how to tap into rear speakers for subs. I'm guessing the easiest way is to tap into the rear door . From there you would run from the ‘Bass Output’ to the bass amp. I haven't done it yet, so I don't know the exact size of the opening. I tapped at the pillars between the doors and ran to under the back seats. Do not tap on the oem sub amp or rear deck speakers. How To Ford Escape Stereo Wiring Diagram. A TS-VX700 is a surface-mounted wedge-type rear speaker. To do that, we will be tapping the audio of the rear, right speaker, isolating the bass, connecting it to the amplifier, then the speakers. Time to get busy installing some car audio goodies inside the Toyota Corolla, everyone!!! Today we'll show how to connect and hook up a stock radio to a powe. Mar 26, 2008 · Guys, I am looking to install the system that I had in my 96 . The sub is 8ohms on each connection. Have run it without speakers and it worked fine, but it really does not affect the speaker you tap into. I want it clean, if not is there a harness where I can still utilize the factory bose amps with a new head unit? Thanks. So instead of tapping into both rear speakers for the adapter I can just tap into that single plug thats there. ANC only goes to the factory sub woofer in a 4 cylinder. Run those wires to the high level input on a small amp. 8cu I tapped into the rear speaker wires at the base of each b-pillar. Now for the audio signal for the sub. There is no need to tap into the rear speaker wires if you use the harness from the link I posted. 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi QC 4x4. - 6-pin - This harness provides connections to the Rear Speakers. Links for items you need:Line Out Converter: http://amzn. In this case, you can just tap into the speaker wires behind your stereo, or possibly the rear deck speakers. Door speakers replaced with MB Quart Q series. If your car has a factory sub, . The (2 channel) rear speakers will provide all the signal needed to convert from high to low level RCA. D danssts Registered Cadillac Joined Nov 17, 2006 52 Posts Discussion Starter · #3 · Mar 27, 2008 Okay cool thats what I was thinking too. to/2ep0Enm1100 Watt Amplifier (GREAT DE. Wire color for the right rear is brown/white (+) and brown/blue (-) and left rear is white/green (+) and brown/yellow (-). If it doesn’t have high-level inputs, you can use a basic line-out converter that ties into the speaker wires and turns them into an output. The RCA cables go to a Hifonics ZRX1216. Hey guys, I want to tap into my stock speaker wires, but I cannot for the life of me find the right wires to tap into. So I'll need only to tap the rear speakers, for a music signal and remote turn on for my sub. Numerous people across the forums have attested to much better performance of the sub when tapping the front speakers. The amp has the ability to just connect speakers to it, so I am planning on just tapping into the rear speakers and running them to the amp. Tap More options (the three vertical dots) in the top right corner of the screen. Determine mounting location by test fitting the Hideaway in desired locations. Please make sure you tap into the subwoofer channels as described below. I decided before I go through the effort of removing seats again and returning the amp, I would try to tap the speaker wires in my rear doors, and it worked fine. I had the same question about installing a sub to factory radio, my wife has an 05 Altima with a factory Bose 6 speaker system that I really don't won't tear into, and it sounds pretty good, I would just like to alitte low end maybe a 8'' or maybe a 10'', not looking for a ground pounder , There is what looks to be a small amp mounted under the back deck lid, could I just tie in to the wiring. When I had my LC2i setup I tapped into the Boston Acoustics SGII 8" subwoofer connection and ran that into the left channel input of the LC2i, RCA out to sub amp. I just don’t know where the best location to get the audio signal from. The molded carpet is stiff as heck, but it's back there. It actually sounds great and makes way more bass than I. I would suggest you use the left rear and right rear since you're installing 2 subs. Is it possible to tap the rear door speaker wires for my LOC?. Now you have two pairs of wire from both rear speakers four in total, connect the positive speaker . pardon my ignorance, but is this an acceptable place to tap into the rear speaker lines to connect to a powered sub with speaker level . A little more complicated answer, personally I wouldn't grab the factory sub signal. Reply Like 04-19-2012, 12:27 AM. The ground will be no problem, but I . Yes, you can take the rear speakers and convert them to