grease grade chart. These values determine the stiffness of the grease and how a grease will react over time to service and wear. Silicone Lubricating Grease with Syncolon. The viscosity grade of a lube oil is determined by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE). High Temperature Spindle Grease is a synthetic-lithium PTFE lubricant and grease. If the applicable detail has the image, you can hover your mouse over it to see which ASTM test was applied. Coupling Grease Specialty Industrial Grease …. PGI is a colorless, water soluble, medium viscosity, hygroscopic liquid with a low vapor pressure and low toxicity. Please note that competitor specifications and approvals are subject to change at any time and therefore the use of this. Lithium soap grease is the most widely used multi-purpose grease, from general industrial uses to automobiles, bearings and home electric products. Grease generally consists of a soap emulsified with mineral or vegetable oil. Bearing Grease #2 Hammer Paste High Vacuum Grease Ultra Synthetic Generator Grease #1. Semi-Fluid, Food-Grade, Easily Pumpable Lubricating Grease. The nine currently recognized NLGI grades of grease and the penetration specifications for them are shown in the following chart. • Protects against rust and corrosion • Offers excellent high-temperature properties • Operating temperatures of -40° C to 204° C (-40° F to 400° F) • Applications: High-load, low-speed applications such as mining,. Viscosity Kluber Grease vs ProOne EP 2 Kluber Grease Cross Reference Chart Lubricant Brand Cross Reference Find equivalent products by brand using our oil cross reference chart. Products: White Mineral Oils; USP Petrolatums; Microcrystalline Waxes Applications: Food handling machinery lubricants and meat processing related applications, including machinery cleaner / lubricant, trolley lubricant, food grade grease and gear lube formulations. The Aervoe Food Grade Lube Grease is a non-melting, fortified waterproof grease that forms a durable film that withstands daily equipment washdowns. The selection of the best combinations of . NSF Rating Appearance LU100 White Lithium Grease NLGI 2 Yes A: < 0F B: 85F Yes Nonmelting Y 20 – 275F Medium No H2 Off-White Opaque LU101 Food Grade White Grease […]. These represent the industry's collective wisdom on everything from drill bits to environmental protection and embrace proven, sound engineering and operating practices and safe, interchangeable equipment and materials. For excellent protection in corrosive and wet conditions. The group of lithium greases also includes "red" grease, which is a very heavy-duty, water resistant type that can stand up to extreme temperatures and tolerate a …. Stiffness Adhesion to Foil Coex Nylon Clarity 1601 N/A BF, CF For blown film with superior optical properties. You can use this grease to prevent the brake system from squeaking. The full-scale grease worker consists of a metal cup of standard dimensions, and a cover fitted with a handle and shaft attached to a metal plate drilled with 61. Use the Rulon grades comparison chart to determine which formulation will work best for your application. kluber grease cross reference chart sdocuments2. Check once more every area has been filled in properly. Synthetic base fluids and the addition of Syncolon® (PTFE) micro powders combine to form a premium lubricant that provides longer life protection against friction, wear, rust and corrosion. Herschell Copper Anti-Seize Grease Tube - 100g. PRODUCT CHART US Specification UK Specification Product PISTON ENGINE OILS SAE-J-1966 Grade ‘Multigrade’ SAE-J-1899 Grade ‘Multigrade’ AeroShell Oil W 15W-50 MIL-G-25537A Def Stan 91 -51 AeroShell Grease 14 MIL-G-25013E Def Stan 91 -55 AeroShell Grease 15 MIL-G-25760A (obsolete) DTD 5570. It demonstrates excellent water resistance and high temperature. The MFT additive technology provides optimum wear protection and an extremely low coefficient of friction even under. They’re only required for cleaning up rough lumber, evening out large bumps in the wood, & removing stubborn old paints. Would a grade 3 grease be fine to use for bicycle hubs? Thank you for any help!. 2 calcium sulfonate grease with 5 percent moly • Provides resistance to extreme pressures caused by shock loading • Timken OK Load – 65 lbs. Monograde oils such as SAE 30, 40 or 50 are no longer used in. Tie Down Engineering Lucas Oil Marine Grease. Please use the following table to find the modern day name for old Shell grades. Our Mobil Polyrex™ EM grease is designed for electric motor bearings. Servogem 2 And 3 Grease indiamart com. Super Lube® Compatability Chart for both Grease and Oil. Unlike the compatibility of oils, which is most often related to interactions of the additives in the products (and sometimes the nature of the base. 0 GPA scale, and a percentage grade of 87–89. Oil content ranges 70 - 97% - commonly about 80%; The temperature limit for a grease is limited by the oil and thickener used. For instance, oil with a 5W-30 grade thickens less than oil with a 10W-30 grade in cold weather. exxon oil castrol oil dodge oil iso grade''LUBRICANT CROSS REFERENCE CHART Precision Tool Supply June 21st, 2018 - FAR WEST MOBIL SHELL TEXACO LUBRICANT CROSS REFERENCE CHART This chart represents Chem Arrow s equivalent products to the best of our knowledge' 'Industrial grease compatibility Mobil™. The dropping point of a lubricating grease is a useful parameter but less so today than years ago. High performing suspension oils sometimes have Vis in the range 300-400. What’s more, with the use of quality grease and oil, it keeps all moving parts functioning smoothly and efficiently