surface dock issues. If the issue persists, test the following. Dock 2 has two monitors connected + mouse/keyboard and headset connected through USB hub. Surface Dock - Dual display issues Posted by Soupy127. However, first I’d suggest powering down and unplugging the dock from power for a bit before restarting. User came in this morning and neither monitor would be recognized. 5mm jack, the audio device may not be detected right away. Document Details ⚠ Do not edit this section. If you're like most Surface Pro users with monitor issues, you've searched the Internet for a solution. 5mm, no extensions, no hubs, just direct connection from speakers to dock. Select and run surface dock registry. I see regular issues with USB devices - mouse would stop working for a second (jerking moves), keyboard stop typing, i would breaking up on conf calls using headset. Surface Dock 2 turns your Surface into a powerful desktop PC. This is a Windows issue that will be greatly fixed in the Fall Creators Update (free update) coming soon. Camera flickering with MS Surface Dock and Logitech Group. Consider the following scenario: You have external monitors that are connected to a docking station. Check your power strip indicator light. I am sorry that you are experiencing problems in running Surface Dock Firmware update @gchirlin. When using the Surface Pro 4 using 1 monitor connected to the Surface Dock, no display issue. If the Surface Dock didn't update its firmware, try these same steps with another Surface device running the latest version of Windows 10 or Windows 11. I have tried swapping the cable with a DP-1. Or for Microsoft to make a pull request to the Linux kernel with the fixes for their hardware. The Surface Dock is a great piece of hardware that every Surface PC owner should have, as it offers additional connectivity options while keeping the device itself as portable as it’s supposed. Troubleshoot Surface Dock Surface Dock isn't connecting to your external monitor. UPDATE - 5 Nov 2017 Amazon sent me a replacement unit after informing them that Microsoft instructed me that it is not possible to roll-back the firmware update to the previous version. Several users have reported recently that they’re facing a ton of issues getting their Microsoft Surface Dock 2/3 to work with their dual monitor config. Surface Book 3 & Surface Dock 2- External Monitor Issues (4 different laptops) All of the monitors have flickering issues with both usb-c dongles to hdmi. Under Choose the download you want, select the latest version of the Surface Dock Firmware Update. Built to maximize efficiency at the office, in a flexible workspace, or at home, Surface Dock 2 features seven ports, including two front-facing USB-C ports, with 15. It works but it flickers at times and goes black from time to time. I have fixed these issues the following ways: Rotating the Surface Dock Adapter the opposite direction. Surface Pro 2017 when plugged into dock with external monitors plugged in all screens go black and system is unresponsive. 0, available now from the Surface Tools for IT page at the Microsoft Download Center. The file name will start with Surface_Dock_FWUpdate_ and a version number, and it will have a. The best fix at least for a few machines has been to power off the dock fo 30 seconds and then plug it back in, this is after reboots of the surface itself have made no difference. Buy Microsoft Surface Dock 2. Applies for all current 2021 Surface products#1: You need a 4K Monitor for the best experience 00:53#2: Your Monitor may not go to sleep. You can download the latest stuff through this official resource site. Same on Surface Book 1 but then when i disconnect Dock from Surface the LAN led start blinking. Twice so far I was able to unplug one monitor, get things working and then plug the second in and things seemed fine. P2715Q, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Dock issues Hi, This is a question for DELL Chris-M. If your Surface 3 starts running slowly compared to past performance, there could be several different causes. This is a not a Surface-specific issue BTW and affects many brands and docking stations. Should you buy a Surface Dock 2 for the Surface Pro 7. Clear external display cache: · 4. Image problems on the display (1/3 of picture is shaking). com: Microsoft Surface Dock (Pd9. It will work for one monitor, but will not display the second monitor no matter what I try. If you are unable to use the external monitor, it is recommended. display output is a test color pattern. The update is only available for. Battery depleted Surface won't charge using Surface Dock. Switching over to an active adapter: · 3. Cumulative and current firmware and drivers for the Surface Dock 2. Restart your Surface, reconnect the Dock and/or monitors, and try your external display again. A power problem, a flaky Surface Dock, and thermal issues—users have suffered through quite a bit. When I connect the laptop directly to the U4919DW via USB Type-C, DDM (Dell Display Manager) works as intended. I am running a i7 Surface Book with the upgraded gpu. And I haven't had any issues during everyday computing. However, the Surface Dock power supply provides only 90 watts (W. Installing the latest