wireless speakers. Waiting for PAC Audio to release a Amp Pro 4 to plug into the stock head unit to do a full audio build. I am just wondering if T-Taps are reliable or if I need to solder the wires together. Step #3: Connect the ground wire. B) The wire colors for the left rear speaker are in the driver side harness as And did you tap into the rear sub channels or the mids. Installing subwoofers+amp to factory wiring while keeping. There is a situation when you tap signal at the rear speakers for bass amplifiers. Easiest way to add subs/amp to stock stereo. look in the harness before the b-pillars, in the front door sills. When you have subs in the trunk with the rear speakers, the bass from the subs make the Rear Speaker Cones MOVE; sometimes these cone movement is translated to the signal adapter creating a Oscillation wave in the Audio signal. If you have existing speaker wires in the area where the subwoofer will be installed, connect them with a subwoofer wire. I can play a test noise on an app at 40Hz and do hear it in the sub so the low frequency is being sent to the rear but as I up the test noise to 70Hz the sub gets noticeably louder. This sends all the bass to the front speaker terminals where the sub is connected as well as the left and right front speakers. I added a powered sub under the driver seat. Then did the same with the negatives. A subwoofer can be connected to speaker level outputs by default when a subwoofer output connection is not available, such as on older receiver models. Here is the diagram (thanks to E90post member etik) : HIFI System Amplifier to Speakers SUB LEFT Red/White +. The upper door speakers are still covered by what is left of the door panels, but that does not have to. Just installed my LC2i in my Si today, and tapped into only the subwoofer line in the trunk. I'm hoping T-Taps will be sufficiant and if you guys would. It’s just a simple little converter that ties into your speaker wires and provides RCA inputs. Anyone know which is the best way to do it?. Tapping into the fronts lets you fade your speakers to the front without reducing the sub’s output. Wire the new sub by cutting the factory harness off and splicing it to a length of speaker wire which wires directly into the subwoofer. Make any necessary adjustments, if needed, and proceed to finalize your install. I want to add my 2 x 12" speakers and sub box into the cargo area. There is a situation when you tap signal at the rear speakers for bass amplifiers When you have subs in the trunk with the rear speakers, the bass from the subs make the Rear Speaker Cones MOVE; sometimes these cone movement is translated to the signal adapter creating a Oscillation wave in the Audio signal [sIGPIC] [/sIGPIC]Todd Zier. The factory sub harness is underneath the rear seat. Best place to tap into rear speakers? Color of wires?. unless it is the 8 speaker Bose. You don't have to worry about overloading any wires, the remote wire is to. To do this properly you will need separate amp channels for the satellite speakers, door subs and trunk subs with a crossover built into the amps. A quick demonstration of how I added a 12 inch subwoofer to my factory stereo allowing me to maintain steering wheel controls and other Factory features whil. You can also tap into the rear speaker wires but if you then use the fader to move the sound forward you will loose signal to your subs, . I've seen threads on the forum about tapping into the kick panel speakers to provide signal to the powered sub. But this is all I have at my disposal now, so can I tap into those rear speaker (L/R) wires in order to provide the signal to my amp (speaker-level inputs). However, you will need to purchase bass blockers so that your can't blow your tweeters out. This is the 2012 Dodge Ram 1500 with the premium sound system with the 8 inch factory sub by the way. Plug the speaker wires into the new speaker, then install the speaker to the door. The sub will use its built-in crossover (aka "low pass" filter) to determine the upper limit of the frequencies produced by the subwoofer. I am attempting to power it from an Denon AVR X2600H that has 2 subwoofer outs. The Subwoofer is automatically connected to the Soundbar when it is turned on. In the rear deck, though, the 4" sit in a plastic pod. The amp outputs 150W per channel, power output is said to be 60-95W. Don't recall the color, you can Google or search this site. Splicing into rear speakers for a sub. Hey guys, Want to install a sub into my VE SV6 ute but as cheap as I used the wiring diagram link to tap into rear speaker cables. Currently I have the PS setting off and the sub tapping into the rear speakers. I tapped into mine in the center console using a speaker wire to rca converter. There are tap in connectors, or you can cut and splice . To connect to the rear speaker, simply check the speaker wiring of the rear speakers to tap the audio signal from it. Can anyone tell me if I can access the rear . 