ultimately minimizing friction which in most cases is the cause of permanent wearing out of the reels. Reference Chart Series Synthetic Greases Kluber Germany Asonic Stamina Grease RLS 2 Technical Bulletin TB240 005 Canline Spares Industrial Lubricants Cross reference Charts – Glazeen April 16th, 2019 - Industrial Lubricants Cross reference Charts Type ISO Viscosity Grade Viscosity SUS 10°F. Specially formulated to improve bearing performance and protection for long electric motor life, this grease is recommended by many major bearing and electric motor manufacturers for long-life lubrication of electric motor ball bearings and roller bearings. Grade 5 Chromium Steel Balls: High precision balls are within 5/1,000,000″ round, twice as round as the industry standard, at its highest level. Testing should be conducted to determine if greases are compatible. AeroShell Grease 64 is an EP airframe grease based on the proven lithium thickener technology of AeroShell Grease 33. 5 C dyn - also for short-stroke applications ≥ 1 [mm] Technical Data RE 82 052/2003-06 1/4 High-performance Lubricant for Linear Motion Systems Chemical composition Mineral oil, special lithium soap, agents Designation KP2K-20 DIN 51 825. comparative chart for industrial lubricants. The age of the animal and the marbling of the meat determine the grade that is given. Heavily loaded bearings and bushings. chevron grease compatibility chart. Rheolube® 363AX-1 is recommended for small gear trains. Lithium grease is the most commonly used lubricating grease around the globe - accounting for 75% of lubricating applications across all industries. A proper consistency must make sure that the grease stays in the bearing without generating too much friction. The higher the penetration value, the softer the grease. 195 SuperTac Food Grade Grease H-1. Grease lubricates most efficiently within the listed temperature range. With its excellent film strength and extreme pressure qualities, LU207 forms a tough, durable film of lubrication that prevents …. Grease Cross Reference Chart Sdoents2Kluber Grease Cross Reference Chart Sdoents2 Yeah, reviewing a ebook kluber grease cross reference chart sdoents2 could grow your close friends listings. VIGO GREASE REO is EP lithium grease with excellent wear resistance. 7 percent pay raise is effective January 1, 2022. Accumulated grease may be removed manually, or pumped out, generally by an outside service. Composed of premium-quality synthetic base oils and calcium-sulfonate-complex thickeners. Protects Freshly Machined Engine Parts From Rust And Corrosion. Product Name, Base Oil, Thickener, Penetration Grade, Characteristics. An NLGI2 grade grease is common in motor bearing applications. Job Name: Mobil Grease Chart Studio Artist: B. Click on the linked grade name at the top of each column to read more about a specific material and let us know if you have any questions. A numerical scale for classifying the consistency of lubricating greases, based on the ASTM D217 worked penetration at 25°C . Almost any type of defect results in a sheet of plywood being declared shop grade. stiffness of grease is measured by its NLGI grade. To see the chart, use the provided link and scroll down toward the bottom of the page. Contact us today to discuss your unique Grease Interceptor needs. Both of those would be pretty thin as 1 or 2 or 3 would probably be better and stay in the gear box longer, but any grease is better. Pressure and Volume Flow - The power required for hydraulic pumping. "Marine wheel bearing grease" is formulated to deal with the rapid spinning of the wheel and with water and with heat. Head and wrench sizes are divided on hex bolts, lag bolts and square bolts. The three systems that describe wool grades in the United States are blood, numerical count and micron. 2: 157142 H1 AMKSYN FMO100 Synthetic Multi-purpose Food Grade Oil ISO100: 157137 H1 AMKSYN FMO32 Synthetic Multi-purpose Food Grade Oil ISO 32: 157077 H1 AMKSYN FMO68 Synthetic Multi-purpose Food Grade Oil ISO68: 157136 H1 AMKSYN SFG150 Synthetic Food Grade Gear Oil ISO150: 157138 H1. e Clarion greases included in the consolidation plan? Ar Clarion® Lubricants is the dedicated brand for food- and environmental-grade lubricants. DOW CORNING(R) HIGH VACUUM GREASE This table can be used to classify the ecotoxicity of this product when ecotoxicity data is listed above. Free resource for comparing, choosing, and substituting oil for your machine using the Oil Viscosity Chart and our Big List of Oils. Complete oil Comparison specs chart Tripod com. Wynn’s Ultra Supreme Grease is a premium lithium soap thickened grease of NLGI Grade No. Below are the oil and grease maintenance tables for equipment lubrication involving grease and oil for Kubota products. Use them in public and private water facilities, municipal utility districts, flood control systems and offshore systems. SRI Grease is a specially formulated grease containing a highly refined paraffinic base oil, synthetic polyurea ashless organic thickener and high-performance rust and oxidation inhibitors, for the lubrication of anti-friction ball, needle and roller bearings operating at speeds up to and above 10,000 rpm, operating at higher temperatures, or where water or salt water may …. GUIDANCE DOCUMENT FOR SIZING AND INSTALLATION OF …. Grease is another type of lubricant, and it typically consists of oil that has been mixed with a thickening soap. These greases are used for general lubrication under comparatively high load and low relative displacement of interacting surfaces. And the recommendations provided top the Material Safety Data Sheet MSDS are. ISOFLEX TOPAS NB 52 Bearing Works. PDF Model Standards for a Grease Ordinance (House Bill 1979. Grease fittings, sometimes called grease nipples or Zerks, are small hydraulic check valves used on bearings and similar mechanical assemblies to supply lubricant to internal parts. COMPETITOR EQUIVALENT GUIDE CATEGORY DESCRIPTION GRADE Prolube MOBIL Castrol BP CALTEX SHELL FUCHS PENRITE TOTAL VALVOLINE GULF WESTERN HITEC SINOPEC ATLANTIC DIESEL ENGINE OIL CK-4 15W-40 Ultraplus 15W-40 Delvac MX ESP 15W-40 RX Super 15W-40 Vanellus Multi-Fleet ECO 15W-40 Delo 400 LE 15W-40. - Viscosity Kluber Grease vs ProOne EP 2 Kluber Grease Cross Reference Chart Lubricant Brand Cross Reference Find equivalent products by brand using our oil cross reference chart. On December 22, 2021, President Biden released the "Executive Order on Adjustments of Certain Rates of Pay" which approves …. 