gave enough lubrication to both the crankshaft and camshaft. Ford FACtory PerForMAnCe CAMs 1963-67 427 390 HP. If you like torque that feels like a freight train, then the ROUSH 427SR is the engine for you. 061" increased valve lift on the exhaust, along with a 106. The Ford FE engine was a Ford V8 engine used in vehicles sold in the North American market between 1958 and 1976. This is the firing order for all prefix "31" cams and is the standard replacement cam for all early engines. Ford Alphabet Cam Specs ; F303, 3,500-6,500, 226, 226, 288 ; X303, 2,200-6,200, 224, 224, 286 . A History Of The Ford 427 Big Block V8 That Changed Blue Oval Motorsports Forever. Ford Modular Custom Kits: Ford Coyote Boss 5. 302 Engine Specifications. View four digit component number on drawings and then locate that on the parts pages for different options on original part numbers. After researching the FE, I was intrigued about its internal workings. Also known as “the Cam mer,” the SOHC 427 was built in 1964 to compete in NASCAR against the Chrysler 426 Hemi. com ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Using the Ford 427 Cammer, 616 ponies can be produced in the clutch, while 657 ponies can be achieved in the dual four-barrel fuel system. 050" lobe was 228-228 lsa of 114 c3az-d or c3az-aa are numbers I've seen [same duration as the 390 and 406 hipo cams) "Advertised" duration of 306-306 or sometimes 274-274 Crane's near clone is the Fireball F294. Ford's most famous big block engine of all time had only a modest impact on the street drag wars that dominated the 1960s muscle car scene. 1- Roller lifters used in good condition $180. This shaft is attached to the head with four pedestals and 3/8-16 fasteners. 75" main journal- the smaller main journal will. The development timeline of the engine was exceedingly short, the mission brief was to develop a high-revving single overhead cam engine for use in NASCAR to take the fight to the Chrysler 426 Hemi. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. This is the firing order for all prefix “31” cams and is the standard replacement cam for all early engines. How Much Hp Can A Ford 427 Make? The specifications are listed below. Pistons are standard bore size factory TRW marine dished 9. 050" for the factory cam in the 1965 to 67 427 sideoiler? and was the "306" cam. The FE joined Ford's other V8s which included a small Y-block. Built on Ford Performance's BOSS 351 block the 427 crate engine is engineered and built for drive-ability and durability while delivering big power. Firing Order, Small Block & SVO. That said, on all carbon and stainless steel valves yes, you can use a Ford guideline of. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Edelbrock Performer RPM Camshaft Kit for Ford FE 390-428 ; Intake Centerline, 103° ; Intake Timing @. A Ford FE engine will actually lose horsepower. , Ford, Big Block, FE, 390/427/428, Pickup, Truck, Each. I personally think that the 66-427 marking is a later model of the block and if so then it should have cross-bolts and screw in freeze plugs and side -oiler if it is indeed a 427. The camshafts are gear driven, but not like that of a Ford 427 SOHC. † 1972 and later horsepower figures are SAE NET which vary slightly depending on chassis and application. Ford actually produced 3 versions of this engine, the GAA, GAF & GAN but the differences were very minor, consisting primarily of different carb types and. 543, Ford, 352-428 FE, Each Part Number: HRS-252461-12 Not Yet Reviewed. 70 Sportsroof, 427 FE/489 cid, TKO-600, 31 spline 4. The FE was available from 1958 to ’76 in displacements from 330 to 428 cubic inches. Ford FE Crankshaft Casting Numbers NOTE - The information presented here was gathered from a variety of sources. Bid for the chance to own a No Reserve: Ford 427 Side Oiler Engine at auction with Bring a Trailer, the home of the best vintage and classic cars online. The Ford Single Overhead Cam (SOHC) 427 V8 engine, familiarly known as the "Cammer" was released in 1964 to maintain NASCAR dominance and to counter the . ©2005, ©2006, ©2007, ©2008, Chris-Craft Commander Forum, Inc. -10 BTC 26 ABC 196 14 BTC 62 ABC 256. The SOHC takes its inspiration from the side-oiler 427 block, and combines the technical superiority of Ford 255 cid cylinder heads, dual overhead cam, and the cubic inches of the 7000 rpm 427 "high riser" FE. The 427 engine was a further boring out of the 390 big block to 4. This is the same short block used in the 575 HP Z427 crate engine. Extreme Energy Competition Cams #33-248-4 for Ford 352 390 406 410 427 428 hydraulic applications This is a great all around cam for FE engines. the Motoro in my edsel is a 361 with 390 Innards. The 8V 425 HP 427's (Low Riser 63 1/2 - 65 and 65 - 67 Medium Riser) received the following cam: P/N C3AZ 6250-AA Duration Intake 306 degrees / Exhaust 306 degrees (seat to seat) Lift. Be the first to review this product. The top performance motor was the 427. Be sure to specify that when ordering. 