updates for your Surface, including updates to Windows and accessories like the docking station, may help fix problems. We are in the process of getting ready to deploy Surface Pro 4's with Windows 10 and we've come across a major issue with the new Surface Docks. It would happen mostly when under network load such as downloading. I have an issue with 2 surface docks that is doing my absolute head in, 2 directors one of which is a SurfaceBook (original) the other is a SurfaceBook 2 have an issue were some mornings there monitors just arent detected when plugged into dock. This new update includes fixes for external display stability issues when Surface Dock is used with Su. I have the Surface Book and the new Dock. If I boot the program on the Surface Book using the NVIDIA and drag it to a different screen, the program is choppy to the point it is unusable. If that doesn't help, download the dock updater tool and make sure the dock firmware is up to date. This is what happens often when resuming from sleep or sometimes after Surface Dock 2 randomly loses connection for a few seconds during active use. Place your Surface in the docking station and make sure the docking station is getting power. Since about mid-2018 we have seen an increasing number of issues with the Surface Docks (all first gen although I have seen other MS Answer pages which indicate issue is also present on 2nd gen and third party docks) and have. This is clearly not true as the U4919DW is working fine AND the Device Manager in Windows shows the U4919DW connected. I've tried the suggestion to remove battery drivers and do a hard reset of computer. If the Surface Dock didn't update with the Updater tool, try … another Surface device running Windows 10 Pro. Microsoft Surface is portable and easy to use. Download the Surface Updater tool and use it to update your Surface Dock, then follow the Surface isn't charging while. To get it to stop, I need to restart my Surface (sometimes more than once). Microsoft's Surface Pro 7 arrived in 2019, but if you're facing issues with any Surface device or Windows 10 PC, here are quick fixes for many common problems. Solution 4 — Clear your display cache to fix display issues. Restart your Surface, reconnect it to the Surface Dock, and try your external display again. If your dock still isn't working Disconnect and reconnect your Surface device After installing the update, you must disconnect the Surface device from the dock and reconnect it. Surface Dock troubleshooting guide · Solution 1 — Update your Surface Dock · Solution 2 — Update your computer · Solution 3 — Fix keyboard and . Flickering screen, unable to log back in after a meeting, out of memory, reorganising the screen layout, etc. Quick video guide on how to fix the weird network issues where the wired Ethernet connection would suddenly disconnect for a couple of seconds. I thought maybe it was the cord but I changed it and had the same issue. Surface Bae 2 fixes How to fix Surface Book 2 base docking problems The Surface Book 2 continues the revolution for versatile computing form factors, but it isn't without its problems. This file will clear your cache, whether you have a dock or not. 0 fast data ports, type-C, 4K HDMI and 4K DP, 1080P VGA , Gigabit Ethernet, the surface pro hub with Micro USB, 3. However, first I'd suggest powering down and unplugging the dock from power for a bit before restarting. If after trying out the settings des. Troubleshooting instructions for the Surface Dock · Solution 1: Update your Surface Dock · Solution 2: Make sure your computer is up to date. If a Surface Book 2 is operated under load (e. gaming) on a dock, there are also issues with the power supply. I am running a Surface Book, Dock and 2 monitors and have the exact same issue. 2 off) Surface Book mDP out --> Dell mDP to DP cable --> #2 Monitor DP in (DP 1. Do you regularly disconnect your dock? I'm wondering if disconnecting the dock and/or power cycling the Surface and/or the Dock is what got it to trigger. The samsung monitors im trying to connect are Samsung 27' curved monitors Model LC27F398FWNXZA. Can't get second monitor to work on Surface Dock 2. Connect to the normal surface charger, solid white light, wait 5 mins, gets a bit of charge and . I have a surface pro 7, Surface Dock 2 with USB-C to HDMI adapters from Anker, the exact model is Anker | PowerExpand+ USB C to HDMI Adapter. Update Surface Dock firmware and drivers: · 2. Might be useful info to the next person that stumbles upon this thread. 