15 383 91 325 78 287 68 327 157 K = 0. 271 Synthetic Food Grade Grease H-1. Even under these operating conditions, Krytox™ LVP grease gives dependable, proven performance. Grease Selection National Lubricating Grease Institute Consistency Grades NLGI Grade Worked Penetration at 25°C (77°F) mm/10 Description 000 445 to 475 Softest grease Just enough thickener to keep the oil from. Grade refers to the relative diameter of the wool fibers (fineness) and should not be confused with quality and type. Grease compatibility is an issue because of what can happen when two incompatible greases are introduced to each other. Example 1 would require a 100 gallon unit. A newer type of grease, showing many of the same characteristics as the simple lithium greases, with improved performance in the area of high temperature, high speed bearing life. Navy Cyberspace; Pay charts; 2022 pay chart; On December 27, 2021, President Biden signed the National Defense Authorization Act for 2022 into law. TW25B® resists wash-off and wear-off, and there is no gumming, slowing down or freezing. This product will be equivalent to the Kendall L-427 Super Blue #2 grease. 9 Grade Bare Steel / Yellow Zinc Plated; 10. NT-MAX is the Strongest Commercial Grade Grease Trap Treatment on the Market Today! Our Powerful Bacterial Strains are the Most Effective and Strongest Available. Dow Corning ® High-Vacuum Grease is a stiff, nonmelting silicone lubricating material that maintains its consistency from -40 to 204°C (-40 to 400°F). Food Grade Tube of Grease – PS Seasoning. AMSOIL X-Treme Synthetic Food Grade Grease is an ultra-premium aluminum complex grease designed for high levels of protection in food service and pharmaceutical industry equipment. The grease has a service life several times longer than wide-temperature-range greases on the market do, enabling lubrication longer at high temperature. 73 Mb) is a part of a broad range of adhesive sealants uniquely formulated for the marine market. LUBE SPECIFICATION CHART Fluid Specification - Fill Quantity - Maintenance Interval Grease U-Joint Grease Shock Fluid Chain Lube Brake Fluid DOT 4 VES/GOLD Plus 2877882 qt 2877883 gl PS-4 PLUS 2876244 qt 2876245 gl AGL Plus 2878068 qt 2878069 gl 2876160. A restaurant grease trap (grease interceptor) is a device installed in plumbing systems designed to trap and prevent grease, hair, lint, oil, sediment, and other solid material from entering plumbing systems where they cannot be processed. Greasy Situation: Can You Mix Grease?. Viscosities based on 96 VI single grade oils. Table of Contents [ hide] Best Marine Grease Reviews in 2021. Exceptional anti-wear performance over the life of the fluid. Shell Gadus S3 V220C is a premium, full EP multipurpose grease for high operating temperatures that you can rely on to provide excellent wear protection and long bearing life for your moderate- to high-speed bearings. Copper grease is effective within the temperature range of of - 40° to + 1,150° celsius making it an ideal choice for use. It is important to size a grease trap larger than calculated (round up to next available size only). Temperature range Comprehends the suitable working range of the grease. Grade 2 is a fairly standard grease, with a consistency similar to peanut butter. of an SAE 90 gear oil and an AGMA 4. The penetration values of P60 are rated using the NLGI grade chart from 000 to 6. Multi-Vehicle High Temperature Red Grease. A viscosity index below 100 is considered low, while a VI higher than 200 is considered very high. Moly EP Synthetic Plus Grease #00 is pumpable to -45ºF, #0 is pumpable to - 40ºF, #1 grade is pumpable to -20ºF and #2 grade is pumpable to -10ºF. A versatile uncoated, PFOA-free oil, and grease resistant paper. COMPARATIVE CHART Velloilslubricants Tradeindia Com. Tube 2871423 Starter Grease 2 oz 2871460 Carbon Clean 12 oz 2881413 Fuel Stabilizer Quart 2881416. A full range of greases for industrial applications. Grease Compatibility Chart and Reference Guide August 15th, 2020 - Note This chart is a general guide to grease compatibility Specific properties of greases can dictate suitability for use Testing should be conducted to determine if greases are compatible David Turner works for Shell Global Solutions Inc and is the co chairman. For rubber and plastic applications see Compatibility Chart under . Sheer stabilized Polyurea is compatible with just about all thickeners (much more so than the non-sheet stabilized). 401 Grading Systems Three systems that describe wool grades in the United States are blood, numerical count and micron. 