98-inch stroke, nearly four-inches, made the FE a twisting powerhouse at 410 and 428 ci. 0 FE Hipo V8) This engine was offered for one year only in the Mustang. Friend o mine gave me a 427 ford cam. The FE (Ford/Edsel) motor series includes the 332, 352, 390, 427, 428 and the 361 and 391 FT (Ford Truck) series, among other variants too. Edelbrock part #2220 is a Hydraulic Roller Camshaft for 390-427 Ford FE Engines. 0L/427 Ford big block FE Camshaft Kits. 06/Rocker Arm Ratio) Cam Lift Opens Closes Duration Cam Lift Gross Valve Lift Center Line C/L Rocker Arm Ratio Valve Lash Clearance EXH. I think with a Ford FE the only sure way is to measure. It was very expensive to make and offered less value to the customer than the 428 engine. Tunnel Port 427how streetable are they?. 427 CUBIC INCH BOSS SHORT BLOCK. Ford Big-Block FE 427 V8: Displacement. now and I'm running the Lunati VooDoo Hyd. Rather, they have shafts (1 for each bank) that has another gear on the other end driving both cams simultaneously. The first 427 head was the low riser. For 1965, Ford submitted a new hemispherical-chamber head with single over-head camshafts, better known as the Ford 427 SOHC engine. Ford 427 / 538 Horsepower Crate Engine. 784-inch stroke, Jim's engine sports a 4. The Edelbrock #60075 Performer RPM Cylinder Heads are designed for use with 1961-76 390-427-428 Ford applications. 1962-1996 Firing Order 1-3-7-2-6-5-4-8 390 c. Block was pressure checked for leaks and it had nothing. Lobe Lift Loss - Intake and Exhaust: 0. Each engine family also comes with its own set of quirks that have to be addressed. Eight throttle bodies, 427 FE big-block with a five-speed stick shift. it has a 352 Police Interceptor aluminum 4bbl intake on it. Work well with mainly stock components (rockers, manifolds, heads, compression. This camshaft kit is for FORD V8 1963-76 352, 360, 390, 406, 410, 427, 428 C. C3AZ-6250-D 390/406--V4, V6, 8V 428--PC 63 66 Mech. Ford Performance's 427 CI 600HP Aluminum Crate Engine with Front Sump Pan is a modern version of their legendary 427 FE. It is located near the starter. 155-4202: BB Ford 427 SOHC Head Bolt Kit. Note that this gallery required the relocation of the Drivers side motor mount boss 1/4 inch higher. The window sticker on this $2,378. Ford also made an advanced version of the 427 called the 'Cammer. Both the C6OZ-B and C8AX-C cams could be used with either non-adjustable rocker arms with a 1. This 427 FE Powered '68 Ford F-250 High-Boy Has Been Tinkered to Perfection a 234/240 at 0. The purpose of this page is to highlight some of the new flathead Ford cams Bill makes for the Model A and B engine, and a comparison to stock original Ford A . 1968 Ford Mustang GT 427 specs, 0-60, performance data, top speed, engine specifications, pictures, updated January 2022. Based on Ford's 427ci side-oiler block, it was intended to be Ford's two-valve, single-overhead-cam, high-rpm answer to. There was a C4-A 406 service block that was pretty much a underbored 427 block. Ford's Single Overhead Cam (SOHC) 427 was based on the standard 427 FE side-oiler block, with a unique set of heads and a dummy cam stub in the usual position to drive a second timing chain 6-7 feet in length to spin the two overhead cams. Customer Review Price: Low to High Price: High to Low Stainless Steel Valves, FE Ford, CJ w/ 2. 5" deck engine for your vintage muscle car, street rod, Fox Body or Late Model Mustang. It retains original factory engine mounting bosses and bell housing bolt pattern, making it a bolt-in replacement for 390/427/428 cast iron Fe blocks. 