3 Make sure Windows is completely up to date. If you still don't see what you expect on your second screen, try Solution 7. Shop online and read reviews for Microsoft Surface Dock V2 ( for Surface Pro 8/7/7+/6/5 Surface Book 2 /3 ,Surface Laptop 1/2/3/4 and Surface Go 3/2/1 ) . I'm on the Insider Preview Edition that is testing the new scaling features and it works fantastic! It's about time!!. Honestly it could just be a bad dock. First published on TECHNET on Feb 14, 2018 We've released a new version of the Surface Dock Updater, v2. Some users have reported that making the switch from passive. Here's how Microsoft could make it up to them. Microsoft's official take on Surface Dock update issues, from a related support page:. I bought a brand new one for one of my users. Eventually it gets to the point. The most common fixes are pretty easy and include: Make sure you have all Windows 10 updates installed. Download the Surface Dock registry file and open it. Have any of you experienced numerous display issues related to the new generation of Microsoft Surface Dock 2's with USB-C outputs for video and specifically the Surface Laptop 3's with dual displays. After a while it connects again but continues t. Microsoft investigating Surface Book 3 'screen blackout' issues A number of Surface Book 3 users have been reporting random screen blackout issues for months. I just wanted to say I had the exact surface dock issues with a Surfacebook 2 15 inch and a surface dock having intermittent connection issues and dropping it all completely, basically restarting the connection. Surface Dock 2, the next-generation Surface dock, lets users connect external monitors and multiple peripherals for a fully modernized desktop experience from a Surface device. Some common problem (solved with one or more disconnects & reconnects of dock to laptop): display will not output picture. If the drivers or firmware didn't work, you will probably need to get a new Mini DisplayPort . Added support for Surface Dock firmware updates with improvements targeted to Surface Book devices. Now, when connected to the Surface Dock, several of the USB devices that were connected to the dock - keyboard, mouse, speakers and a portable hard drive - no longer work. When I plug in the mini-display port into the dock, the monitor screen never turns on, but it seems that the Surface Book goes into a loop identifying that there is an external monitor now attached. If you haven’t already, then the first thing you can try is updating your 2. The Surface Book 2 has put its users through a lot: a power problem, a flaky Surface Dock, thermal issues. You can also check the Troubleshooting tips related to the Microsoft Surface Dock firmware update. Why did the USB ports on my Surface docking station stop. After 1/2 min power restore and then again blinking but its stop after while. 0 Release date: November 3, 2017. The newest Surface Book 3, the external. We now have about 30 Surface Devices - Surface Pro (Gen 1-7), Surface Laptops (Gen 1 & 2), and Surface Books (2nd Gen). Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) support provides a rich set of diagnostic information enabling IT admins to remotely monitor and manage the latest firmware, policy state, and related data across Surface Dock 2 devices. My Surface Dock has also stopped charging my Surface Book. Troubleshoot your Surface Type Cover or keyboard; Screen cracked or scratched issues. com: Customer reviews: Microsoft Surface Dock (Pd9. 11 release and the ethernet on the surface dock fails again. So I bought a USB-C docking station and everything works fine except the audio. If your monitor won’t project to a second screen, check your Update your Surface Dock. See If your monitor have the ability to be . Fix Surface Book Dock issues & problems. New Surface Dock with SurfaceBook. Finally, reconnect everything and. Sometimes she screens keep flickering (going on and off) . Run your finger over the edges of your Surface where it touches the docking station sides. Plug in a 4K display via the USB-C port on the laptop or the Surface Dock 2, fire up Netflix, and you’ll be playing 4K content in no time. The issue arises with the 3rd Monitor that was daisy chained from DisplayPort to DisplayPort. However, when I connect the laptop to the Surface Dock (USB Type-C version) and then plug the Surface Dock into the U4919DW via USB Type-C, DDM reports that there is no Dell Monitor connected. Workarounds for Microsoft Surface Dock display issues with dual monitors 1. Audio problems while connected to the Surface dock Surface Dock isn't connecting to your external monitor If your monitor won't project to a second screen, check your display adapter. I have a Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 and Dell U4919DW. ; ️【12-in-1 Rocketek Surface Dock for Surface Pro 4 Portable & Powerful】: Connect with Surface pro 4/5/6 with multi-connection, 12 in 1 surface dock with 3 USB 3. When plugged in, the other devices (LAN, USB, Sound) all work so the dock is receiving power and making a proper connection to the Surface Book. Failing that, if display and other connections still work, it may be the dock that failed. Surface Dock Monitor Issues after Windows 11 update · Make sure the power light for the docking station is on · Make sure the monitor is getting . Physical display cables securely connected from the docking station to the external monitor(s)? 