3 220-250 Cup Grease 4 175-205 Cup Grease 5 130-160 Cup Grease 6 85-115 Block Grease * Standard grade. Quicksilver 2-4-C marine grease is a high quality, versatile lithium-based, NLGI 2 grease that won’t break down when mixed with water. See here for the Greases of ENEOS. Shell Alvania R3 Grease Equivalent. Chemtool Incorporated offers a wide variety of lubricating greases to meet your needs. Simply specifying the NLGI grade and EP additization does not guarantee these greases are in any way equivalent to one another. Hydraulic oils, gear Page 4/24. Grease is a combination of mineral or synthetic oil and thickener - also called soap. AMSOIL Synthetic X-Treme Food Grade Grease is an ultra-premium aluminum complex grease designed for food service and pharmaceutical industry equipment where there is a possibility of incidental contact. Grades of wool described by the American Blood Grade System (C. 317-8491 5 kg container 5 kg, 11 lb. Free Download Here Pdfsdocuments2 Com. BRAND COMPARATOR ESSO MOBIL SHELL CASTROL BP CALTEX. The NLGI basically refers to the thickness of a grease. of 000 to 1 are used in low viscosity applications. Mobilith SHC 100 Lithium Complex 100 2 High-speed bearings. Introduction PURITY™ FG Greases are advanced food grade lubricants specially formulated to deliver superior performance and food grade purity under the highly demanding conditions of food processing operations. A lot of the grease out there is "hot dog" or throw what the refiner can't dispose of in the grease. a grease: thickener type oil viscosity operating conditions and application NLGI grade (consistency). A card that has been professionally graded at a 10 is worth many times more than a graded card at 3. These are calcium base greases containing graphite as filler. adhesive properties, Moly EP Synthetic Plus Grease will not wash out, pound out, splatter or squeeze out under the heaviest load or vibrations. bote archine food grade lubricants cross reference 1st. In the automotive industry it is commonly used as a lubricant in wheel bearing and chassis applications. Excellent for high load applications requiring a long grease life. Grease Comparison Please select a grease from each of the drop-downs to compare the available data. This can include but isn't limited to damage to the veneers that form either the exterior or interior. The proliferation of standard specifications for lubricating oils has led to development and publication of many "cross reference" charts: Courtesy: NLGI. standard cone penetrates a sample of the grease number under standard conditions at 25oC. The Spinning Count System is a more technical classification of wool fineness than. Use of the information is strictly at your own risk. Viscosity grade numbers of the ISO are the same as those of ASTM (The American Society of Testing and Materials) and BSI (British Standards Institution), with the difference that the viscosities for the ISO grades are measured at 40 °C, while those of the ASTM and BSI are measured at 100 °F (37. Table VII reflects guidelines for the selection of NLGI grades. Damage to the breaker can occur if standard machine greases are used. centralised systems and gear lubrication, and the highest grades (3) for elements in high temperature conditions. Record this number for all brands in your data chart. These NLGI grades are then used to express the level of consistency each grease has. Silver Grade Anti-Seize is a general purpose, high temperature anti-seize lubricant for protecting metal parts against rust, corrosion, galling and seizure at temperatures to 1800° F. Please Contact Dow for distribution options available for this product. Because of fine grade fillers, Silver Grade is particularly suitable for fine threaded and. This institute developed the NLGI Consistency Grade Scale, which assigns numerical ratings in relation to the hardness of the grease. NT-MAX Continually Produces Enzymes that Aggressively Digest and Consume Sludge, Grease, Fats, Oils, Paper and all Other Organic Matter Clogging Your Trap, Lines and Drainfield. After reading the top ten best Moly Grease reviews, you will be able to make a good decision about your purchase. 3 lb) keg GR182D 180 kg (400 lb) drum GR182B tote quantities available Product Description and Intended Use TIMKEN Mill Grease is an NLGI No. Compatibility testing is the best option. ISO VG stands for "International Standards Organization Viscosity Grade" and is a …. Multipurpose Grease, NLGI Grade 1, 14 oz. The consistency of a grease should be appropriate to the application, as it affects pumpability and ability to reach the areas to be lubricated. An NLGI “Grade 1” synthetic grease that has no expiration date, TW25B® has been used safely worldwide since 1987. , Grease Thickener Lithium Complex, Grease Color Red, …. Grease Product Application and Performance Chart. The right oil or grease lubrication for ball screw assemblies reduces (1 cSt = 1 mm2/sec) Various grades have been selected for . Bearing seals, ink roll, polishing, printing pads, lubricator wicks, and precision uses where high grade felt with good appearance and durability is required. Grease Compatibility Chart The Lubricant Store. Super Lube® grease is a patented synthetic NLGI grade 2, heavy-duty, multi-purpose lubricant with Syncolon® (PTFE). Base Oil Compatibility Chart Base Oil. Super Lube® Silicone Lubricating Grease is compatible with the majority of rubber and plastic compounds. 9 Oil Separation, ASTM D1742, % loss <1. Ball bearing size charts are widely available, and can be used to find the measurements of a specific bearing. The NLGI consistency number (sometimes called "NLGI grade") expresses a measure of the relative hardness of a grease used for lubrication, as specified by the standard classification of lubricating grease established by the National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI). Lists NLGI grades 000-6, and current Certification Mark details. 