608 exhaust 248 intake / 258 exhaust @. edelbrock heads, blue thunder intake, and a 540 lift solid cam. 155-3602: Ford Big Block 390-428 FE Series, 8740, 12pt Cam Bolt Kit. 427 Engine Specifications | Classic Cars New Listing ford 427 fe engine cobra Shelby gt500 mustang galaxie Edelbrock complete with tr. Fe Bore & Stroke Displacement Chart. Will work with non adjustable 1. M ICHAEL Scicluna is no stranger to bitchin’ street machines. 657 BHP @ 7,500 RPM (8V) 410 BHP @5,600 RPM (4V) 425 BHP @6,000 RPM (8V) Firing Order. Reason being the larger journal. Discussion Starter · #5 · Feb 11, 2014. Ford 427 Iron Head 1963 to 1967 Torque Specifications. 78 for the 427) gave the engine powerful low-end punch. Mechanical Roller Camshaft with Custom 3 Bolt Drive Custom Double Tru Roller 3 Bolt Cam Drive Set BBF FE Custom Kits: 360/390 BBF FE Rotating Assembly & Long Block. (As is customarily done by most FE experienced engine builders to OEM blocks. Set includes 8 pistons 8 wrist pins Piston rings and locks. Ford Fe 427 Center Oiler Motor Fresh Rebuilt. The FE filled the need for a medium-displacement engine created by the discontinuation of the Lincoln Y-block V8 engine. As for mechanical units, If you are using an exotic alloy or aluminum valve train I would say first refer to your cam and or valve train company for specific data regarding your equipment. Compression ratios also vary depending on the exact application. Part Number Application Lifter Lash Intake Events Exhaust Events Duration Lift Overlap Identification Engine Year Open Close Open Close 427 63/67 Mech. This, of course, put a lot of frowns on the faces of people who used the 427. Ford FE V8 Stage 2 390 484/510 Lift Cam Camshaft 360. How Much Horsepower Does A 427 Ford Have? Specifications. The 427 SOHC 'Cammer' motor that we are offering you here today is a brand-new build by Ernie Elliott. The Ford big-block 390 is a member of the Ford-Edsel, (FE) family of 90-degree V8 engines. While the Ford had set the lap record, the race was an unmitigated disaster. The 410 was a Mercury-only displacement. I noted many vehicles had power brakes with the 427. Magnum cams generate great high RPM power. Inside the company, the Cammer was known as the "90 day wonder," a low-investment parallel project to the expensive DOHC Indy engine based on the Ford small. Howards Cams, American Muscle Hydraulic Flat Tappet Camshaft, Ford FE 352-428. ' The engine, which debuted in 1965, married the side-oiler with an exotic single overhead cam design in place of pushrods, driven by an unusual 7-foot roller chain and backed by hemispherical combustion chambers. 050-inch lift and lift values of. Hydraulic-Good replacement for stock performance grinds in 390-428. It was still in the crate when assembled. The engine is run with all accessories and intake and exhaust system as installed in the car. The Ford FE engine is a Ford V8 engine used in vehicles sold in the North American market between 1958 and 1976. If your block is not roller ready, conversion lifter part number M-6500-S58 will allow you to use a hydraulic roller cam in a non-roller 289/302/351W block. 4L Ford 390 Engine Specs | It Still Runs FE 390-428 type engine Auto and Marine. Starting with a 1967 block, Blair machined and assembled an FE with an all-star cast of components. Big block Ford 390 FE comp cams extreme energy cam Ford 390 Engine Specs ¦ It Still Runs FE 390-428 type engine Auto and Marine. 500" at the valve Overlap 78 degrees This cam was also original equipment in the 410 HP solid lifter 427-4V from 1963 1/2 to 67. Genesis 427 FE engine blocks retain the original appearance of the Ford OE 427 side oiler and are capable of excellent performance and reliability. for 406 and 427) Cylinder Head Bolts: 80-90 ft. This is one of the most common questions asked by our Ford customers. In the world of chemistry, FE is the atomic symbol for iron, a basic building block in the construction of our universe. 