2. These Surface Docks are fantastic when they work, but they are very finicky and prone to connection issues. Om verschillende pc-problemen op te lossen, raden we Restoro PC Repair Tool aan: Deze software herstelt . As noted, I've been using my 15-inch Surface Book 2 with the Surface Dock. May not be combinable with other offers. I understand that the Surface Dock is capable of driving a 4k monitor at 60Hz, so I don't believe the DisplayPort bandwidth would be an issue here, even at the monitor's native mode. Dock 2 is running the driver/firmware contained in SurfaceDock2_SEMMforDock_Win10_17763_20. I cannot determine whether the issue is caused by either the GPU or the docking station. How do I reset my Surface Pro docking station? If you're still having problems, reset the power by unplugging your Surface Dock from the power . SurfaceBook 2 users may have problems with an external monitor when it is connected to Surface Dock. The scaling issue is not a Surface or Dock related issue. When using the Surface Pro 4 using 2 monitors connected to the Surface Dock, when disconnecting or restarting the Surface Pro 4 from the docking station, it doesn't recover the display configuration. I've tried plugging the USB Cable directly to the Surface and the issue goes . 99 Special pricing for eligible students, parents, teachers and military. I have faced similar issues with Surface Pro 4 and the Surface Book. Applies to: Windows 10 Original KB number: 4051625. Troubleshoot Surface Dock and docking stations; Troubleshoot connecting Surface to a second screen; Microsoft Surface Dock 1 Firmware Update; Device cover or keyboard issues. It was working until a few days ago. Install Surface and Windows updates. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. I also tried usbc to display port direct cables. In this video, I showed how to resolve the issue of connectivity of multiple monitors with Dell dock using Dell docking. These drivers and firmware are compatible with Windows 10, including Enterprise versions. Power cycled the Surface and the Dock. It should lose many starts for the issues/problems experienced, however the Dock is an invaluable accessory to the Surface Pro. Issue with 3rd Monitor from Surface Dock with surface book. Download the Surface Dock registry file. Make sure that all the cords are securely connected and the LED indicator light on the Surface Dock is on. We are still seeing many issues with Surface products and our monitors. Undock your Surface from the Surface Dock or disconnect the monitor from your Surface. If the light is on, plug something else into your power outlet to make sure it's working. After 10 seconds, press and hold the Power button for about 20 seconds until the Windows logo appears, disappears, then appears again. We are experiencing about 95% failure rate during imaging. Even when the dock is unattached the screen remains black and only a hard reset (power button held down for 10-15 secs) will the system respond. The advice below was given recently. Plug in a 4K display via the USB-C port on the laptop or the Surface Dock 2, fire up Netflix, and you'll be playing 4K content in no time. If one side is tilted out, open the docking station, reseat your Surface, and push the sides in again. If that doesn’t help, download the dock updater tool and make sure the dock firmware is up to date. Go to Start , and select Settings > Update & security > Windows Update. MVP colleague Barb Bowman mentioned that within. Microsoft are denying all knowledge of this to me. Connected to the dock, I have wired. Since the 206-02-17 collection of surface pro 4 updates we have had problems with the external monitors sometime not working. This article provides a workaround for an issue where an external monitor connected to a docking station doesn't work when a Windows 10 version 1703-based portable computer is connected. Switching over to an active adapter:. Select Yes to allow changes to your Surface, select Yes to confirm, and then select OK to close. If you're still having problems, reset the power by unplugging your Surface Dock from the power outlet and plugging it back in. First, unplug everything from both the docking station and your Surface Book. I've also connected an external hard drive (Lacie rugged 4 GB) to the Surface dock. After that, plug in your USB-C device again. you see the same image on each monitor, this will resolve the issue. For additional help with USB-C, see Fix USB-C problems. Fix Surface Book Dock issues & problems · 1] Reset the dock and monitor · 2] Clear display cache · 3] Check if NVIDIA GPU is detected in Surface . Updating your dock firmware with the Surface Dock Updater. Fix network connection issues in Windows. Resolves an issue with audio over passive display port adapters. The Surface Dock 2 is the ultimate Surface docking station, and it's a great choice if you're looking to turn your Surface Laptop 4 into a productivity workstation. Powered off and on and still the monitors didn't come up. Started talking with Microsoft and brought my Active Cables, but now I can't get a follow-up call. Surface Pro X dock, network, Bluetooth issues making the device unusable. The network adapter in the dock keeps disappearing/disconnecting/failing after a certain amount of time. (Where the Surface Dock adapter connects to the Surface Book/Pro 4) Replacing the miniDisplay to DisplayPort Adapter with a different brand. Surface Dock not working correctly with external monitors. the only way I found to fix it was to update the Surface firmware, then update the dock firmware, then update the Surface firmware again. Do you have anything I can go back to them with to show them this is a real issue, and there is hardware in. Apparently, the dock itself won't