8 Ten Crucial Questions Grease Compatibility Chart AluminumComplex Barium Calcium -Hydroxy . Grease Trap Sizing Chart 1 Retail establishments expected to serve more meals than estimated by usable sq ft shall install the larger size grease trap. Get rid of the confusion and get the best products for you by reading the top ten best Moly Grease reviews. F-50 is a high-grade, high-density felt similar to SAE F-1, but produced in thicknesses below 1/8". Synthetic Multi-Purpose Grease NLGI #2. Unlike the compatibility of oils, which is most often …. Click the Sign icon and make a digital signature. Used in the automotive industry on glove box latch applications. Extreme-Pressure Airframe Grease. Lubricating greases consist of a base oil, thickeners, and additives. The higher the penetration value, the softer the …. High speed applications will generally use a . NLGI grades categorized in the 4-6 range have a consistency like ice cream, fudge or cheddar cheese. Use the minimum required quantity. Its consistency is between the NLGI grades 1 and 2. Synthetic Lubricants: While many mineral-oil-based products meet the NSF International’s food-grade requirements, they often do not measure up to the more demanding temperature and load requirements of modern food, beverage, and pharmaceutical processing equipment. Gulf Super Duty Diesel Engine Oil 10W-30 (CJ-4, OEM Approved pre-2017) SDS. Indicate the date to the document using the Date option. Cooking lean beef over high heat can run the risk of a dry, tough piece of meat. 2, Item-ID: 29316066 7 Motors 1LG4/6,1LA5/7/9, 1LE1 - K3N-Li grease ESSO UNIREX N3 Esso Unirex N3 is used as standard grease for these motors. Guidelines for Selection of NLGI Grade Grease; NLGI Grade: Application: Consistency: 6: Slow-moving journal bearings: Block: 5: Low-speed journal bearings: Very stiff: 4: Very high speed and low load: Stiff: 3: High-speed rolling element bearings. Chevron SRI grease is a high-temperature, NLGI 2 grade, ball and roller bearing grease designed for a wide range of applications. Paul Grives, Global Services & Grease Marketing Manager, ExxonMobil Fuels & Lubricants. Rather than reading a good book with a cup of tea in the afternoon, instead they juggled with some malicious virus inside. 10 to 15% increase in efficiency compared to traditional food grade grease. For appliance and other high-load, low-speed, metal gearing, Instrument Grease 794A is the recommended lubrication solution. Reels) The mariners choice for stripping, sanding, smoothing, and polishing all types of wood and metal surfaces. Its advanced additive package outperforms all food grade, and most conventional greases. It is NSF Registered H1 and wear resistant for use in a wide range of bearings. This could mean that your grease is no longer the correct grade for the machine. Corn Head Grease is a high quality multi-purpose, semi-fluid type grease available in an NLGI #0 grade. 'Multipurpose Grease, NLGI Grade 1, Base Oil Mineral, Container Size 14 oz. ML 365 can be recommended for many applications in agriculture, construction and industrial. Example 2 would require a 750 gallon unit. Lithium 100 1, 2 -40 -/ 40 120/248 101-DIN 51825:2004-06 KPE1K-40 102-DIN 51825:2004-06 KPE2K-40 General purpose. 16 #43900-03 Super Grease Ejector Pin Lubricant 3-oz tube (Box of 12) $111. From the Internet, I found that some manufacturers say Grade 5 bearings are the best to get (for cycling applications), while others …. The test method represents real-life performance much more accurately than previously and the filter classification system (based on particulate matter …. You have chosen a combination of filters that do not match any products. Power-Lift Grease PL-10™ is an anti-wear, extreme-pressure, lithium-complex grease with anti-friction additives. This chart demonstrates that No-Tox® Food Grade Extreme Pressure Grease, Bel-Ray®’s premier general purpose grease, surpasses the competition with respect to both Extreme Pressure and anti. Take a look at some internationally used engine oil grades-. Reference Chart 1 above shows that the N GLI Grade of the biobase d grease is direc tly corresponded to ASTM Worked Penetration [28]. The NLGI consistency number (sometimes called “NLGI grade”) expresses a measure of the relative hardness of a grease used for lubrication, as specified by . Shaft, Bore, and Width are all searchable in inches and millimeters. Compatibility testing includes heating and holding grease for a specified time at assumed operating temperature for mixtures of 10:90, 50:50 and 90:10. Download Table | Chart correlating parameter magnitudes with grades R1 R2 Mechanical Temperature from publication: Running temperature and mechanical stability of grease as maintenance parameters. Grease is the lube of choice for higher-load items like bearings and axles because it cushions parts. This is especially important for our clients in Southern Nevada and Arizona, where temperatures in the summer can regularly exceed 100 degrees. Mineral SKF LGMT-3 General Purpose Grease, For Industrial. They extend the life of equipment by reducing the wear and tear that occurs when metal rubs against metal. Kubota Synthetic Extreme Duty Grease. 50 Central Illinois Corn Processor Inedible Packer Bleachable Tallow ($/cwt) Chicago 72. Best Temperature Performance: -26 to 177° C (-15 to 350° F) NLGI Grade 2 & NLGI GC-LB. to assign a grade to a grease for succinctly characterizing its nature The grades in this scale are defined so that they span 30 dmm and . Temperature range -10°C to + 70°C. What Is The Grease That Comes With Brake Pads For? One of the most common components included with brake pads is some grease. 