600-inch, which when combined with the same cylinder heads, produce 535hp at 5,600 RPM and 545-lbs. The Ford 352 V8 was first introduced in 1958 and would stay in the Ford lineup up through 1966. The FE went through several iterations during its 18-year production run, culminating in what would become perhaps the most beloved Ford engines of all time: the 428 Cobra Jet and the 427 Single Overhead Cam (SOHC) Side-Oiler race engine. Also required was the addition of rocker shaft end. A deep breathing 416 FE could do that and make two and go with mostly Ford parts. The engine was built by Danbery (builds engines for E. SURVIVAL MOTORSPORTS 427 FE FORD : Bore: 4. "Riser" in this context refers to the height of the intake manifold above the head. Howards Cams 252342-10 - Howards Cams Mechanical Flat Tappet Camshafts Camshaft, Mechanical Flat Tappet, Advertised Duration 265/265, Lift. Displacements included 332, 352, 360, 390, 406, 410, 427, and 428. FE Engine Camshaft Specifications This Page Cannot be Posted on the Internet Without Written Permission from this site. Note: The 1968 hydraulic cam 427 engine used a flat top with knorbs piston that can be made to fit by taking 0. It's the Single Overhead Cam 427 Ford, the SOHC (pronounced "sock"). One source showed that the aluminum engines would use the same. Ford V8 351W 1969-1996 and 302 H. Use special non-Ford piston with pin hole that is 0. Performer-Plus camshafts should be matched with Performer manifolds for vehicles operating from off-idle to 5500 rpm. Cast in California, these blocks are stronger and 40% lighter than the original cast iron blocks. Near duplicate of the Ford 300HP/390 cam (FMC #C0AZ-6250-A). 025" The 427 single 4V 410 hp engines used a low rise dual plane intake, part number C3AE-9424-F. The 352 also was part a long-running series (1958-1976) of Ford engines known as the "FE" which means Ford-Edsel. 427 SOHC "Cammer" SOHC engine showing cam, rockers and timing chains. We’ve told you about the 427 FE high riser engine a bunch here at BangShift over the years. Where To Download Ford Fe Engine FE 390-428 type engine Auto and Marine. of torque when used with #7105 intake and #60069 cylinder heads on a 390 engine. Available over the counter from Ford for US$2,500, it made 616bhp @ 7500 with one or 658 bhp @ 7500 with. 280-inch bore and a much longer 4. This sale is for a fresh (ready to run) Ford 427 SOHC, built for a64' Galaxiethat my Dad & I started, which was going to be his retirement vehicle, however he has decided to go with a more mild engine combo instead. For the 1965 season, Ford developed its own version of a hemi-chambered engine, the 427 single overhead cam (SOHC) "Cammer" which used a single chain-driven . The legendary 427 single overhead cam Ford, called the SOHC or "Cammer," was never installed in a production car. Premium Diamond forged FE Ford 427 pistons are available in many different bore sizes, compression ratios and crank stroke lengths for FE 427 Ford engines. One of the meanest versions of the venerable engine, it powered Ford to make race wins on circle tracks and the high riser is still a force to be reckoned with on the drag strip. This is a listing with basic specifications of all the camshaft grinds that appear in this catalog. Block is in great shape no repairs or anything was standard bore when I got it. True to form, we've used long skirts to cradle the crankshaft and. 29 BBC -13 ATC 196 53 BBC 23 ATC 256. 427 Mild to Wild Small Block Ford - 700 HP Pump Gas KIT. 1968 Mustang Engine Information – 427 cubic inch V-8 (7. 1968 Mustang Engine Information - 427 cubic inch V-8 (7. To keep the costs down we elected to use the factory valvetrain and a Comp Cams solid lifter cam with matching springs. 250 Bore, Coon Heads, T&D Rockers, Diamond Pistons, Diamond Rods, Ferrea Stainless Valves, Comp Cam. 100" nearer top than standard piston. They're aluminum and offer a more modern chamber than the stockers, and they flow like 427 medium riser heads out of the box, offering good HP potential. 025 40 ° 30 BTC 14 ° 30 ATC 85 ° 30 ABC 29 ° 30 ABC 88 ° 30 BBC 33 ° 30 BBC 37 ° 30 ATC 18 ° 30 BTC 306 ° 306 °. 560, Ford, 352-428 FE, Each Part Number: HRS-252342-10. 0 Monster Ford 427 Top Oiler Engine Build and Dyno Session Ford 352 FE 445 Page 1/6. Cam Specs / CID Combo / Head Specs / FE Chart / BACK. The 427 had the benefit of a forged crankshaft from the factory; this was re-used in the build along with a set of stock forged 427 connecting rods that have been upgraded with ARP bolts. K33-601-9 - Camshaft Kit, FE 291TH R7 THUMPR. Special non-Ford rods required for high performance use. FE Ford engine builders I have some parts left over from my engine build and you might be able to use?See pictures for more info on below. 100-inch milled off valve guide bosses and special non-Ford lightweight . He owned a show-winning 1968 SS 396 Camaro in the mid-80s, followed by a 1968 GTO Pontiac, a very tidy '66 Mustang coupe. 