supply enough power for some Surface devices and the original charger that was supplied with the Surface . I haven't had any issues with charging the Book with the docking station and using the Ethernet connection. Hi, I use a Surface Pro connected to a monitor via Surface dock. Download the Surface Dock 2 Drivers and Firmware. Surface Dock Model: PD9-00003 which is the only Microsoft dock for Surface's 4, 5, 6 The speakers are connected to the dock via 3. I can get one to work most of the time, but once I connect the 2nd monitor things get a little crazy. This firmware and driver package contains drivers for all of the components in the Surface Dock 2, as well as updates to the system firmware that have been released via Windows Update. USB-C docking station audio issues. Update Surface Dock firmware and drivers:. Troubleshooting solutions · Solution 1: Check the video input settings · Solution 2: Check the DisplayPort version setting on the external screen · Solution 3: . Only solution is to either re-create the diplay. A more significant issue is that when I plug the monitor into a USB port on my Surface Dock, the monitor turns on, the PC detects it, . msi file name extension at the end. Surface software issues Surface is running very slowly. SOLVED] Microsoft Surface the mouse cursor will stutter and. But lately, users have been complaining about the blue screen errors on their Microsoft Surface laptop that is causing their device to shut down and restart. Am having this issue on a second Surface Pro 3, dock and same two Dell monitors with one connected to the dock, the other daisy chained through the DP to the other. This version of Surface Dock Updater adds support for the following: Update for Surface Dock DisplayPort Firmware. I think the issue is with Dock/SB 2 connection because: Mouse connected directly to SB2. The update improves Surface Dock 2 connection stability and addresses some other issues. Do the following: Start Device Manager Open Display Adapters Right-click Intel Graphics Click Disable Click Yes Wait a few seconds as your screen flickers and goes nuts Right-click Intel Graphics = Click Enable 2 level 2 Op · 2 yr. @george1421 said in Microsoft Surface Pro 4 (using dock) has Issues with DHCP for Imaging Task: The right solution is for the linux kernel developers to fix the code to support these things. Audio problems while connected to Surface Dock Check your audio connections Speaker cables are securely connected to the audio ports on your Surface Dock and to the speakers. Next-gen ports for next-gen performance Two front-facing USB-C ® 1 ports. Contact Surface Support; Surface Power or battery Issues. The Surface Dock 2 retails for US$259. 'Surface Connector' (that large black cable that looks like something Microsoft would make), (or unseat and re-seat from the docking station) depending on Surface Dock model. Surface Book 2 USB and Docking Problems ALWAYS after startup, my Surface Book 2 touchpad freezes for 1-3 seconds several times. It has a gorgeous display, a sleek design and long battery life. If you're having problems with your external monitor connected to your Surface Dock, try clearing your display cache: Disconnect your Surface from the Surface Dock. Tried above and the monitors still do not come back. I am trying to connect my Surface Book via the dock to an Acer 27" Touchscreen Monitor. We are trying to push just three 1080p monitors with the DOCK and Surface Pro 4, and the issues are endless. Best thing to do is dig around online for the suite of Surface tools that Microsoft has released and do a combination of Surface firmware updates and docking station firmware updates. If you’re having trouble connecting your Surface to the docking station, make sure that: Your Surface is seated properly in the docking station. Surface Dock mDP out --> Dell mDP to DP cable --> #1 Monitor DP in (DP 1. 5mm audio jack, equips with TF&SD multi-card slots, an ideal. It runs Microsoft Windows operating system. If you’re still having problems, reset the power by unplugging your Surface Dock from the power outlet and plugging it back in. I am able to connect the monitor using the Mini DisplayPort cables and for the most part have a good connection. Get it as soon as April 12 to 98848 when you choose express shipping. How to fix frequent Surface Dock issues. Issue with dock and external monitors Does anyone have experience with connecting two external monitors to a Surface Laptop 4 using the Surface Dock 2? I’ve bought two Surface Laptop 4s and they are both having trouble connecting with two new Dell 4K monitors via the USB-C ports. Issues begin when I start Lightroom. BUT, when I plug in an external monitor via HDMI, they no longer work - the audio defaults back to the laptop speakers. Update Surface Dock firmware and drivers: If you haven't already, then the first thing you can try is updating your Surface Dock firmware to the latest version. Use the Surface Dock Firmware Update. Shut down your Surface Book and then hold down the power button for 30 seconds. If you’re having problems with your external monitor connected to your Surface Dock, try clearing your display cache: Disconnect your Surface from the Surface Dock. Surface isn't charging while