9 Grade Bare Steel with Extended Threads; 12. • Grades that do not fit conveniently in other categories • Less than 5% of all paper or board • Examples are hardboard, asbestos board, thin papers (cigarette tissue, condenser, bible), and dense papers (glassine, grease proof, release, and vegetable parchment). Some customers think grease selection can be complicated and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be. Grade 8 bolts have a tensile strength of 150,000 pounds per square inch. Copper grease is an anti seize compound designed to operate at extremes of temperature. Grease that uses that type of base is indeed compatible with lithium complex grease, according to the compatibility chart you mentioned. Common Grease Types and Characteristics » Glossary of SAE Viscosity Grades for Engine Oils. A lithium grease like this should also work in your grinder bearings. Yes, Vigogrease is approved as indicated on the attached chart. Ball and roller bearing precision seals, strip wicks, industrial filters and uses requiring thin precision felt. We manufacture greases that are used in a variety of markets and applications. If the grease is too stiff, it will may not feed into areas requiring lubrication. GREASE NLGI 3 is a light colour heavy duty. XL Grease Trap 100 GPM - CAD Drawing 1 - Load Rated Cover XL Grease Trap 100 GPM - CAD Drawing 2 - In Ground Installation XL Grease Trap 100 GPM - CAD Drawing 3 - Load Rated Cover XL Grease Trap 100 GPM - CAD Drawing 4 - M Rated Cover. NLGI grades do not overlap and there are companies that offer some greases in half grades ( NLGI 1. 1 Speed Ratings and Speed Factors 82 4. Additionally, the SKF bearing grease selection chart provides you with a complete overview of SKF greases. the NLGI grade rises and the grease will appear more stiff. Free shipping - all orders! TRUEGARD 960 NSF Certified Food-Grade Propylene Glycol Inhibited Coolant 100% Concentrate - 55 Gallon Drum. In the April 2009 issue of Triathlete, in the Tech Support column, there was an article that mentioned ceramic (hybrid) bearings and recommended a Grade 3 bearing or better. Kerry walks you through how to grease and check your gas golf car's grease fittings. shown for reference Viscosity grade comparison chart''grease compatibility chart the lubricant store june 21st, 2018 - grease compatibility chart grease compatibility chart this table is to be used as a reference only compatibility testing is the only way to verify compatibility''Kluber Grease Cross Reference Chart Pdfsdocuments2. Simply click on the picture of the fitting to see a table of prices and sizes available. Thickeners The thickener acts like a sponge. Grease Worker: A device designed to apply shear to a grease. Elixir Synthetic Blend Calcium Sulfonate Grease • Blue Hi-Temp Grease • Pro Tac Plus Grease Please consult the Performance Application Chart, the Inspection Data Table for the appropriate product or NLGI Grade 2 2 2 2 3. Filtra-Traps large ultra-fine removable filtration basket makes the grease trap very easy to clean & maintain. 2019 – NLGI Grease Life Tester Download. j-1899,sae grade 60 ( mil-l-22851d ) aso w120 ad 120 sae-j-1899 grade multigrade (mil-l-22851) aso w15-w50 g-3545 c asg 5 royco 45 prf-24139a (mil-g-7711a) asg 6 prf-24139a (mil-g-7711a) asg 7 beacon 325 mobil grease 27 royco 27 castrolease ai g-25537c asg 14 royco 37 prf-81322g, dod-g-24508a asg 22 unitemp 500 mobil grease 28 royco 28cf/22 cf. It delivers excellent oxidation stability and bearing protection at operating temperatures up to 350°F (177°C). Jacobs Corporation Pro Roll Food Grade Grease is NSF certified Food Grade (H1) and Orthodox Union certified Kosher for Passover and year-round use. Basic grease selection table Generally use if: Speed: rotational speed 1) up to 300 000 2) Temperature: 50 to 100 °C (120 to 230 °F) Load: C/P ~8 3) LGMT 2: General purpose: Unless: Expected bearing temperature continuously > 100 °C (210 °F) LGHP 2: High temperature. Kubota Lubricants Maintenance Tables. Synthetic Oil Viscosity & Compatibility Chart Materials Compatibility of Synthetic Lubricant Base Oils Water Milk SAE 10 Motor Oil Viscosity–Temperature Range for Synthetic Lubricant Base Oils LOWER VISCOSITY GRADES NOT AVAILABLE EXCESSIVE VOLATILITY Acetone 0. TORQUE-TENSION RELATIONSHIP FOR A307A, GRADE 5, 8 & 9 BOLTS Locknut Size Threads per inch Steel Hex Locknut Steel Hex Flange Nut Grade C FNL Grade 9 Grade F Grade G Clamp Load (lbs. For high-speed greases for rolling element …. The NLGI consistency/grade is a unit of measure of the relative hardness of a lubrication grease. Food processing, very high temperatures, long grease life for moderate loads, manufactured in a facility registered to the requirements of ISO 21469. This boat trailer bearing grease is highly recommended for boat trailer owners who would like to invest in a product that could provide them with maximum lubrication. A measure of the stiffness of a grease. Shell Gadus Kiln Seal Grease is a premium grade lithium complex based sealant formulated specifically for the mineral sands industry. 