0L/427 Ford big block FE COMP Cams and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing!. The 8V 425 HP 427's (Low Riser 63 1/2 - 65 and 65 - 67 Medium Riser) received the following cam: P/N C3AZ 6250-AA. A related engine, the Ford FT engine, was used in medium and heavy trucks from 1964 through 1978. A 351C 4V will not want the typical 6° intake/exhaust duration split that you often see with catalog cams. have less friction and make more power and rev higher, given the same. Ford 427 Pistons Diamond FE 427 Ford Pistons Mercury 427 Pistons 427 Piston Rings. After leading just one season, Ford's promising 427 wedge was beaten at Daytona by the Chrysler Hemi in 1964. Mid-way through 1963 Ford introduced the 427 V8 engine to replace the 406 cubic inch engine. 23 inches, while the stroke remained at 3. Also gave Part # for lifters and springs / retainers. airflow, cam, carb, headers, tuning. Engine Model: 427SR w/ E303 Cam. Rather than engage in a clean sheet design, Ford took its new 427 FE Sideoiler block and made some modifications. For use with Ford/Edelbrock and Shelby type heads. 500 78 ° (Upside Down "A")B Between Last Lobe and Last Journal C3AZ-6250-T. The engine also featured an aluminum manifold, single or double four-barrel carburetors, and high-, mid-, or low-riser intake manifolds. Our Ford FE custom crate engine was developed in pursuit of the authentic Y-block design of yesteryear - the final 390 model, retired in 1971, to be exact. The 427 side-oiler engine belongs to the Ford FE family, arguably the peak of Ford's big cubic inch V8s. The SOHC 427 engine was hemispherical combustion chamber design with a single 4-barrel carburetor that produced 616 hp and 515 lb ft. A camshaft Quick Reference Guide precedes the Cam & Valve Train Applications section. KT Engine Development builds a monster Ford 427 FE Top Oiler with an amazing 498 cubic inches in sleeper form and runs it on the engine dyno. The Ford 427 ci SOHC "Cammer" V8 engine was nicknamed the "90 Day Wonder" by the team at Ford's version of Area 51 - the X-Garage. Due to different piston and connecting rod weights, there are actually four different 428 crankshafts. The legendary 427 single overhead cam Ford, called the SOHC or “Cammer,” was never installed in a production car. The standard price for a flat tappet cam is $175. 427 FE big-block 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback. These are the low riser, medium riser, high riser, and tunnel port. 427/2800--61-68 427/3200--PI, GT, 69 427/3400--61-62 HP 430/3500 430/320--63 444/3400-4V 448/3500-6V 444/2800 460/3200-68, 4V, Hyd 476/3400-4V 480/3700-8V 440/3400-CJ 459/3200-PI 462/2800 Compression Ratio 8. Ford FE block swapping, and rotation issues. We have plenty of configurations for you to choose from, ranging from 500-750 horsepower. They were good for 7000 plus,amazing for the time. Lunati Camshaft Catalogue. Those events resulted in one of the most powerful engines from Detroit to hit the market in the 1960s octane-driven. It was listed as a 306* duration and. FE & FT Big Block V8 (332, 352, 360, 390, 406, 410, 427, 428) - Stock cam specs on truck FE's? - I am slowly accumulating parts to turn my 360 into a 390. shelby 427 fe aluminum block Fully redesigned, the Shelby 427 Alloy FE block is 45 percent lighter, yet stronger than the factory cast iron version. In competition form, the Cobra was a Ferrari-spanking 580-horse powerhouse using real American V-8 power. 525); 306 degrees duration Valvetrain. There are horror stories of 427 Ford engines destroyed by sodium filled exhaust valves that broke when engine was started after a long period of sitting. The most notable Ford FE-based performance engines are the 427, the 428, and the 428 Cobra Jet. FORD RACING CAMSHAFT SPECIFICATIONS Did you know… 351W blocks that are roller cam compatible have the casting number F4TE. The 428 CJ and SCJ blocks have extra main bearing webbing and thicker main caps than the normal 390 or 428. Filter by Availability Filter Results Filter by Vehicle Individual Parts. SK33-224-3 - Camshaft Kit, FB 268H. If you see (or don't see) anything that needs corrected or added, please e-mail me. Edelbrock Part # 7106 Performer RPM Camshaft is designed for Ford FE 390-428 V-8 applications. Here are just a few examples: 1:6 Scale Die-Cast 427 SOHC Engine. 