10 mounted under the driver seat. I tapped into those same wires, however I did it under the passenger So I just need to tap my LC into the rear - and rear + speakers?. Step 1: Take your home theater receiver and make sure it is unplugged. reason no matter how I wire it, whether I tap the rear speakers. Plan: Tap and get signals from the left right door woofer to use for signal of aftermarket subwoofer. If that option is not available, tap into the channel output that provides a sub frequencies signal; whether it be front or rear channels. com: Rockford Fosgate P300-12 Punch 300 Watt Powered Loaded 12-Inch Subwoofer Enclosure: Car Electronics. Reinstall the deck cover, speaker wires for the tweeters, and speaker grills. Has anyone tapped in to their rear speakers for a sub in a 2013? I read the very helpful thread "Subwoofer install for dummies" but the wire . to tap the rear speakers to hook up a sub amp or line out converter. All other speakers that you actually have will be set as small. It makes zero difference where you tap the speaker wires, so tap them closest to where you're installing the subwoofer. tapping rear speakers fo crew cab to put amp and sub. It also doubles as a Line Out Converter. tapping into speaker wires for line output converter. When it comes to rear speakers, timbre isn’t as important. Whether you are fitting four new speakers, or just adding an extra pair to your existing system, the choice is vast. You'll want to tap the converter in at the front door speakers. all you do is tap the speaker wires and run them to the LOC, then plug your RCA's into the LOC and then the other end of the RCA's to the amp, . I forget the number right now, but it's not hard to find 2. Problem i have we are trying to hook up a subwoofer and we tapped off the rear speaker wires to the amp and the sub works but not very . There are 2 pairs of wires (Red and Gray) and (Green and Black), you can use one pair or both pairs to tap into. Connect the power cord to the AC/DC adapter and link the power cable of the AC/DC adapter with the soundbar. Below are some old speakers and fader controls from Pioneer. Installing a line output converter in your vehicle is relatively easy. I'm tapping into the rear speaker wires to connect the LOC instead of doing it behind the HU. There's no easy way to tap into the signal prior to the amplifier if you have one in your E39, and seeing as you've got just a subwoofer enclosure type solution, then the 'splice' method above is fine for a 'quick' basic connection. I believe the amp is pulling power from the rear sub deck maybe due to distortion. Hey guys, I just recently install a Rockford fosgate p300-10 power sub into my 2017 Kia Forte. wired up to each rear speaker for 2 strong channels split over 3 channel on my JBL 1100w amp with a JBL 1000w sub, i've just got sub speaker to add to the parcel shelf & tweeters for the back seats this is all ruynning with the standard bmw system, the only problem is i cant control the sub volume like i could with my pioneer headunit. If you plan to mount under a front seat, you will want to set subwoofer in the desired location and adjust seat to full limits to see if it will interfere with seat travel. In the 96, i had the signal inputs (rca connectors) tapped into the rear speakers as there are no rca outputs on the back of the stock HU. After peeling back the black tape on the connection of wires, I used 16/18 Gauge Posi-Tap Wire connectors to connect to the speaker wire (Picture #2). Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 1, 2009. Some (many) powered subs have high level inputs, so you can just tap into the rear speaker wires. I was hoping there'd just be an adapter of some sort I could get to plug into the existing harness. a tap from the rear speakers, line converter then onto your subs Thanks, but isn't it that the signal fed to the speakers is void of . Our 2019 Ford Mustang radio wiring guide shows you how to connect car radio wires and helps you when your car radio wires not working. 