2 consistency formulated to outperform ordinary No. Lubricants of a given ASTM or BSI grade are slightly more …. In particular, this type of grease is manufactured from graphite to provide specific functionality. Food grade lubricant Material No. V:\eng\ACAD_STD\Technical Details\G - Grease Trap Details\G-02 - Grease Trap Details. Greases are classified into nine consistency grades (000, 00, 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) established by the National Lubrication and Grease Institute . HUSKEY HTL-500 Ultra Low Grease #0. Valve Lubricants PRODUCTS Valve Lubricants Winter/Arctic Grade Lubricants Everlast 1 Winter Grade Low Temp Multi-Purpose Description Everlast 1 Winter Grade is a low temp synthetic lubricant for use in valves carrying aliphatic hydrocarbon liquids and gasses, including kerosene, fuel oils, crude distillates (sweet or sour), water, condensate, LPG systems, dilute acids and caustics. Need to Know: Grease Consistency. Choice white grease specifications; TER Min o C 36. com Subject: Metric Bolt Classes Keywords: Metric Bolt Grades; Metric Bolt Classes; Bolt Grade Markings and strength chart; Metric bolt tensile strength; Metric Bolt Identification; Bolt class 4. VacOil is quickly becoming the nation’s choice for affordable vacuum pump oil & grease. The flow chart on the next page can be used to determine what type of grease interceptor is allowed, whether. The grade makes all the difference in cheese cloth thus explaining the varying cheesecloth uses. Fine clearance and high speed spindles. Big ball bearings on your DC motors should also do well on a polyurea NLGI 2 grease, but the Lithium grease would also work well. NLGI Grade is a widely used classification for lubricating greases. Fundamental - Viscosity Kluber Grease vs ProOne EP 2 Kluber Grease Cross Reference Chart Lubricant Brand Cross Reference Find equivalent products by brand using our oil cross reference chart. Recommended Oil and Grease Cross Reference Chart. 8 When supplied for use with CTS and Australian Standard copper, Gasket Grades "E," "EHP" and "T" will feature a copper color stripe in addition to the color code listed in this chart. This makes it more adherent than oil alone and ideal for preventing corrosion. backed by esp lubriplate lubricants co. Ideal for a wide range of loads, speeds, and designs. Falk LTG is highly resistant to separation, easily outperforming all other. Passive Grease Traps require time for the FOG to separate and settle from the wastewater (detention time). Grease traps/grease interceptors are to be installed at a minimum distance of 10 ft. The are different requirements for "marine" grease depending upon where it is applied. This is the right companion for you if you wish to protect your treasured possession against freshwater and marine environments. Also suitable for gate hinges, garage door mechanisms, etc. This grease comes in cartridges that only work with our Controlled-Use Food-Grade Lever-Grip Grease Guns to make sure that the right grease is used in food-processing areas. ECO LUBRICANTS MOBIL EQUIVALENT CHEVRON EQUIVALENT SHELL EQUIVALENT CASTROL EQUIVALENT TOTAL EQUIVALENT GULF EQUIVALENT LUKOIL EQUIVALENT Orca 5070 Mobilgard 570 Taro. SF-50 Multi-purpose mineral grease. As you may know, people have search numerous times for their favorite novels like this kluber grease cross reference chart sdocuments2, but end up in infectious downloads. Grease Thickener Type Incompatibility (Observations of failed clutch release bearings ) 000 Fluid Cooking oil 00 Fluid Applesauce 0 Very Soft Brown mustard 1 Soft Tomato paste. Clarion Food Machinery Greases No. 5 Marine Grease #2 Polyurea Al Complex Silicone Clay Calcium Sulfonate Tube 150 g, 5. Working of the lubricant under actual service conditions causes it to become semifluid while the grease near the seals will set to a heavier grade, helping to prevent leakage. other common grease because high-grade synthetic. Grade/ Process Hot Tack Low Temp. Lubricating Oil, Aircraft Piston Engine (Ash-less Dispersant) Types 2 and 3. Wide temp range, corrosion protection. oils will have a flatter slope. Mineral oils have VIs below 100, PAO synthetic oils around 150, while high. Grades 1 through 4 are often used in rolling contact bearings. CRC Food Grade Silicone Grease is a thin non-curing silicone grease designed for sealing, lubricating and waterproofing o-rings and other rubber and plastic parts in the food processing industry. Grease storage capacity - Calculated based on food type, serveware, customers per day, and pump out frequency. KLUBER KLUBEROIL 4UH1-100 KLUBEROIL 4UH1-150 KLUBEROIL 4UH1-220 KLUBEROIL 4UH1-320 KLUBEROIL 4UH1-460 KLUBEROIL 4UH1-680. The higher the NLGI grade, the thicker the grease. ASACLEAN Grade Selection Guide. Grade: LGMT-3 General Purpose Grease. Grades within this range can operate in a higher temperature range and at higher speeds than NLGI grades 000-0. A grease cartridge is a simpler, cleaner way to load grease into your grease gun. WHY USE REEL OIL AND GREASE? Regular lubrication of your fishing reel is important for its effective performance and long-lasting service. It is formulated to withstand the high temperatures experienced in the rotary kiln’s mechanical seals yet provide an effective seal under heavy loads. DOWSIL™ 700 Industrial Grade Silicone Sealant. ISO Viscosity Grade Viscosity SUS @ 10°F Glazeen Product Castrol Industrial Fuchs Lubricants Mobil Oil Shell; Gear & Bearing Circulation Oil: 32: 135-165: Perlube SYN-GO-32 (1) SCH-624: Omala RL-32 (1) General Purpose Lubricant: 46: 194-236: Perlube RO-46: Molub-Alloy GP 10: Renolin R&O 46: DTE Medium: Turbo T 46: General Purpose Lubricant: 68. Castrol Tribol™ GR 100 PD (previously called Longtime™ PD) is a range of lithium based greases containing highly. The chart shown at the bottom of the page graphically represents the viscosity-temperature relationship of the SAE grading system with lines drawn to show the …. Shell Grease Equivalent Chart formulations for your vehicle, competitor equivalent guide category description grade prolube mobil castrol bp caltex shell fuchs penrite total valvoline gulf western hitec sinopec atlantic diesel engine oil ck 4 15w 2 / 26. lubricants