2L V8 Ford Big Block 390-428 FE Series, 8740, 12pt Cam Bolt Kit. Reversing the direction of the FE motor. 1000--5500rpm low end and torque. I found a Crane Cam #340301 Dur 288 int & exhLift 0.  Melling offers a full line of high performance camshafts for domestic cars, light trucks, import vehicles, marine and high performance engines. The number-2 and -4 journals need a groove in their centers for a 427 sideoiler block. The stats of the engine were not published with the video so we do not know stuff like displacement, compression ratio, or camshaft specs, but . ;Advertised Duration (Int/Exh): 324/324 ;Duration @. ISKY Racing Cams : - Retainers Apparel And Literature CAMSHAFTS Tools Valve Seals VALVE SPRINGS Special Order Roller Lifters Push Rod Valve Stem Oil Seal . Watch (2) RPM Ford FE 427 Edelbrock Performer RPM Complete Cylinder Heads (Fits: Ford) Brand New. Ford made four different cylinder head and intake manifold setups for the 427. The 427 top oiler came out slightly earlier and sent oil to the valvetrain and cam first and then to the crankshaft. Yes, Ford and the aftermarket industry did miss the boat long ago by mainly focusing on the latest 427 FE engine, then the Boss 302/351C at the expense of the 289-302-351W series. Ford 390-428 FE Series with bolts for #5 cap Main Stud Kit. Ford introduced the 428-ci FE bigblock in 1966 as a low-revving alternative to the big-bore, short-stroke, high-revving 427. Still, the 406 would be more of an interest to collectors and racing fans today simply. • Original true sideoiler oiling system. No other examples of this engine actually being installed have been found. Ford 427 Side Oiler engine - $14995 (Washougal) Here we go with the specs for the 427. In mid year, the W code was replaced in production by the 428 CJ. I stopped by Doug Herbert Performance in NC. Original low rise rods that had arp bolts put in them and resized. to the figure shown for inlet lobe lift at T. Also Includes: Ford Racing 427 Cobra aluminum valve covers Aluminum oval air cleaner with Cobra script Harmonic balancer Aluminum water pump w/driver side inlet Spark plugs & wires Timing cover. in area at the intake manifold face. I once had a block with those markings but don't remember if it was a 427 or a 390. Examples of racing 427 SOHC's The Ford Single Overhead Cam (SOHC) 427 V8 engine, familiarly known as the "Cammer" was released in 1964 to maintain NASCAR dominance and to. Forged pistons, good rods like 440 Mopars and a little turning own the. This was because of the motor’s 4. Both the carbureted and injected combinations were run at the same air/water and oil temperatures and tuned to maximize performance. Performance level 5 - Compu-Pro - High torque, short oval camshaft. Click here if you would like to place an order. 95 352, 360, 390, 406, 427, 428, 278 Intake Duration. Not sure if it changed, but the only spec in the 1972 book is. Melling camshafts supply the performance to suit your horsepower and torque requirements wherever and whenever you want […]. Ford FE engines (with the notable exception of the SOHC) use a single shaft-mounted rocker assembly per cylinder head. These were from an original Ford Parts Book. Because the cubic inch wars had already begun, Ford decided to end production of the 406 (which was actually only 405. 00 see pictures for dimensions3- 427 lo. The new heads also housed a camshaft on each bank, which led the new engine to be called the “SOHC 427” (single overhead cam 427). The main aspects of the 429 that make it different from the other 7-liter Fords are the thin wall castings, longer bore centers, larger bearings, hemispherical canted valve heads, and rockers riding on fulcrums instead of rocker shafts. If you pull the heads a modern valve job with a pocket port will get you even more. Just for a little trivia, if you do the math with the 427 bore and stroke, then you get an actual engine capacity of 425 cubic inches. While the original 427 made do with a 4. 1967 FORD FAIRLANE 427 SPECIFICATIONS ENGINE Block type: Ford FE-based "SOHC" V-8, cast-iron block Cylinder heads: Ford single overhead camshaft, cast iron Displacement: 427 cubic inches Bore x stroke: 4. 100 inches on roller cams, and between 9. K33-600-5 - Camshaft Kit, FE 279T H-107 T THUMPR. 1963 - 1976 It is often said that the cam is the "heart of the engine" because it determines the engine's "personality.