210W to drive the sub and other 7 satellite speakers, using 3 amplifiers. you can just solder wires onto the factory speaker terminals, or strip back the wire insulation (without cutting it) and tap the wires there. Then from the amps speaker outputs, run a few feet of speaker wire to the sub, but on the end of those wires, put one of these connectors on there so that the sub box just plugs right in. Many other DSPs only have eight output channels, so it can be a limitation if you do three ways in the front, rear speakers, and a subwoofer. As explained in the previous section if you have a 2 channel bridgeable sub amp you will be able to feed your amp’s high inputs from pin# 6 (-)/5 (+) for right speaker and 12 (-) /11 (+) for left speaker. They tap into your speaker wires to turn the speaker signal into an RCA output which is needed to plug into the amp. I just installed the box with an older kicker sub that requires. Either that, or going to use a LC7i and tap into the stock speaker wires for a signal. If it doesn't have high-level inputs, you can use a basic line-out converter that ties into the speaker wires and turns them into an output. If your car has a factory sub, use its speaker wire . Realized I was missing a lot of higher end punch on the sub. I'm trying to visualize the installation for a powered sub which I will locate underneath the front seat. Follow these steps to make the conversion. I just installed one of these powered Fosgate subs in mine. Remove all screws from the panel before you start pulling. So should I take the L+/R+ and the L-/R- from the adapter and connect them to the Dark Green/Tan,Dark Green/Gray respectively and not bother tapping into the right side?. Check the trunk to expose the wires and . I am tapping into my rear speakers for my basslink's amp speaker level input. If you tap that line converter into the rear 6x9's, you won't get the full sub frequencies. The hi/lo converter has a right channels -/+ and a left channel -/+. Some (many) powered subs have high-level inputs, so you can just tap into the rear speaker wires. Use another T-Tap to tap into the green and white 12V line that goes into the armrest storage. In my big horn I had added a sub under the rear seat tapping in to the rear door speakers ran through an lc2 to the amp. You can tap into the rear speaker wires, and run them into your amps High Level inputs. I have seen on several forums that I can 'tap' into the rear speakers and connect to the amp's speaker-level input for. You should always do it that way for the positive. Here is the ignition wire harness. Keeping the Uconnect 5 head unit, I would need to tap into either the front or rear, left and right channels. Initially I had attempted to set up the LC2i by tapping into the speaker wires of the rear driver's side door, but after talking to a coworker and reading other posts on this forum, I decided to run it through the factory wiring harness. You can tap into the rear output INTO a line converter to your amp powering your Sub. Can they be easily tapped @ the door pillars . Guys, I am looking to install the system that I had in my 96 sts (2 12" JBL and a sony amp, standard stuff) into my new 99 sts. If you tap into the wires before the bose amp then you don't have the decrease in bass problem. The factory JBL sub alternates it's signal. i then used the wires going into the amp and used the color chart for the connector and it was easy from there. Thanks 1 - 3 of 3 Posts Recommended Reading. And, again, the ANC does not use the front door speakers. Most panels are held in with clips that will come off with firm force. For now, I'm only interested in where and which are the wires that. If I didn't choose the miniDSP, I could have connected the rear fill speakers directly to the amplifier, but if I ever wanted to make tweaks to the speaker like the gains, I would have to pull the rear seat. This has been the tried-and-true method of installing bass systems to factory stereos for decades. That left/right signal feeds into the line output converter for use with the amplifier of your choice as he goes on to explain. Use the three factory holes to line up the new sub. first time I am installing a subwoofer in my car and I need to connect outline converter in my car radio. I know I wrote this before somewhere, but it's pretty simple. The sub came wired with L and R tap wires. I removed the top screw on the Beats subwoofer and it was easily removed. Doesnt this limit the range of sound by tapping the sub outputs from the I've always just tapped into the rear speakers and used an LOC. I'm about to install some subs in my trunk, and need to tap into R and L rear speakers for speaker level input to my amp. No sound from rear speakers or subwoofer on the HW. Does anyone know where I can tap the rear speaker signal to add a instead of wiring into the Speaker level inputs on my Alpine amp. Where do I tap into the rear speaker wires? Behind the factory head unit?. Due to the shared front channels, the front doors produce slightly less sound than the rear doors, as the rear