cross reference chart glazeen. To do this you must apply this graphite-based grease. Rust and oxidation inhibitors are also often added. Grease compatibility charts have been developed and circulated since the 1980s without much alteration. PDF Grease Product Comparison Chart. General Specification for Wire Rope. 9 Grade Bare Steel; A2/A4 Stainless Steel; DIN 933 / ISO 4017 Fully Threaded Hex Cap Screw. It can help to extend component life through its exceptional load-carrying and EP properties from fortification using 5% molybdenum disulphide and its excellent wear and corrosion protection. Our Food Grade lubricants are formulated specifically for each type of equipment application in the food and beverage industry. This grease is designed for marine enviroment. • Grease is a solid-to-semifluid mixture of a fluid lubricant, a. Akin, in Corrosion Control in the Aerospace Industry, 2009 Dropping point. Graphited Grease Semi-fluid waterproof grease with added graphite for brake cables, chains and road leaf springs. Grease Institute (NLGI) consistency grade is defined, as shown in Table 1. The amount of thickener concentration and base oil viscosity greatly influences the NLGI grade of the finished grease. A commercial restaurant kitchen, grease, exhaust, type-1, vent hood is essentially comprised of three main components: 1) the Shell of the Hood, 2) the Baffled, Grease Filters, and 3) the Trough at the bottom of the Filters. Because the structure is stabilized without water, it can be used up to about 100°C. 8 inches with the stock extended and 22. It is dielectric, food grade, clean and environmentally friendly. Mobilux EP 3 is a stiffer NLGI grade 3 grease recommended for applications where maximum protection against penetration of water or solid contaminants is required. Coat weight of 25g/m2 per side, with gloss level over 80%, surface feels smooth and shiny, superb printing quality, suitable for high-quality picture books, product catalogues, and refined printing products. Mystik® Grease Product Application and Performance Chart GREASES NLGI GRADE APPROXIMATE TEMPERATURE RANGE, °F CERTIFICATIONS THICKENER COLOR DROPPING POINT RANGE, °F % MOLY OIL VIS @40. We have several search tools, listed above, that give you more efficient methods to reach the information that you need. 5 1 kg can LGMT 3/1 5 kg can LGMT 3/5 18 kg pail LGM. shell grease equivalent chart shell grease equivalent. EZ LUBE food grade white grease is a high purity complex white grease with superior heavy-duty metal to metal characteristics. 2, Heat-resistant grease for very large loads. GREASE COMPATIBILITY CHART. Grade 3 is an average rank for jujutsu sorcerers to have, especially students. A grease with an NLGI grade of 1 has a consistency like tomato paste, where a grease with an NLGI grade of 3 has a consistency more like butter. This makes it ideal for many nut, bolt and press fit applications. The grease offers excellent adhesion which helps it stay in place and useful on exposed gear trains. First, for both approaches the. Synthetic Grease for Aircraft Containing Molybdenum Disulfide. For rubber and plastic applications see Compatibility Chart below under Data Sheet section. Grease replacement volume for plain bearings is influ-enced by several key factors that influence the replenishment requirement (flow rate) for a plain bearing, including lubri-cant product type (oil, grease), grade (ISO viscosity, NLGI grade), sealing integrity, shaft and element size and surface. Ideally suited for Harmonic Drive® gears size 17 and smaller. An extreme pressure (EP) grease. Refer to following chart for an at-a-glance comparison:. 340580 Rev A • 2/10 • Printed in. Mobil SHC ™ Grease 101 EAL,102 EAL. Castrol SBX 2 Grease has a drop point (min) of 250oC and has a load carrying capacity exceeding 800kg under 4-Ball weld load tests. What Does Grease Color Mean and How Does it Affect. 2 1/4"- 28 straight thread fittings. Some customers think grease selection can be complicated and confusing, but it doesn't have to be. oil and the additive technology used, properties of greases vary. is a National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) #1 grade. Nippon Grease’s SLCV assures the traceability to the National Measurement Standards and is the only standard which comply with Japanese Industrial Standards (“JIS”). Using proper lubricant table and viscosity grade, grease the bearings and purge the seals with one of the NLGI. This document contains these tables: The Lubricant table contains the recommended lubricant type and capacity for Haas machine components. NLGI Grease Consistency Greases are formed by mixing the base oil with a thickener to form a grease. military-grade formulation has a broad range of extreme high and low-temperature performance (-90 F to +450 F). In the fields below, add the length, width, and height of each sink compartment. Isel Lubricant Finder — finding the right oil or grease to fit your customers’ needs. ECO LUBRICANTS TABLE OF EQUIVALENTS. This reference chart is no representation or otherwise extended lubrication intervals is not affect performance greases. Our VacOil brand brings the highest quality vacuum fluids to help your system run better, longer, and with less maintenance and expense than you would experience with lesser quality vacuum fluids. 3 Types and sizes of grease fittings. This chart compares the physical fuel properties and considerations associated with gasoline/E10, low sulfur diesel, biodiesel, propane, compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, ethanol, methanol, hydrogen, and electricity for use as vehicle fuels. Viscosity Grade Comparisons Motor Bearing Grease.