connected to Surface Dock Here are a few things to check: Check your power supplies. Dock cannot deliver sufficient power to Surface Book 2. Surface Dock Firmware Update log · Issue #5046. if I had a link, I'd post it but I stumbled upon it a long while ago and only saved the files not the link. KB5003173 USB problems with Headset on Surface Device with Surface Dock Hello everyone, After installing KB5003173 my Jabra USB Headset immediately goes into standby on my Surface Laptop 3 even though the PC is still on. Connected to the docking station it happily runs 3 screen with multiple Citrix [SOLVED] Microsoft Surface the mouse cursor will stutter and intermittently stop I am working on a Microsoft Surface Pro with Intel Core i7-6650U running Win10 Pro 1909. You can use WMI with Windows PowerShell, System Center Operations Manager, and other tools. The issue only happens when using the dock and in Google Meet. On display properties, I will see options for having the second monitor (Display on screen 1, screen 2, both. I'm having the exact same issue. 4-compliant cable, as well as using different ports on the Surface Dock, but the issue persists. Like many people, I am working from home and entirely dependent on Microsoft Teams working. We believe this will be best addressed by contacting Support. All drivers (Pluggable and GPU) are up to date. It only works when the Surface Book is the main display. We have constant problems with our Surface users and their fucking docking stations. Edit: I disconnected everything from the dock. Sometimes powering of the dock and powering back on fixes it, sometimes it requires the intel hd. Audio problems while connected to Surface Dock Note: In some cases, when an audio device like a headset or speaker is connected to the 3. The Surface Book 2 draws its power from the battery, instead of the dock. Detaching, reattaching, and cleaning your Surface Book 2 The first thing to check is that your Book 2's display is properly docked with your PC, and that the connectors are adequately cleaned. Adapters released with Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book are compatible with Surface Dock. That'd be the responsible thing to do on Microsoft's part. After the last Surface Book update, the touchscreen device disappeared (useless as a tablet) so I rolled back to a restore point. Microsoft's Surface Laptop 4 has a firmware update available for download. I mistakenly purchased the wrong DisplayPort cables (fulltime instead of the required mini). Go to Download Surface Tools for IT. Then connection to Surface and in reg i can see the proper version in 10 and 20. U2715H, Surface Dock Issues Hello - I recently purchased a Surface Dock for my Microsoft SurfaceBook. When I plug my external speakers into the 3. The front of the Dock 2 has two USB-C 3. The EXTERNAL monitors flicker randomly and you have to wait about 5 seconds for them to come back on. Plug in the Surface Connect cable to charge your device and access external monitors, a keyboard, mouse, and more. Microsoft's Surface Pro X should have been one of the best tablets of the year. Upon starting Lightroom, the external hard drive is disconnected. Make sure your monitor is compatible with the Surface Pro. 0 enxbc8385f9e591: Tx status -71 in my logs until the system gives up on ethernet. After it's done freezing, it gives off the "USB has connected" sound, stops freezing, then does it again and again for about 4-5 times. I have it connected to a dock and have 3 monitors connected. Since my Surface Pro X got updated to the Windows 11 beta it's become nearly unusable. Surface Laptop Docking Station Issues When I dock my Surface laptop, the window I have open on it will jump between the surface screen and my two monitors. I am plugged to the Surface Dock v2 (the brick one). 2 ports with 15W of charging each to keep connected accessories topped up. Microsoft Surface Dock Updater doesn't exist anymore so this should be taken out of the steps for checking on the update process. You need a Surface Dock or a converter to connect monitors to it. When we connect the surface to the docking station all screens start flickering. Microsoft Surface Dock display issues with dual monitors come to light, no official fix in sight but there are workarounds. It still uses the proprietary Surface Connect port, so no issues there. Unplug your USB-C device, then shut down your Surface by selecting Start > Power > Shut down. Microsoft Surface is a series of touchscreen-based laptops. They have their own power also. However I occasionally get screen flicker, especially with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. We have a client who has about 60 endpoints with roughly 2/3's of them experiencing the same issues:. I have a problem with driving a 4K monitor from the surface dock. So the battery then quickly runs out of power. If you do not fancy spending that much on a dock, then Microsoft has also developed the USB-C Travel Hub, pictured below. I am also having issues with the dock after the Creators update. *Posts on this site may contain affiliated links*. But as we said in our Surface Pro X review, the. Then after a 5/10 min power from dock was removed. I just get a ton of: r8152 2-3.