speakers receive more power per speaker. Tapping Rear Speakers for Powered Subwoofer. I'm adding a slim Pioneer subwoofer to my Nissan Titan. So my question is If I ran the new wires from the front/rear speakers to. Here are two ways you can install an amp and sub combo to your factory system: 1. I have seen on several forums that I can 'tap' into the rear speakers and connect to the amp's . Use the black (I know, weird) wire for you amp ignition. According to my service manual, the red/black is negative and brown orange is positive. A quick fade from front to rear will make this very clear. I use my tv soundbar as my pc sound output via hdmi but now i want to add a subwoofer and i came up with the idea of using 2. I was skeptical of how it would sound being cheap and using the speaker level inputs. I paid $20 for it, i has wires that tap into the speakers and then 2 inputs (red/white) for the amp to hook to. I used this awesome device from crutchfield that plugs right into the head unit and gives you 2 sets of RCA’s, one set for the rear and one for the fronts. Amplifier and 15 Speaker Placement for Model 3 – Premium. But if you are keeping the stock Shaker 500 amp/speaker setup then connect the rear RCA's as mentioned and set the high-pass filter to 50hz to start. The easiest way is to do it from the HU. I decided to tap into the rear speakers so in case I don't want the sub on, I can just fade it to the front speakers. The speakers are 4" all around and a 10" subwoofer. If your amp is capable of high level input you can run the signal that would be going straight to your factory sub into your amp or you can buy a LOC (line output converter) and use that to drop it to a speaker level input. Select your soundbar to access its control menu. Another option on the Sub amp is to get a "line Level Converter" this will allow you to tap into both the left and the right rear speakers . I'll also see if I can find what wires to tap into to add a sub. Either way, this will get signal to the . I'll try to take a pic if I get a chance this weekend. 1 desktop speaker and i wanted to know if i can use it as sub and rear speakers because when i connect an AUX cable to the sub input on soundcard it has the option to choose both sub and rear, and i wondered if it would. We are ready to reconnect the negative cable on our battery. Or could take the signal from the rear door speakers and send it to an LC2i converter. Theses are the rear door speakers. i tapped the rear speakers underneath the cupholders in the center console (gmt800). i plan on pulling my rear speakers out completly and getting some of the wiring adapters for speakers to tap into for the line out convertor. i tapped into both voice coils. This will tell the subwoofer when it should turn itself on. For power, you can tap into the fuse box for 12V and ground somewhere nearby on the body shell. The common misconception is the assumption that subwoofers with have both high/speaker-level inputs AND outputs are typically employing a high-pass filter on the outputs (to main speakers). Looks like the subwoofer out is digital (I believe) to the rear factory amp, so could take the amplified signal coming out of the amp and use a line level converter. How To Tap Into Rear Speakers For Subs? Open the dash plate of your car's rear door, look for the speaker wires, and use an RCA cable to connect the AV receiver with input and output options and connect it with the power source. i thought i could tap into the wires going into the left speaker but found out that didn't work. In that case, you will need to purchase an active subwoofer. Crutchfield said i'd have to tap into the wiring harness to hook up the line out converter. Powering two JL 10W1v3-4 subs under the rear seat. The front and rear outputs have bass roll-off at higher volumes. However, it can also be done intentionally when listening to music and seeking a more accurate, natural bass with no lag. I'll be using the LOC for my subwoofers only. If you do not have a factory amplifier installed, then you can either interface at each rear speaker and tap into the lead there, or you can interface with the speaker output wires at the receiver (recommended). If I use Forscan to remove the frequency restrictions to the rear /roll bar speakers, does it give those speakers full range? In theory if it did, you could use those to tap into for Subs/amps/etc couldn't you? 2. For non sub systems I'd just tap off of the rear speakers. All done! I ended up tapping into the rear speakers for signal to the LC2i, it was pretty easy for the most part as everything was in the trunk. How to add extra car speakers. the rear speakers in my regular cab are mounted low on the floor and i cant even hear them. So are people wiring up the LOC to the rear speakers or the sub wires? I'm new to it and I just was not super impressed with the rear speaker . I have to ask though, I find it hard to believe that removing all the trim and then the radio to get to those connectors could be easier than just tapping the rear speaker wires on their way to the rear speakers. icetraxx Member 55 Posted March 26, 2010. The amp has speaker level inputs; do I just tap into one of the rear speakers to get the signal? I'm putting a sub in the trunk of my son's 1991 . Connect your battery and turn on the stereo to ensure the amplifier, stereo, and speakers are working as expected. I was also told in order to hook up the sub amp, i'd run an rca cable from the outputs of the 4-channel to the inputs of the 2-channel. The majority of bass notes hit really hard! But I'm disappointed that the lower bass notes in some songs is drastically decreased. The ‘Bass Output’ has a low-pass filter starting at 1kHz, and the PFM roll’s-off the low end at 33Hz. 4) Connect speaker wire to the subwoofer enclosure terminals. Can anyone tell me what wires to tap into for the RCA adapter I'm installing to Most people just tap into the rear deck speaker wires. I bought 2 channel outline converter from e bay and I need to tap into factory cable speakers but not sure with speakers I should tap. I don't have anything major thats going to shake the car just a couple small 12's that sound real good all around for different types of music so I can keep the bass level down and get a touch better SQ out of the stock speakers. The amp has speaker level inputs; do I just tap into one of the rear speakers to get the signal? I'm putting a sub in the trunk of my son's 1991 Toyota Camry, the rear deck speakers are right there. Also, the rears still sound great even with the amp sharing their L+R signals. I've already replaced my 6 factory speakers on my 4 door big bend and would like to add a amp and sub, or powered sub. Not sure why this is happening, any ideas??. Wiring, Stereo & Electronics - Sub Crossover Wiring with Stock Stereo - I'm hooking up a single 10 sub and amp. B TS-R800 mounts into the rear parcel shelf. and that is all the sub is used for in 2010 to 2017 2. Open the SmartThings app on your phone. Crimp the factory speaker wires to new connectors to attach to your new speakers. Do we need to tap both rear speakers for a subwoofer in the trunk or do both rear speakers get the same signal? I am thinking I need to tap both, as my sub only gets signal from the right rear and I swear there are some bass notes it's not getting that come from the left stereo channel. I’m also pretty sure that the fronts are getting a stronger and/or less-processed signal than the rears, based on how quiet the rear output is, even if you upgrade the speakers. Fur those whom have already did this, where did you tap into the existing . It's a lot harder to physically . Tapping into the rear speaker channels will not yield the low frequencies the subwoofer needs. Reinstall the D-pillar covers, and the installation is complete! Figure 9. If the subwoofer does not have a power cord, then it is a passive subwoofer. The signal will be in mono but that's fine for subs. Add Aftermarket Speakers w/ Sub. They were the easiest to get to, and I didn't want to assume that the rear deck speakers received full signal. Hook up both channels going into your Line Output Convertor to the sub in the rear deck. I do not have bose, I have already purchased a LOC, when you say tap the rear speakers are you referring to in the trunk, or in the back . Converting Rear Surround Sound Speakers to Wireless. So all that's left now is to connect our speaker wire from the amp to the sub, and I've got some speaker wire right here, and we'll go ahead and strip the wire speaker wire. Since my amp does not support speaker-level inputs, I am using a speaker to line level converter that will be tied into the Rear speakers, allowing me to use Fade to fine-tune how much sub I get. I've seen multiple setups where the person used 1 set of rca to speaker adaptors and tapped into the rear sub speaker wire. I am installing an amp for a sub in my 2011 F-150 with the factory HU. The remote wire can be hooked up to any wire that turns + when the ignition clicks on. Ignore the ground tap in this photo, it was for a different project. I saw some people mention tapping into the harness in the back but they what goes to the rear speakers, and those are what you want. #2 · Nov 10, 2004 you have to get piece that connects to it, i forget what its called, but your local sound place would have one. * SR and SR+ believed to be accurate – info from other owners. I don't mind soldering, but it won't be fun soldering a seperate wire onto an intact wire inside my trunk. subwoofer issue 2009-Current Z4 Forum (E89) General Discussion. 2019 Ford Mustang Radio Wiring Diagram. I removed the cover between the doors (search site or Google), used "T taps" from O'Rielly auto parts, and taped/spliced the wires into the rear speaker wires - you do not need to strip the wires. I am thinking of buying another line output converter, then tap the sub wires BEFORE they hit the sub amp. Either way, this will get signal to the powered sub’s built-in amp. The Amp has speaker-level inputs. Follow the steps below: 1) Make sure that your radio is off so that you can un-screw your speakers and tap into the wires that run to the radio. "On the base 6 speaker system, the subwoofer is not used for reproducing audio. The 'Bass Output' has a low-pass filter starting at 1kHz, and the PFM roll's-off the low end at 33Hz. I've searched everywhere on the web and I really don't seem to find anything (probably not searching right). I used a high to low audio converter to make rca inputs to the amp. If you are tapping into the two rear speakers then a possible test would be to see if the high pass output from the LC2i is sending out any signal. Most of them sense a signal and come on. I have mine tapped to the rear speakers and it sounds fine. I added a Rockford Fosgate 12" ported sub with a 500W RMS amp but am pretty disappointed in the sound . Clean up all wiring, secure the line output converter, and reinstall the stereo. Set the volume on the back of the active subwoofer to the middle position. front speakers or head unit or PAC-Audio adapter). Again, refer to the link below to figure out which color wires to interface with. 4 twisted pairs with orange/brown grounds are coming from the front the blue/black and yellow/black are the rear channels. If it doesn't have high level inputs, you can use a basic line out converter that ties into the speaker wires and turns them into a rca output. Tap Menu (the three horizontal lines), and then tap All devices. While there are a few sub models that have this, unless it’s fairly explicit on the back then the assumption should be that the outputs are sending full. C TS-X30 is a surface-mounted rear speaker. Spencer, he's using each positap to tap one wire each, one wire for each rear speaker signal polarity (rear right +, rear right -, rear left +, rear left -). Try this before spending $80 on a PAC adapter or running wires from the front!! Sparkman #3372 Registered. I could not get a signal, so thinking I had a problem amp, I got a replacement, and same thing. im my 2011 I have the alpine system and I used a line out converter and tapped into the sub plug that was for the oem sub. Tap speaker wires into the rear door speaker wires in the b-pillar. Ok yea the connector is just chillin there in the middle. With small speakers with 4-inch or smaller woofers, you. From there you would run from the 'Bass Output' to the bass amp. I hooked directly into the head unit, instead of coming off the rear speakers. Tap into your rear speakers in your trunk. I'm currently adding 2 American Bass VFL-8D sub under the rear seat? Yes you can tap into the rear door speakers and have them work as . Quick Answer: How To Connect A Subwoofer To A Receiver. 6 feet of speaker wire, 16 gauge Wire taps -- Posi-Products Connector Kit 6 pieces Posi-Tap 16-18 Gauge (only need 4 of them, pos/neg for both back speakers) Sub grill to protect the sub, not necessary but I got it anyway Mini "add a fuse" adapter to tap into the fuse box for the remote wire Additional items to have: Electrical tape. But, what I want to know is where the easiest location is to tap into the rear speaker wires to run wire to the hi level inputs (or install . I am keeping my factory radio, installing new front/rear speakers, new 14ga speaker wiring with the addition of a pair of subs and a 5 channel amp. The Best Way to Tap Into Rear speakers for subs. the signal is strong enough to tap the rear with a loc, but from an installation point of view, the c2a-chy is very easy to use and you don't have to go tapping into the fuse box for a turn on for your amp. Tapping rca from rear speakers for sub. The Creative system outputs 3x70W, i. Just curious if I can add a sub to the bose system without changing the head unit or tapping into the rear speakers. Two different shops recommended these methods. Also, tap and get signals from the rear door speakers 4” to get signal for the two door tweeters and two rear shelf speakers. Hi I'm going to wire in my old subwoofer which has high level (speaker) inputs.